Mobile CRM Gives You Access to Customer Data 24*7

Maulik Shah
Mar 22,2016

    One of the key advantages of implementing a CRM App is the shortening of the sales cycle. There are various strategic advantages in being able to access CRM data on the go. It provides sales people with immediate access to most up to date information. This helps them plan and prepare for a meeting when in the field and get automatic prospect follow-up reminder while on the move.

    To be able to access CRM modules on the go is not just a worthy tool for sales people and those involved in business development , but it can also be a useful tool for management teams, support teams and customer service agents who can input and access information on the go and take quick decisions. You can get all important customer and potential information at your finger tips and a broad view of all your meetings, account details, and tasks to be completed. In order to get the full value from data, people need to have access to the substantive information that right away applies to their role in the company.

    Excellently Works Offline & Online

    A proficient Customer Data Access App works online and offline! It lets you have dynamic functionalities while accessing your customers’ data on mobile phones. SugarCRM mobile app can be customized to offer critical information on the spot such as inventory availability or any other information the team may need.

    SugarMob Pro is one such app which you always wanted! You can select various types of modules and layouts from SugarCRM back end and smoothly navigate from modules on mobile along with dynamic synchronization to SugarCRM instance. It helps increase the sales team productivity in a number of ways.

    The app is very easy to use and maintain. It is not necessary to have technical background to utilize it. SugarMob Pro has been developed from users point of view. By streamlining your contacts and sales into a simple, mobile workflow, SugarMob Pro makes growing your business easy. The App is intelligent, friendly, and by your side everywhere your business takes you. With a highly interactive interface, it is capable of changing your business perspectives.

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