TapCRM Latest Upgrade Out Now (Features Update)

Sulabh Chauhan
Feb 20,2020

A CRM software mobile app is always a great asset for an organization as it gives your team the flexibility to operate from anywhere and everywhere. It’s a proud moment for us to announce that our team is leveling up TapCRM - our exclusive SugarCRM/SuiteCRM mobile app.

The latest features are aimed at enhancing your CRM mobile app use, convenience, and efficiency.

So, let’s walk you through the latest features we are adding to TapCRM and their benefits.

Multiple Dynamic Dashboards

The latest TapCRM version supports multiple dynamic dashboards including:

1) Sales - Including dashlets viz.

- Sales Pipeline (By Sales Stage) including several statuses like Proposal/Price Quote, Perception Analysis, Negotiation/Review, etc.

- Top 10 Opportunities (By Revenue)

- Leads Overview (By Lead Status) including several statuses like New, Assigned, In Process, Converted, etc.

2) Services - Including dashlets viz.

- Cases Overview (By Status)

- Visit Reports

3) Activity - Including dashlets viz.

- Calls

- Meetings - Including statuses like Upcoming, Ongoing, Completed.

- Tasks

- Follow-Ups

4) Quick Filter - Including dashlets viz. Quick Filters and Module Count

It lets you set a default dashboard you need to access most frequently. You can further decide the order of dashlets in every dashboard.Moreover, you can even decide the order of statuses to display for every dashlet. Decluttering your dashlet has become easier as you can disable one or more dashlet statuses.

Benefit - Dynamic dashboards save you the time and effort that go in wading through a single dashboard to find relevant information. They enhance both speed and efficiency of your CRM mobile app.

Quick Access of Unlimited Modules

Speed up your work with the latest TapCRM version. Get the freedom to add unlimited CRM modules to quick-access them. However, you can choose to display only 6 modules at a time.

Benefit: The freedom to quickly access any number of modules makes your work easier. No more do you need to come back to your desktop CRM every time to access various modules. You can just access any module anywhere anytime in a jiffy.

Troubleshooting FAQs

The latest version features Troubleshooting FAQs on the ‘Log In’ page. The addition of this feature will empower you to resolve minor queries in a matter of minutes.

You can read about all the possible log-in issues and their solutions. One of the solutions may match your issue and help you troubleshoot it.

Benefit: This feature has eradicated the need for you to depend on us for log-in issues troubleshooting every time. The troubleshooting process has become speedier, thanks to the update.

Our AppJetty team always works to empower our current users by adding more user-friendly functionalities. So, are you ready to take your business to the next level with the latest update?

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