How Calendar 365 Meets Demands of the Post-Covid Era

How Calendar 365 Meets Demands of the Post-Covid Era

Maulik Shah

October 16th, 2020

Humans in the post-Covid era are all at home and they’re all busy. From company personnel to their employers, all of them are busy finishing their hectic schedules, coping with their customers, making appointments, attending demo conferences, and whatnot. Constant communication between team members has become the key to the successful implementation of any project. Zoom/Skype calls have become a regular thing to do. Maintaining your tasks in a calendar and then updating them in your Dynamics CRM for your everyday tasks reeks of erroneous results. In this chaotic situation, things are more likely to slip through the cracks. 

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Enter Dynamics 365 calendar

Dynamics CRM calendar is an ideal plugin that goes with your Dynamics CRM. With dynamics 365 service calendar you can bifurcate tasks of your entire team from a single screen. You can also get an overview of scheduled, ongoing and completed activities of the whole team, and bifurcate their tasks accordingly. Features include advanced filtering, multiple calendar management, multiple views, drag-drop to reschedule in a unified interface and resource scheduling. It not only helps you manage your teams but also assures timely customer management.

Still ambiguous about adopting the Dynamics CRM calendar? Here are seven tasks made easier by dynamics 365 service calendars.

  • Scheduling meetings

Have you ever experienced that sometimes, planning a meeting and making required arrangements takes longer than the meeting itself? This could be solved by using the Dynamics of 365 Calendar. All you need to do is create a meeting task, and put it up in Calendar 365. Your team members will know about it automatically. This helps you avoid the dreaded scramble when a number of things come up together. All activities and tasks can be managed effortlessly in this way.

  • Manage Custom Activities

You can add custom activities into Calendar apart from the available default activities. Whether it is to record a specific type of communication like a phone call or to celebrate the birthdays of your employees, you can do it all.

  • No more link sharing

You can easily share your calendar with your team or ask your team members to share their calendar with you to manage all the day-to-day activities right from the Dynamics CRM. This enhances team productivity and efficiency. It also eliminates the back and forth emailing, link sharing and the time availability crisis, making you more organized.

  • Resource Management

You can manage your contacts, users, teams, and accounts effortlessly with the Dynamics CRM calendar plugin. It has become extremely easy to create service activity and assign related resources and customers. 

If you are a business owner, you most certainly would not be too excited about inventory management. But you don’t need to let your inventory orders get backed up until the last minute anymore.

  • Multiple Saved Calendar templates

Dynamics 365 calendar lets you save different calendar settings as templates to create different calendar views. You can create, share, and access these saved calendar views whenever you require.

  • Individual Customer Calendar!

You can create an individual customer calendar as per their ongoing tasks. You can easily share these created calendars with assigned resources making it easier for them to prioritize their schedules accordingly.

  • No language barrier.

Dynamics 365 calendar supports multiple languages and lets you manage daily operations without any ambiguity. You can manage your activities and perform necessary actions in the language of your preference.

Whatever the work task may be, you can save time and effort by scheduling out even the smallest of activities with the Dynamics 365 service calendar. 

Make your days more productive with this neat tool!

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