How CRM Integrated Surveys Help Healthcare Professionals

Maulik Shah
Mar 14,2016

    Are you looking to improve patient satisfaction or create a hospital with happier employees? Well, it is then very important that you measure your performance over time. Setting up performance benchmarks will give you a point of reference to understand how some initiatives improve the services you provide.

    The best approach for this is, where healthcare providers and patients interact closely. But patients and providers don’t always meet face to face. Surveys are the best way to gather information that doesn’t reflect on lab reports or come up in conversation. And while patients might pause or hesitate to provide you with direct feedback in person, surveys provide them with an option to do so in their own environment.

    "Survey Rocket" is such a plugin, which will help patients and Healthcare employees to submit their response/feedback through the survey plugin. Once submitted, the responses will be stored in the SugarCRM system which then, provides accurate feedback reports.

    Some salient features of this efficient plugin include:

    • Creating Survey Templates Questionnaires
    • Previewing Survey Before Sending
    • Creating desired Email Template
    • Re-submitting Survey or Vice Versa!
    • Evaluation, to understand the satisfaction level and improve

    Implementing Survey Rocket will improve the patient-provider communication by getting important feedback from patients as well as employees. A lot of healthcare providers have recognized this need and are implementing the same which helps them understand the likes, needs and preferences of particular offerings. Thereafter you can evaluate or measure the satisfaction ratio and move further to the next phase. For instance, if you observe that 5 out of 10 patients are satisfied with the services or treatment, it may be hard to know how you’re really doing. But when the figure jumps to 5.5 or 6, it means you’re headed in the right direction.

    Survey Rocket can be used in numerous healthcare organizations to gather feedback and analyze a wide variety of activities, including:

    • Training & Development Assessments
    • Patient Satisfaction
    • Hospital Performance & Administrative Evaluations
    • Health Assessments & Research Studies
    • Maintenance & Facilities planning

    Surveying patients and healthcare employees always provide suggestions on the service they get & deliver; and it will help identify areas which need improvement. Happy, empowered and motivated patients or employees lead to health care professionals, dedicated to providing the best care possible!

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