Tell Your Mobile When to Go Silent

Maulik Shah
Nov 24,2015

    Yes, it is true that you can command your mobile when to go silent. Surprised? In this cutting edge competition, several apps are built every minute and launched in either Google Play Store. Only innovative and attractive apps can survive the competition. Smartphone users, who love trying amazing apps, download and install the apps from the store and get delightful experience by using its features.

    We have brought to you an exclusive mobile application named Mr. Silent, which works on the Android operating system. This application is packed with the coolest features making your user experience truly amazing.

    You can actually tell your mobile phone when to go silent on conditions like specific geographic locations, time and events. You can manage your day to day task very easily without getting distracted by phone calls or any message tone. Isn’t it amazing?

    What Features does it Hold?

    • Define time based conditions for your phone to select silent profile
    • Define event based conditions to let your phone go silent when needed
    • Select specific contact to apply the settings (silent when the contact calls or texts) to make the phone silent
    • Can add more than one GEO locations
    • Customize the app settings as required
    • Attractive dashboard displaying events, time, contact lists and GEO locations

    What Benefits does it Offer?

    This application helps individuals to stop worrying about their phones to be on the silent profile when on specific GEO locations. Be it condition, event or for any contact specific, install this app and set the conditions in the settings.

    You can even avoid the calls or message notification from any particular contact by putting the contact in the app settings. Your cell phone will go mute to allow you retain your regular activities without any disturbance.

    Forgot to put your phone on a silent profile? Do not worry; this simple app will do that for you!

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