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WooCommerce Australia Post Shipping Plugin

WooCommerce Australia Post Shipping Plugin

WooCommerce AusPost Shipping Plugin helps WordPress ecommerce store owners based in Australia to eliminate the guesswork out their shipping processes. The Australia Post extension comes of great help when you want to create multiple delivery options, set shipment handling charges, offer multiple shipping methods and provide shipment tracking to customers. Once you integrate Australia Post WooCommerce Extension, you can also add live shipping rates for Australia Post to your store. Avoid losing your customers merely for a prolonged shipping process. Expand shipping options exponentially and enjoy effortless management of domestic and international rates!

Why Should You Use Australia Post Shipping?

Official ECommerce Partner of Australia Post

We have partnered with AusPost and continually strive to offer the best services to Australian retailers. The unmatched quality of our WooCommerce plugin makes it one of the bestselling products for Australia Post Integration.

Real-Time Shipping Rates

Save the time and efforts of your customers spent behind visiting the official Australia Post Shipping website. You can display live shipping rates right from your store and change/disable default AusPost service name whenever you want.

Shipment Management

WooCommerce Australia post parcel tracking plugin lets you generate shipments for customer orders. You can also track the shipment details of their parcels through tracking ID displayed on the order detail page with WooCommerce shipment tracking plugin.

Australia Post Shipping – Feature Highlights

Live Shipping Rates

Live Shipping Rates

  • By using Australia Post Live Shipping Rates WordPress ecommerce plugin, you can get live rates from Australia Post for your parcel & letter shipments. All the rates for shipping services are calculated based on the latest rates provided by Australia Post. Live rates will be shown on checkout page and Cart page as well.

Live Contract Shipping Rates

  • With our WooCommerce Australia Post Shipping Extension, you can fetch live contract shipping rates right from Australia Post website. Build trust with your audience by showing exactly what they have to pay if they are buying from your e-commerce website. The admin can enable multiple shipping methods from the WooCommerce Backend and our plugin will fetch live rates for them from the official Australia Post website.

Australia Post Configurations

  • Set up handling fees, cash on delivery fees and warehouse postcode on your WordPress Ecommerce Website with the help of our shipping plugin. With Australia Post Shipping choose whether the delivery of the shipments should be done to specific countries or other countries. Admin will also be able to select whether default product type will be letter product or parcel product.
Australia Post Configurations
Extra Services

Extra Services

  • Get enhanced inbuilt services like Satchel Services and Cheapest Delivery Rates. Australia post Satchel services enable customers to use predefined Satchels for their parcels. With the ‘Cheapest Rates Option’, admin lets user opt for the shipping service with cheapest rates. Other services are not shown to the users. You can also set ‘Signature on Delivery’ and Extra Cover for your Shipments.

Shipping Rates Configuration

  • There is an Australia post parcel rates module through which you can select attributes for dimensions of the product (length, width, height) and unit for weight. Set default values for the dimensions which are considered when the product's dimension is not set. These values help retailers to generate shipping rates easily.
Shipping Rates Configuration
Label Printing Service

Label Printing Service

  • Admin can generate labels for orders after generating shipment for store orders. With the WooCommerce Label Printing Service, the merchant generates shipment labels having Australia Post logo in defined sizes and formats. For generating labels, merchants need to create a layout of the label for parcel and express post from available options. The generated label is then attached on the shipment.

Custom Boxes

  • Admin can generate Custom boxes which are displayed if the package’s dimension and weight match with the defined custom box dimensions. Outer dimension can be used as a final package dimension. Here, box weight and product weight need to be lower than maximum allowed weight.
Custom Boxes
Shipment Tracking Service

Shipment Tracking Service

  • Australia Post Tracking plugin helps your customers to track the shipment details of their parcels. Merchant can set email configuration through which Australia post can send shipment generation emails to customer. Customers can also track the shipment from their accounts.

Address Validation

  • The WordPress ecommerce plugin also offers Address Validation Services admin. So while providing the address, if users writes a wrong pin-code, admin can rectify it at the moment of generating the shipment.
Address Validation
Submit Orders to Australia Post

Submit Orders to Australia Post

  • WooCommerce Australia Post Shipping lets you saves a lot of time by providing the facility to submit orders directly to Australia Post Shipping, once the shipment for the order has been generated. It also provides the facility of submitting multiple orders at once.

Points to Note

  • Australia Post follows specific guideline for weight, height and width, which can be referred from
  • Australia Post plugin is not compatible with My Post Business account. For My Post Business account Please referred here.
  • You must have eparcel account at Australia Post to use the “Shipment Tracking and Label Printing” feature.
  • Our plugin supports any WooCommerce default dimension unit. You can select a dimension and we will use appropriate unit while getting live rates from Australia Post.
  • Until and unless cart weight does not exceed weight limit, (for domestic 22 kg and for International 20 kg) the rates are fetched considering it as a single package.
  • Admin has to set default dimension and weight. Otherwise, it may provide inappropriate results while getting rates.
  • In extra cover service, the plugin uses cart total as extra cover amount. This is applicable only if one combined package of products is to be shipped. Otherwise, each product gets its own extra cover.
  • To Submit the Order to Australia Post Shipping, shipment must be generated for that particular order.
  • Wordpress: WordPress 6.4.2 and WooCommerce 8.3 Compatibility.
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Change Log

Version: 2.2 : Dec 20, 2023


  • Added: WordPress 6.4.2 and WooCommerce 8.3 Compatibility.
  • Added: Support For High Performance Order Storage.
  • Fixed PHP Warnings
Version: 2.1.0 : June 21, 2023


  • WordPress 6.2.x and Woocommerce 7.8.x compatibility
Version: 2.0.0 : March 11, 2022


  • WordPress 5.9.x and Woocommerce 6.2.x compatibility
  • Bug Fixing
Version: 1.4.5 : October 01, 2021


  • WordPress 5.8.x and Woocommerce 5.7.x compatibility
  • Bug Fixing
Version: 1.4.4 : April 09, 2021


  • Bug fixing
  • Compatibly with wordpress 5.7.x and WooCommerce 5.1.x
Version: 1.4.3 : May 15, 2020


  • Compatible with WordPress 5.4.1 and WooCommerce 4.1.0
Version: 1.4.2 : October 18, 2019


  • Updated live rates module as per the new API enhancement.
  • WordPress 5.2.4 and WooCommerce 3.7.1 compatibility.
Version: 1.4.1 : July 11, 2019


  • WordPress 5.2.2 compatibility.
Version: 1.4.0 : April 16, 2019


  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • Added provision to display Contract Rates on the add to cart and checkout page.
Version: 1.3.0 : January 09, 2019


  • Updated shipping services (Regular and priority) as per Australia post’s modified response.
Version: 1.2.0 : September 21, 2018


  • Bug Fixing.
  • Added provision to display Live Rates without Australia Post Business Account.
Version: 1.1.1 : July 30, 2018


  • Bug Fixing.
Version: 1.1.0 : May 04, 2018


  • Added Feature for Submitting Orders to Australia Post.
Version: 1.0.1 : March 26, 2018


  • Bug fixing for Satchel Services, Label Printing and Shipment.
Version: 1.0.0 : October 14, 2017
  • WooCommerce Australia Post Shipping is Released.


General FAQs

Which versions of WordPress is this plugin compatible with?

This plugin is compatible with
WordPress versions: 4.1 to 4.9.5.

Which versions of WooCommerce is this plugin compatible with?

This plugin is compatible with
WooCommerce versions: 2.5 to 3.3.5.

Do you provide support with this plugin?

Yes, We provide 3 months free support from date of purchase.

Can you customize the plugin as per our store needs?

Yes, we do customize the plugin as per your needs. It asks for extra time and estimation.

Would you help me install this plugin on my instance?

Yes, you can purchase the plugin with installation service and we’ll be happy to install it for you.

Is there any pre-requisite to use this plugin?

There is only one pre-requisite i.e. WooCommerce must be installed on your instance.

Can I edit the extension?

All our extensions are 100% open source. You can customize the extension except the file that contains our license code.

How to get the PAC API key?
Is it mandatory to have business account at Australia Post?

Yes, you need to have business account at Australia Post to use the “Shipment Tracking and Label Printing” feature.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, you can refer our refund policy. We stand behind the quality of our extensions with a 30-day money back guarantee.

How many domains can I use with single licence purchase?

AppJetty provides 1 primary domain and 1 sandbox domain with a single licence. The sandbox domain will be deactivated at the end of the 30 days trial. In order to get this validity extended, kindly contact AppJetty support.

Technical FAQs

What if I get an error message or 404 Error Page not found, after installing extension?

Just clear your WordPress Cache, log out of your wp-admin panel and login again.

Extension shows error message popup while in use. What should I do?

Please obtain correct API key for Australia Post and then try using the plugin it should work fine.

What if I do not want to set product dimensions for all products (Height, Width and Length)?

Our plugin has the provision to set default height, width and length from the backend and it will be same for all products. Also, if any of your product has dimensions, then firstly it will give priority to that product's dimension and secondly to the default configurations.

What if the customer enter wrong shipping address?

Our “Shipment Tracking and Label Printing” feature also has the Address API configured, which will help you to edit the shipping address before submitting it to Australia Post. It will also provide suggestions for relevant city.

The “Shipment Tracking and Label Printing” feature is not working. What should I do?

You need to ensure that the “Account details” and “Address details” are same as the one on your Australia Post account. It should be validated, else this feature won’t work.

The extension does not show rates. What could be wrong?

a. Ensure your API key is correct. You can verify the key @
b. The "Warehouse Postcode" field is mandatory. Please enter a valid postcode. The validity can be ensured @
c. Enable the required Shipping services for parcel and letter.
d. Create attributes for "length", "width", "height" and assign them to attribute set. Also, select these attributes in the configuration.
e. Check whether your products have sizes and weights set or not – without this calculations cannot be performed.

How will extension fetch the rates for products?

1. Firstly, feasibility of shipping one combined package of products is checked. If it is feasible, availability for custom boxes is checked. If it is enabled and available, the box’s outer dimensions are used as a package to fetch rates. Here final package weight is considered as the original package weight. The chosen custom-box weight must be lower than the custom-box.
2. If custom-box is disabled or unavailable and only one combined package of products is to be shipped, then the package dimension is used as the final dimension.
3. If one combined package of products can’t be shipped, the plugin checks if the individual packaging method is enabled or not and fetches individual rates for the same and displays it. Otherwise no rates will be displayed.

Does this plugin compatible with the International contract rate and shipment?

Currently Our Plugin compatible with International Live Rates. If you want to make it compatible with the International contract rate and shipment feel free to contact us.

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