Mobile Application Development Trends to Rule in 2020-2021

Mobile Application Development Trends to Rule in 2020-2021

Sulabh Chauhan

November 20th, 2020

According to Statista’s latest finding, the app economy is forecast to reach $6.3 trillion in 2021.

Mobile apps are the future of businesses. As the technology is getting advanced and customers’ demands are changing, the mobile app development industry is also evolving. The more futuristic a business app is, the more likely it is to help attract the audience.

If you are also an online business owner looking to develop a mobile app for your business, this post is for you. This post will walk you through the mobile app development ideas 2021 that you must adopt for your business apps.

Top Mobile App Development Trends You Must Adopt in 2021

Out of a number of mobile app development trends 2021 has brought along, below are a few important trends.

1. Voice-Enabled Search and Barcode Search

a. Voice-Search Support

According to Voicebot’s latest survey, over 45% of consumers surveyed supported voice assistant features. Big brands like Domino’s and Nestle are already providing voice support. The benefits of voice-search support are as follows:

  • Simplicity

    Voice commands are simple. With voice search, your customers no longer need to browse through different product categories. They can search for items fast without typing long words. Besides, it also helps them search through items in the store faster, add them to wish lists, and perform other functions. This, in turn, helps increase your customers’ ease of shopping.

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction

    Your customers can also use voice search to retrieve the information they want easily. Voice search also helps avoid modality errors and helps provide proper interaction with your mobile app. If you want to enhance the customer experience, the voice search is a must to include. It helps navigation of the required items easier and faster for the app users and drives engagement.

b. Barcode Search Support

Among other Mobile app development trends in 2021, barcode search support is also important. A barcode generally has two components – Universal Product Code (UPC) and a Global Trade Item Number (or GTIN). These two components together make a product easy to track and find details of a product.

Barcode search opens up the details of the exact product you want to view. This helps avoid conflicts and confusion in the case of two or more similar products. Barcode search enables your customer to search for the desired products without much effort. It helps your customer reorder a product in case they already have a similar product. This way, your customer doesn’t have to search for the same product they have in the app again. They need not type the full name of the product, browse through categories, or speak it out.

Barcode searches are more useful for businesses where the names of products are tough. For example, in auto parts, automobile accessories, electronics, or pharmaceuticals, names may be very similar or confusing. Even variants may differ from each other, resulting in the placement of the wrong order. However, barcode search helps eliminate this issue for your customers.

All that customers need is to scan the barcode on the product to open its details. Your app uses the customer’s device’s camera to scan the barcode. Thus, it doesn’t require any additional device for barcode scanning. Hence, barcode search support is among those mobile app development ideas 2021 that helps save your customer’s time.

Last but not least, it enhances customers’ experience with your app. The reason is that they can find the desired product easily and faster.

If you are also a business owner looking to integrate voice-search and barcode-search, we can help you out. Our MageMob App Builder for Magento 2 is a feature-rich app extension that can provide support for both barcode search and voice search. We can also help you customize your business app’s functionalities as per your business requirements.

2. Responsiveness Across All Screens

According to Bruno Delfino, Brand Marketing Manager (Google), UX will be a bigger priority than ever before. He predicts that customers won’t entertain broken links, confusing CTAs, slow pages, or desktop-only views any longer.

It implies that the mobile apps are here to stay. That is why your app’s responsiveness across all screen sizes is crucial for mobile app development trends. The user experience across all screen sizes should be seamless and engaging. Among other mobile app development ideas 2021, progressive web apps(hybrids of website and mobile apps) are also trending. Pinterest, Twitter Lite, Instagram, etc., offer PWAs in addition to native apps.

If you also want a responsive app for your business, AppJetty can help launch one for you in less than 48 hours. Using the MageMob App Builder extension, you can look forward to a new level of mobile-responsive experience for your end customers. It is a scalable solution built to beta test and launches your app faster.

3. App Localization

App localization comes third in the list of mobile app development trends 2021. Localization refers to translating and optimizing an app to make it work well with foreign languages. It can also include variants and dialects of one language spoken in different countries. For example, English is the first language of both the USA and the UK. However, American English is different from British English.

Further, app localization also includes making your app’s look-and-feel to match your target audience. This means it also includes optimizing the store view and currency on your store as per your target country.

Benefits of mobile app localization

  • Increased Conversion Potential

    As you localize your mobile app content in different languages, the conversion potential goes up. People from other countries than yours connect to your app more and contribute to high downloads and revenue.

  • Helps Increase Visibility

    Localizing your app content in a particular language helps boost App Search Optimization. It helps your app appear high in search results and increase brand visibility in non-native target markets.

  • Greater Brand Resonance

    When you localize your app, your target audience feels that you respect them and their cultural diversity. It builds a sense of trust and understanding, resulting in good brand resonance.

If you are a business owner looking to localize your app or create a localized app, we’ve got you covered. Our MageMob App Builder provides you with the functionality of app localization. You can configure multiple store views, multiple currencies, etc., for multiple target international markets. Our developer team can also help you test the localized app before publishing it.

4. Enhanced Personalization and Shopping Experience

As per the latest finding by Statista, mobiles alone constitute over half of the global traffic in Sep. 2020. This stat underscores the high importance of the personalization of an app.

Some of the other times, you must have seen a push notification suggesting you a product or informing you of a sale. That’s one aspect of personalization!

The personalized experience is also crucial among all the mobile app development ideas 2021. There are different ways to personalize your customers’ experience.

With the application of machine learning, the cloud-based app can be personalized to a whole new level. Based on the user’s purchase history, surfing patterns on the sites, times spent on pages, and searches on the site – the entire app display can be personalized. The dark and the normal modes of the iOS framework has given numerous creative ideas to marketers and app developers.

While it was limited to fancy ideas by the sellers, the carnival was still at thought-level. However, the Mobile App Development Trends 2021 suggests that there is user expectation, too, in terms of the personalization of their favorite apps. The app user wants to customize the menu of the app and adjust the widgets on the menu. And if that seems too complicated for your app developer to deliver – you have just come to the right place.

Our mobile app development team has successfully built the extension to manage routine needs. While we are already working on advanced features to bridge this gap, we would be more than happy to share what we can do for your idea. We suggest you begin with a simple demo, and we move forward from there?

All Set to Adopt Mobile App Development Trends 2021 and Beyond?

mobile app development is an ever-evolving industry. With the latest mobile app development trends 2021 coming in, you must get ready to embrace them. And we can help you embrace them!

If you own an online business and want a next-gen feature-rich business app, our MageMob App Builder can be the right solution for you. Our App Builder solution is a pre-built framework that is a fully scalable and customizable app solution. You can use a variety of components and put them together to build an app and launch it within a week! If you want, we can help you make the launch smooth and successful.

Our development team can also provide assistance in customizing your existing mobile app to make it future-ready. We can even build a custom app from scratch catering to your specific business requirements.

So, wait no more and get your business app ready in line with the latest mobile app development trends 2021 with us.

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