How to Monitor and Enhance Customer Experience amid COVID-19

How to Monitor and Enhance Customer Experience amid COVID-19

Sulabh Chauhan

June 4th, 2020

Over 6 million Corona cases worldwide and still counting! Yes, this is the harsh reality of Corona. The economic slump has hit hardly a number of countries and businesses across the globe like never before.
With several stores still closed and production and supply chains impacted, monitoring customer experience is the ‘silver lining’ that can save a business from huge losses amidst these unprecedented times. As keeping your customer experience intact will help retain your customer base and mitigate impacts on your sales.

Now the question is – How can business owners monitor and enhance customer experience? Luckily, there are ways they can.

If you are also an online business owner and are finding it hard to monitor your costumes’ experience, below are the ways to simplify it for you.

Customer Surveys 

There is no doubt that you must have made the best possible efforts from your end to adapt to the current pandemic. However, unless you don’t know your customers’ perspectives about those adaptations, they are pointless. As they are the ones who can ‘actually’ point out the exact strong points or pain points in your adapted approaches. And whether those approaches have struck the right chord with them or not.

Similarly, unless you don’t know how your customers’ response is to a new product or service before launch, predicting its success level can be hard. Also, you wouldn’t know how to tweak it to fit customers’ needs better.

So, how can you know your customers’ viewpoints about your current product(s)/service(s) or the upcoming ones? Luckily, there is a way – a customer survey.

It is one of the valuable ways to measure overall success and customer satisfaction levels.

Again, a survey is of various types –

Net Promoter Score (NPS) Survey – To gauge the loyalty of your customers by letting them rate your product(s)/service(s) on a scale of 1 to 10.

– Customer Satisfaction Survey – To find out if your business meets your customers’ expectations or not.

– Post-Purchase Survey – To collect feedback about a particular product or service

– Product/Service Development Survey – To assess what your customers think
about your new upcoming product(s)/service(s) launches in advance.

– Web-Intercept Surveys – To collect insights into customers’ experience straight
from your website in real-time.

A CRM survey tool like our SugarCRM survey module can help you create result-oriented surveys with ready-to-use survey templates. Further, with advanced features like Skip Logic, Data Piping, Advanced Statistical Reports, and more, your surveys can become more engaging and sales-driven.

This way, your survey creation won’t only become easier but also more efficient and helps enhance your customer experience.

Online Reputation Management

Showing your brand in a good light in the midst of these tough times is crucial. And upkeeping your online reputation is the key to it.

There are several ways you can maintain and manage your online reputation.

Keep Customers Informed

There is a feeling of uncertainty everywhere around. In these times, you must ensure to keep your customers well-informed about your business updates via your site, social media, emails, etc. This will go a long way to help you retain your customer base.

Be it a change in operational hours, exchange or return policies, contact info, temporary suspension of service in an area, or anything else; it is a must to convey everything to your customers.

Track Reviews – Good and Bad 

Reviews are your ‘eyes’. Confused!? Metaphorically. Reviews show you the ‘real’ image of your brand among your customers. Therefore, you simply can’t do without keeping a track of them.

Monitor reviews on your site, social media pages, business app (if you have one), and literally everywhere. Don’t leave out any review across any platform unanswered – especially the negative ones. As negative reviews can be detrimental to your brand rapport.

Whenever a customer gives a negative review, read it and analyze the pain point(s) thoroughly. Come up with an effective solution to post in response to that review. If you find the review to be too long with a number of pain points and impossible to resolve instantly, empathize with them in the first place. And post your customer support email address reassuring them that they can send their issue in full detail on that and you will resolve it.

Even if a review is positive, thank the reviewer first and make them realize that their positive reviews give you the inspiration to always serve them well.

Share Reviews and Content

‘Showing off’ may not be good in daily life but when it comes to online reputation, it is not so. Sharing your clients’ positive reviews, testimonials, and case studies across your site and social media is important. Because through this only, people develop confidence and trust in your brand. And encourages them to consider your brand.

Website Inquiries and Direct Calls

In crisis times, real-time customer support is highly indispensable to enhance the customer experience. Hence, ensure that your online support is all set to improve your customers’ journey – and not hinder it at any step.

Check for:

– Site Navigability – To make sure that site is easily navigable and loading fast.

– Technical operations – To remove any broken links, non-loading forms, or other
technical glitches.

– Employee-Customer Relations – To ensure that your support team follows up all online inquiries in a courteous manner in a given time frame.

Besides resolving online issues, monitoring inquiries via calls on your customer support number also matters. Pen down the most common pain points or issues your customers have. Try to segregate them into general inquiries and product-specific issues.

While general inquiries don’t need much analysis and can be handled instantly most of the time, product-specific issues and complaints require analysis. Sit with your developers and sales team to find out what you can do to solve product-specific issues.

From your sales team, find out what your competitors are offering that you aren’t. And with your developer team, you can discuss the feasibility of those features cost-wise and development-wise.

Accordingly, you can reach a final solution to eradicate that pain point and boost customers’ experience.

In a Nutshell

Nobody knows how long it would take for this pandemic to subside, but you can still take steps to minimize its impact on your business. By following the above-mentioned ways, you can monitor your customer experience and take steps to enhance it.

With our SugarCRM survey module Survey Rocket, you can create sales-driven CRM surveys and assess your customer experience.

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