4 Best WooCommerce Plugins for Ecommerce Business Owners

Maulik Shah
Oct 25,2017

    Writing, expressing and sharing stories to the world. When one wants to indulge into these pleasures through an online platform, WordPress is the first word that comes to one’s mind.

    But what about the money making pleasures that ecommerce platforms render? Are Shopify, Magento and Bigcommerce the only options? Fortunately, no. The ease of blog writing through WordPress also ventured into online selling; thanks to WooCommerce plugins.

    WooCommerce plugin was developed in the year 2011 and it comes with a toolkit that helps ecommerce store owners to sell anything they want online. It powers nearly 29%, 37% and 41% of ecommerce websites in US, Canada and India respectively.

    If you already a WooCommerce website and you need more control over its features like shipping, delivery, packaging etc.; you should consider integrating WooCommerce add-ons. These add-ons can be easily integrated to your WooCommerce store and help you streamline several functions.

    Given below are four WooCommerce Plugins developed by AppJetty that business owners can use to enhance the value of their store with different functionalities:

    WooCommerce Australia Post Shipping Plugin

    This plugin serves a good purpose for WooCommerce store owners based in Australia. It takes the guesswork out of the shipping process and helps them to:

    • Offer multiple shipping methods
    • Set shipment handling charges
    • Provide shipment tracking to customers
    • Add live shipping rates from AusPost to your store

    If you often lose your customers due to the long shipping process of your store, Australia Post Shipping Plugin for WooCommerce is what you need. Australian ecommerce store owners can now expand their shipping horizons and manage domestic and international parcels easily.

    Smart Compare Plugin for WooCommerce

    While shopping from a huge ecommerce store; comes in a dilemma.

    “To buy or not to buy”.

    And when customers are overwhelmed, they tend to compare between the two products. If they find a better deal elsewhere, they tend to leave your store instigating losses for you. So, can’t you make them stay on your e-store and enable them to compare between the products within?

    With ‘Smart Compare’ plugin, you can.

    Once you integrate this plugin, you will get a graphic icon right next to the ‘Add to Cart’ button. Your customers can choose the two products they want to compare. Admin can choose the product category, fields and pages for comparison. Given below are some of its features:

    • Enables the admin to decide the categories for which the plugin needs to be enabled
    • Set maximum threshold for product comparison
    • Select the field of products for comparison
    • Add the compare products widget in frontend at side bar, footer, etc.

    If you want your customers to make comparisons and shop online effortlessly, Smart Compare is a good choice.

    WooCommerce Show All Reviews Plugin

    Although customer reviews range from comprehensibility to thoroughness, they have a huge impact on the buying decision of your audience – and therefore, the impression of your brand. And buying without looking at the reviews is a long gone trend.

    So, are all your reviews on the same page or your customers have to traverse from one page to another?
    If the answer to this question is yes, you must consider installing WooCommerce Show All Review Add on. It helps you put all the reviews of your WooCommerce store on a single page and gives your customers a better idea about all your products. Take a look at some of its major features:

    • Show all reviews on one page
    • Select the pages for which you want to display the reviews
    • Filter reviews based on your criteria
    • Compatible with all languages
    • Enables you to export/import reviews

    Give an easy window to brand’s image by sharing the reviews with your customers.

    WooCommerce Shop by Brand Plugin

    The brand lovers search for their favorite brand like a lion searches for its prey. And they usually tend to shop from an ecommerce store that offers them with a wide range of choices. Also, the online shoppers of today need things on a platter. They possibly won’t go surfing all over your store for the brand they like. Hence, you must offer them with a good option of searching for their favorite brand easily.

    WooCommerce Shop by Brand plugin enables the e-store owners to display products from various brands in a systematized and user-friendly way. Given below are some of the ways in which the plugin can help:

    • Create an array of brands, edit details and descriptions
    • Allocate products to every brand and make them filterable
    • Customize the product and product list pages
    • Set SEO Meta Details for Brand Page
    • Make the most out of Brand A-Z Filter Widget
    • Generate Sales By Brand Report

    Install the plugin and allow your customers to view multiple brands in an alphabetic order.

    The above given e-commerce plugins work wonders for the backend of your WooCommerce store and provide an enriching experience to your customers.

    Which one would you like to integrate with your website? Do share with us. Happy exploring!

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