Dynamic Login Screen For SugarCRM

Dynamic Login Screen For SugarCRM
Using this SugarCRM Dynamic Login Screen plugin admin would be able to give the login page a new and refreshing look by uploading different images! It is also packed with a few features that are useful for the admin.

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Dynamic Login Screen For SugarCRM

Using this SugarCRM Dynamic Login Screen plugin admin would be able to give the login page a new and refreshing look by uploading different images! It is also packed with a few features that are useful for the admin.
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    SugarCRM Dynamic Login Screen Plugin

    Now offer new look and feel to your SugarCRM login page by uploading several images of your choice within the image slider that would run in the background.

    Keeping pace with the shifting taste and trend in the global market, this dynamic login screen could be of great value when it comes to making your regular software tools more attractive and appealing, adding color and enthusiasm into your day-to-day tasks. It’s time now to make your technology tool more vibrant and well designed!

    Product Features

    • Upload Unlimited Images/Designs

      Admin can upload desired number of customized images and designs to be displayed in the image slider of the admin section that will run in the background.

    • Display Rotating Images

      AThis will display new design of login page with rotating images, uploaded by the admin.

    • Set No. of Images

      Admin can set no. of image that will display and can upload images.

    • User Friendly

      The plugin is easy to use and manage.

    User Benefits

    • Attractive Look

      The end users will have a better looking and improved user experience while using SugarCRM tools in their regular working.

    • Give a good makeover

      I was tired of the mundane login screen when a friend recommended this one. I am glad that I bought it.

      Thiru Vasagam (Posted on February 22, 2018)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Brings a change

      If your login screen is monotonus; this plugin is sure to be a great edition. Time to get over the mundane!

      Paul Miller (Posted on December 20, 2017)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Satisfied

      I am totally satisfied with Dynamic Login Screen for SugarCRM. I used the basic version for first few months, happy with the results and unsatisfied with the number of features, I opted for the advanced version and it’s superb.

      Joel Oliver (Posted on October 18, 2017)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Easy to Manage

      Right from the installation, to configuration, to using the product to design the login page of your SugarCRM, it’s effortless. I will definitely recommend this AppJetty product over any else with similar features.

      Mark Wickersham (Posted on August 8, 2017)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Liked it

      The free version has the basic features of adding images and designs but I liked the advanced one better, obviously. It has a load of features using which you can design your SugarCRM login page. You can go for it without doubts.

      Suzanne Howlett (Posted on June 28, 2017)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Advanced Version

      If you don’t want many features, the free version should be enough. But if your portal has anywhere more than 50-100 users, you should try out the advanced version with additional features. All of them pretty nice.

      Martin Davies (Posted on April 11, 2017)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Nice Features

      I like that the plugin not only supports still images but can also display rotating images which makes the login screen look posh and upgraded. You should definitely try the Dynamic Login Screen for your Sugar CRM.

      Marco Mosconi (Posted on February 6, 2017)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Great Bargain

      The product came to me just on time when I was about to spend quite some amount of cash to get the same features. This one comparatively is the best bargain you can get. The features are also nice.

      Nigel Johnson (Posted on December 20, 2016)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Without Glitches

      The plugin works without glitches. You can upload images and designs to your login page very easily. The designs can only be uploaded by the admin of the CRM. Will recommend it to friends without any second thoughts.

      Wayne Stannard (Posted on October 7, 2016)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Recommended

      If you are a SugarCRM user, you should definitely try this product out. I got it and it helps in enhancing the aesthetic look of my portal’s login page. I am absolutely loving it.

      Sharon Rotherham (Posted on August 23, 2016)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Go for Advanced

      The basic one has very limited features only one or two. If you are really looking forward to revamp your login page, go for the advance version. It’s one of the best in the market, you can get for that price.

      Massimo Tumietto (Posted on June 20, 2016)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Increases Appeal

      Adding images and designs to the login page of the portal adds to its appeal and according to me it makes an impact at everyone who needs to login around every day. It’s anyway better than the boring and monotonous login page.

      James Allison (Posted on April 15, 2016)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Nice Product

      It’s a nice development by AppJetty for business entrepreneurs who believe in perfections from all aspects. It indeed makes the login page worth a glance. I am satisfied with the product and recommend it to my peers as well.

      Colin Cowap (Posted on February 14, 2016)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Attractive Features

      The plugin has attractive features which gave a whole new look to my login page. I will recommend it to everyone using SugarCRM to make their portals attractive.

      Greg Murphy (Posted on December 8, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Perfect

      It attracts the CRM users when they login in the system. Nice plugin solution with excellent performance.

      Jack Welch (Posted on October 23, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Amazing!

      I received amazing user experience. This plugin changes my mood completely. Using CRM was very boring earlier, but the case the totally different now.

      Francis Kirby (Posted on October 5, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Cool!

      Nice plugin that functions efficiently offering attractive CRM login screen.

      Richard Cleese (Posted on September 5, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Liked it!

      Great plugin to get an outstanding user experience. It performs very well. It is really a great CRM solution.

      Barry henry (Posted on July 23, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • It makes my day

      I just love this plugin as it makes my CRM login screen highly attractive. It is a mood-shifter plugin that changes my and my employees mood to work with the CRM solution.

      Dakota Jones (Posted on July 10, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Glad to have!

      Since the time I have installed this plugin, working with CRM has become exciting. My employees now work happily with the CRM system having attractive custom login screen as earlier it was a boring task where login screen was dull and unattractive. This plugin have refined their user experience. Nice and happening solution!

      Peter Griffioen (Posted on June 27, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Flawless

      This plugin offers attractive look to the login screen of CRM system implemented in my company. My employees are excited while using the CRM which was quite boring earlier.

      Jesse Kennedy (Posted on June 8, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • I Appreciate!

      I am quite satisfied with this plugin as it offers a great login screen having enticing appearance. My employees get excited whenever they open the CRM software solution. This extension was packed with the features I was looking for and I got the desired results on installation. I would like to recommend it to every business owner using CRM solutions for better look of the login screen.

      Paul Foulk (Posted on May 11, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Quite Satisfied

      Excellent plugin to give the login screen of your CRM software a unique look with image slider having attractive images.

      Joseph Oliveira (Posted on April 29, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Truly Beneficial

      I own an enterprise and I was in search of a solution that will give login screen a fresh look to delight my employees when they open the CRM software. My search got over when I found this plugin as it offered exactly what I was looking for. Use this for your CRM software to give its login screen a refreshing look.

      Melissa Pompeo (Posted on April 3, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Really cool

      Great look,
      give high look to the Suite CRM installation.

      seems have some incompatibility with suite-7.2 newer version.

      ray (Posted on March 8, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend This

    Release Notes

    Version: 1.1.1 : February 27, 2018


    • Flexible count for upload number of images setting
    • Design and Syntax changes
    Version: 1.0 : May 16, 2015
    • Dynamic Login Screen is Release.