dynamics crm inventory manager plugin
dynamics crm inventory manager plugin

Smart Inventory Management for Dynamics CRM

AppJetty’s Inventory Manager, as the name suggests, is a perfect inventory management solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Using our Microsoft Dynamics inventory management software; you can manage and keep track of your entire store inventory, generate purchase orders, manage inward and outward flow of stocks and more. If you want to streamline your purchase and stock keeping process, this MS CRM inventory management plugin is all you need!

Why Use Dynamics CRM Inventory Manager?

Manage Purchases

Helps you manage all your stock purchases in an efficient manner by automating documentation (invoices, purchase orders) and keeping track of current stock levels.

Keep Track of Inventory

Keep track of all your inventory - how many products purchased, how many remaining in stock, how many sold, etc along with reasons for inflow and outflow

Never Run Out of Stock

With low stock management, you can ensure that you keep track of stocks all the time and avoid either running out of stock or keep more stock than is necessary.

Streamlined Documentation

Easily manage all the documents required to fulfill a purchase like purchase orders and purchase invoices and keep track of all stock movements.

Reduce Human Errors

With an automated system for generating purchase orders and invoices and keeping track of inward and outward flow of stocks, the chances of human errors are eliminated.

Enhances Decision Making

Efficient data management is the cornerstone of best business decision making. Accurate data can deliver mission-critical information to help you make right decision avoiding mistakes.

Inventory Manager – Features Highlights

Stock Management

  • Improve the accuracy of your inventory by managing and keeping track of the stock of all the products. Microsoft Dynamics stock management helps you specify the shape and number of stocked goods. By keeping track of products which you have on-hand or ordered, you save yourself the effort of having to do an inventory recount. Enable stock management for a product in a single click and track the stock movements.

Generate Purchase Orders

  • A purchase order is a necessity for just about any company that sells products or needs to order parts and materials. You can create a new order or select from the existing orders. Add details like product name, price per unit, quantity and also select the suppliers available for the specific product. In case you have already assigned a supplier to a product it will be auto assigned unless you replace it with a new supplier.

Generate Purchase Invoice

  • Creating Purchase Invoice is the next step after generating a purchase order. A purchase invoice provides an itemized statement of the goods or services provided by a vendor or supplier. It indicates the quantity and price of each product and will tell you how much you owe them or if the invoice has been paid. Add quantity that you received from the supplier, change the price of the product, if needed and generate purchase invoice in a single click.

Low Stock Management

  • It's always important that you maintain your stocks to provide your customers on time delivery. Keeping track of goods which are low in stock will help you to filter out such products. Enable Low Stock Management for a product in a single click and never run out of stock
  • Microsoft Dynamics stock control plugin also allows you to assign suppliers to a product or add new suppliers from the detail view of a product.

Low Stock Purchase Orders

  • Never run out of stocks! With MS CRM inventory control module create purchase orders for products which are low in stock. Set minimum stock level for each product and stay updated when the stocks are less. Add details like product name, price per unit, quantity and also select the suppliers available for the specific product and generate a purchase order for products low in stock.

Generate RMA

  • Easily manage product returns and order cancellations even after the order is fulfilled. With Inventory Manager generate RMA’s and also manage stock for the products included in RMA. Once you have generated RMA, you can generate reports with all the details included in the RMA. You can save the RMA report in PDF format and print the report as well.

Purchase Order & Invoice Reports

  • Once you have generated Purchase Order or Invoice, you can generate reports with all the details included in the Order or Invoice that you would have selected while generating the PO. You can save the Purchase Order or Invoice as a PDF, XML, CSV, TIFF, Excel or Word file.

Manage Warehouses

  • Using our plugin’s functionality of warehouse management for dynamics CRM, you can manage the products along with their warehouses.
  • You can also create new warehouses, add products in the warehouses and transfer the stock from one warehouse to another.
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Credits and Debits

  • Through our credit and debit module, you can manage the total amount of credits or debits of the sales orders. You canalso keep a track of stocks along with their inward and outward transactions amount in sales orders.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 warehouse management plugin helps you to generate an account report containing detailed history of credits and debits made in any stock of an inventory. Account report provides summary of total sales, return, and purchases along with other details. You can also save the account reports in a PDF or Excel format.

Inventory Reports

  • Our reporting module enables the admin to generate and view multiple reports for the inventory and get an exact idea about the availability of stocks.
  • Get detailed stock history report mentioning transaction date/time and names of stock supplier and customers.
  • Through inventory status report generated by the plugin, you can know about the status of stocks and a particular product.
  • Transaction Reason Summary will provide you with the entire summary of reasons associated with multiple transactions. It is possible to add and edit the transaction reasons.
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Analyze through Charts

  • Provides you with warehouse stock chart that displays available and sold stock of particular products.
  • Return stock chart lets you view charts for returned stock of products and available stock chart displays total stock available for the selected products.
  • View these charts in pie and chart formats.

How to install



You can go to (Our Link) click on download to get the solution. This will help you get the solution Package's zip file for further processing, which will lead you to the next step.


Download files

On downloading you will get Inventory Manager Solution.zip (ZIP file). Extract the files from the downloaded folder. You will get WINRAR ZIP file.



Open your CRM click on settings ->solution. Choose Import Solution option. In Import Solution Window, you can choose Solution Package's zip file. Click on Next for further processing.



Now click on Import for further processing. Once you have successfully imported the solution, you are ready to use it.

Points to Note

  • Inventory Manager is an extended version of Purchase Assistant and Stock Assistant
  • It’s better to install only one solution from Purchase Assistant, Stock Assistant and Inventory Manager (To install any of these solutions, delete the other solution if already installed)
  • AppJetty License authentication is required for the Microsoft CRM inventory management Plugin
  • Works on Dynamics CRM's existing Sales Orders and Products module
  • Customization in Dynamics CRM's Sales Orders and product's main form
  • Works with Dynamics CRM 2016(version 8.0) and upper version
  • User must have rights of all the entities of Inventory Manager
  • To access Warehouse and Credit – Debit modules it should be enabled from Configuration Settings

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    The tool works just perfect. I saw the demo on the home page and purchased it. A must buy for managing inventory in Dynamics CRM.

    Norman Glick (Posted on February 2, 2018)
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  • Helps a lot

    Stock keeping process has become easy as a pie. Thanks to this extension by AppJetty!

    Dallas T (Posted on December 24, 2017)
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  • Good one

    Never thought I would find a tool that will help me manage my DynamicsCRM inventory so swiftly. I really like it

    Tara Rockey (Posted on October 21, 2017)
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  • Keeps accuracy

    This inventory management plugin has made the decision making process extremely easy for me. Now there is no chance of creating errors. Great product by AppJetty!

    Ryder Rice (Posted on August 17, 2017)
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  • Creates impeccable purchase orders

    I am really surprised with the kind of purchase orders this extension produces. Thanks to inventory manager based on dynamics CRM, my purchase orders look systematized and flawless.

    Xander Rose (Posted on June 28, 2017)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Easy stock keeping process

    Inventory management based on dynamics crm has made the stock keeping process easy as a pie. Now I never run out of stocks or overstock items. A must buy!

    Micah Warren (Posted on February 14, 2017)
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  • Works Well

    Managing stocks and warehouses in my Dynamics CRM is now super easy with this plugin. Good Dynamics CRM plugins are hard to find and this is one of them.

    Tyler Mendoza (Posted on December 11, 2016)
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General FAQ

  • What versions of Dynamics CRM are supported?

    The plugin is compatible with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016(v8.0) and above(online and on-premises).

  • Can you customize the plugin as per my requirement?

    Definitely. You can share your customization request at support@appjetty.com.

  • Do you provide demo?

    Yes, we do. You can view the demo by clicking on "Free Trial"

  • Do you have a refund policy?

    Yes. You can refer to our refund policy by clicking on the following URL https://www.appjetty.com/refund-policy.htm.

  • How many domains can I use with single licence purchase?

    AppJetty provides 1 primary domain and 1 sandbox domain with a single licence. The sandbox domain will be deactivated at the end of the 30 days trial. In order to get this validity extended, kindly contact AppJetty support.

Technical FAQ

  • Who can set configuration settings?

    Only System Administrator can set default configuration.

  • I am unable to manage the stock of some products from Manage Stock module even if it is a Stock Active Product. How do I manage that?

    Serial number enabled products cannot be managed from Manage Stock module.You can manage such products from Manage Stock option in the product detail page.

  • How can I view Warehouse option in Products?

    To view Warehouse option in Products you need to enable warehouse module, and to enable it go to Settings -> Solutions -> Configurations -> Settings and check the ‘Enable Warehouses’ checkbox.

  • How can I view the account entries for Sales Order and Purchase Order Invoice?

    To view the account entries for the Sales Order and Purchase Order Invoice, you need to enable the Credit - Debit module and to enable it go to Settings -> Solutions -> Configurations -> Settings and check the ‘Enable Credit-Debit Module’ checkbox.

  • How can I get the product stock updated after creating the Purchase Invoice?

    You need to complete the Purchase invoice, in order to get the product stock updated.

  • Can I add my own reasons for Stock inward and outward transactions?

    Yes, you can add your own reasons for stock inward/outward transactions. It will also be available for future selections.

  • How can I generate Purchase Invoice after creating the Purchase Order?

    To create Purchase Invoice from Purchase Order, click on ‘Release’ button and enable the Purchase Invoice option.

  • I have checked the “Manage Stock” option, but the stock is not being managed. What is wrong?

    To manage the product stocks using our plugin, the product’s status should be ‘Active’. Kindly check the same and if problem still prevails, then kindly generate a ticket from your account and our technical representative will get in touch with you.

  • Are the Suppliers added in general or specific to product?

    The suppliers are added specific to product. A product can have multiple numbers of suppliers and you can edit their names.

  • Can you change the Price and Quantity of product while creating Purchase Invoice?

    Yes, you can edit the Price and Quantity of product while creating Purchase Invoice.

  • Are Warehouse of field service module and Warehouse of Inventory Manager same?

    No, Warehouse of Inventory Manager is a seperately customized entity.

Release Notes

Version 3.0 : September 29, 2017


  • Added Warehouse Management
  • Added Warehouse Stock Transfer
  • Added Inventory Reports
  • Added Credit and Debit Module
  • Added Account Report
  • Added Charts for Inventory
  • Included Product Bundle for Orders Module
  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • UI Enhancements
Version 2.0 : August 1, 2017


  • Included RMA module (Return Stock Management)
  • Serial number wise Stock Management
  • Improved purchase Stock Management
  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • UI Enhancements
Version 1.0.1 : Feb 20, 2017


  • New Reports to track inventory
  • Single product stock history
  • Multiple products stock history
  • Stock summay
Version 1.0.0 : Nov 14, 2016
  • Inventory Manager is released.