How to Reassign or Add Area to Existing Territory in Dynamics 365

Amit Shah
Aug 05,2020

Territory management is hard.


Sometimes even when you are following best practices for territory management, there are times when territories overlap or are double assigned or even not mapped out properly or not evenly distributed.

So, to help you correct some of these wrongs, we are going to demonstrate how to reassign or realign created territories using a Dynamics CRM map integration.

For demonstration purposes, we are taking Quick Maps, but you can browse MS AppSource to find a suitable map integration based on your needs, requirements, and purpose.

For better understanding, let’s take an example.

Suppose Nancy is the sales manager of a pharma company and manages the two territories. Both territories have multiple states.

1) West Region States: With Seattle, Oregon, Idaho
2) Central Region States: With Colorado, Kansas

Paul and Sara are the Medical Representatives who are in Nancy’s sales team and supply the health immunity medicines to the appointed pharmacies and hospitals.

Nancy assigns the West Region States to Sara and Central Region States to Paul. After analyzing, Nancy found that there are more inquiries coming from Nevada which lie in the West Region States and eventually Sara has to cover adding more burden. So, Nancy decided to add Nevada with the “Central Region States” in Paul’s territory.

This will balance both territories and also equalize opportunities and work.

Let’s see how Nancy can reassign or add more area to an existing territory.

In case you are just starting out: a blog on how to create and assign territories in a Dynamics CRM Map integration.

Step 1: Open “Territory Management” page

If you are using Classic View (old UI):

Find the “AppJetty” tab from the header menu and click on Territory Management under the Quick Maps heading.

Open “Territory Management” page


If you are using Unified view

You can find the Quick Maps App on the Dynamics 365 screen. Click on it to navigate to Quick Maps.

Navigate to Quick Maps -- Territory Management

Once you are in, click on the territory management from the left panel.

Navigate to Territory Management - 2

Step 2: Plot Territory on the map

In the Quick Maps, select “By Territory” in the Search option. After selecting the “By Territory”, the list of created territories will be listed under the Territory.

Select the above territories: The West Region States and the Central Region States and click on the Plot button.

Reassign or Add Area

Step 3: Reassign the Territory

First, enable the selection option from the top-right corner. Click on the geography (state), in this case Nevada, which you want to move and by right-clicking on that selected geography, you will see the two options Copy To and Move To.

Then, click on Move To.

By clicking on the Move to, the popup will appear with two options: Move to existing territory and Create new territory. Select the move to existing territory and then select the territory from the Territory dropdown list and click on the Save button.

Move To Pop Up

So, now Nevada state has been moved and added to the territory of the Central Region State reducing inquiries for Sara and balancing both the territories.

You can also copy geography/territory from one territory to another in case you want 2-3 of your reps in a single state or geographic region.

Copy To Pop Up

In this way, with the help of the Copy/Move option in Quick Maps, you can balance the load of activities by reassigning or adding the territory to improve efficiency of your sales team.

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