Does the Pharmaceutical Industry Need Calendar 365?

Does the Pharmaceutical Industry Need Calendar 365?

Nikita Rohira

November 11th, 2021

Keeping track of pipelines in pharmaceutical companies is a small task, yet it’s important.

Calendar 365 provides a solution to pharmacists who want to manage drug conferences and the other meetings related to their research and development apart from the commercial business. It keeps them updated with the upcoming events and the timeframe without switching between CRM and the calendar.

Here’s how it boosts productivity:

  • Schedule and Reschedule Activities
  • Set Reminders
  • Filter Data
  • Share Calendar
  • View Data in Interactive Ways
  • Configure Calendar Settings
  • Gain Business Insights

To get a practical overview, let’s take an example of our client from the pharmaceutical industry. They are a leader in the pharma industry who work on the development and commercialization of pharma products. Holding both developing and selling, they have to manage and track many things – team, research, progress, clinical trials, commercial business, etc.

So, they needed a solution that could help them track activities without any back and forth between modules.

Their specific requirements from the calendar were:

  • Color coded CRM activities.
  • Create a business process flow.
  • Add custom calendar attributes.
  • View calendars of different users and teams.
  • Create and assign activities/tasks directly from the calendar.

How Dynamics 365 Calendar Helped Them

Activity Management

Calendar 365 allows them to schedule meetings, appointments, to-do lists, tasks for the day, week, or month. They can create new and custom activities, easily edit, delete, reschedule, and assign them to other users.

User-Level Configuration

Color coding every task with a similar color might create confusion. Hence, we offer a user-level configuration that allows users to color-code their activities in different colors, view data in various formats, and create personalized dashboards.

This is also the feature that helped our client with color-coding activities in the calendar.

Shared Calendar

Not everyone on the team might be available at the time you’re scheduling a meeting. It’s important that you know about their priorities and availability before scheduling anything. This is why we added a shared calendar feature. It allows employees to share their calendars with their team and managers to keep them posted.

Maybe this is why our client wanted to view the calendar of their team and users. Oh, you understood how Calendar 365 resolved their query, right?

Resource Scheduling

As the name suggests, this feature helps our client create service activities and assign tasks to employees directly from the calendar. They can also view their working and break hours along with task details. Employees can also apply for leaves, and the manager can approve/deny directly from the calendar.

Our client can know the team’s performance and assign future tasks/activities accordingly with a resource scheduling feature.

In addition to all these features, they wanted to create a business process flow wherein if a client assigns a task to the employee, it shows up on the calendar. Fortunately, that’s how our Dynamics 365 Calendar works!

So, now, you tell us – is Calendar 365 beneficial for the pharmaceutical industry? You can check out the reasons here.

Let me tell you that Calendar 365 offers many more features than explained above.

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