An Ultimate Language Translator for Magento Stores

An Ultimate Language Translator for Magento Stores

Riddhi Faldu

February 3rd, 2023

Have you been the victim of Google Translate’s funny translation?

There are some words in every language which are not just words but a feeling that Google Translate fails to understand.

To keep the essence of the feelings intact, Language Translator is a must.

Today we have one such extension especially engineered for Magento store owners, Magento 2 Language Translator.

Keep reading for more details.

Magento 2 Language Translator Extension – Overview

As the name suggests, this extension is a Language Translator for Magento 2 store owners. You might think, why not translate the page with Google Translate?

But we all have observed that depending on a tool for translation sometimes misses the local touch or meaning. There might be a better way to say things for customers to relate.

Our plugin uses Google Translation API to fetch the translation. But the translated content is editable. Admin can easily add, update, and delete the content. The editing approach is WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get), so your pages will look exactly as you see.

The translation is not only restricted to product pages. You can translate meta details, CMS page contents, review sections, and much more.

If you have static data in different modules in one or multiple store views to the native language of your target audience.

There is an automation process well. So, whenever you add a new product, you don’t have to manually translate the details. Just keep auto-translation on, and the tool will translate the details whenever a new product is added.

Or, if you want to translate in bulk, go for mass translation, and all the content will be translated. The app is not restricted to just one store. Translate all your stores and make them more customer-centric.

If you have any major changes that require more data to be added to the translated page or vice versa, our apps have import/export functionality as well.

In short, Magento 2 Language Translator can do the following:

  • Multi-language store translation
  • Instant translations with console command
  • Translate content using Google API
  • Edit Google API translated content using WYSIWYG Editor
  • Mass translate web pages, reviews, and meta details
  • Database search & translate functionality

Why is it different from other language translators available in the market?

Our Magento language switcher has three unique features that set it apart from others in the market:

1. Complete Backend Control

Our Magento 2 Language Translator extension integrates with your website’s backend. Translate the content to the language of your choice with the help of Google API. Once the content is translated, go through the content and check whether any part of the content requires manual translation. Sometimes, using words in certain ways helps customers connect with your brand.

2. Translation is not limited to web pages

Our Magento 2 Language Translator is not just to translate your web pages. You can do much more with it, like translating product pages, categories, review pages, meta details, blogs, and more. Any detail that goes on your website can be easily translated using our app.

3. No IP-Based Results

Auo switching languages can sometimes distort UX. There might be some changes in the translated content as well. So, our extension does not translate web pages based on visitors’ IPs. Thus, admins and end users have full control over the conversion.

Features of Magento 2 Language Translator

Here are the features that make our extension the best in the market:

Mass Translation

Translating all the content in one go is an easy way to open the door for global visitors. With Magento 2 Language Translation app, translate multiple store fields in a few minutes. To ensure all the newly added product content is also translated, switch on auto-translate mode. Admin has full rights to auto-translate multiple stores in one go. So, say goodbye to tedious and boring tasks.

Instant Translation

To simplify the translation of hundreds of pages, make small batches, add the commands and the input in the console. The translation will start instantly. The translation can be performed at any time content translation is required.

Translation Status

Get a detailed view of all the translations happening at the backend. You don’t have to go and check whether the translation is completed or not. Add the translation task to the queue and continue doing your other work. You will receive a notification once the task is completed.

Pricing and other advantages

Get a stable and secure Magento 2 Language Translator extension at $149 (one-time payment). You get free lifetime updates, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and 30 days of support.

We have a super saver pack that includes Magento 2 Language Translator extension and Magento 2 Geolocation Redirect at $159 only.

The Geolocation Redirect app is priced at $99, but when purchased along with the Language Translator extensions, you pay only $159 instead of $248.

For more information, contact our sales team [email protected].

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