Save Fuel and Logistics Cost Using Location Mapping in Dynamics 365

Save Fuel and Logistics Cost Using Location Mapping in Dynamics 365

Riddhi Faldu

September 29th, 2022

Any national or international emergency, threat, or war instantly affects fuel prices. Sudden significant changes in fuel prices can impact logistic businesses or businesses that include a lot of traveling.

We cannot control fuel prices, but we can control their consumption. Organizations need to find ways that help them reduce the usage of fuels. Only then can they reduce the cost of fuel.

Fuel costs hold a large percentage of an organization’s profit. Organizations are making the best use of technology to find ways to reduce field consumption.

One of the best ways to reduce fuel consumption is by using MappyField. Our Dynamics 365 map plugin integrates with your Dynamics 365 CRM.

This integration offers you data plotting on maps, resource management, route optimization, proximity search, analytical dashboard, and many more.

Let’s find out how MappyField can help reduce fuel consumption and cost.

Example 1:


Company X delivers food products across California. Their popularity started growing, and their number of clients kept increasing. Their clients are various retailers across California.

With more clients, they face difficulty managing deliveries due to scattered clients. The price of fuels is increasing, making it hard for them to manage the profit ratio.

Due to no proper insights on connecting the clients with the shortest routes, they usually have more back and forth. It consumes a lot of their time, and sometimes food products go bad if not delivered on time.

Employees of this company have no delivery structure, and thus everyone uses their way of delivering the products. As their clients are growing, delivery agents have to deliver to the areas they are not well aware of.

Some roads do not allow trucks or any commercial vehicles. In that case, they have to take alternative routes. All this adds up to the fuel costs and transportation charges.


Company X integrated MappyField with their Dynamics 365 CRM to manage more clients with proper customer satisfaction. MappyField’s route optimization feature helped them in optimizing their delivery process.

It allows users to add multiple stops (delivery locations). It then forms the shortest route and avoids traffic, roads with no truck entries, toll booths, etc.

The Route Optimization feature of MappyField helped them reduce back and forth, their deliveries were on time, and they massively cut down transportation and fuel costs.

Example 2:


Z is a pharma company that started facing many challenges after covid. The process they followed before covid was not working anymore.

They have medical representatives who visit doctors to show samples of their medicine. There was no requirement for prior appointments with most of the doctors.

But Covid changed this. Doctors were not ready to meet without prior appointments as there were a lot of restrictions. This impacted Z’s business a lot.

Their sales were reduced. They were not receiving feedback from doctors, which is vital for improving their medicines.

Earlier their MRs had to book appointments for a few doctors only. But now they have to book appointments for everyone.

Depending on the doctor’s availability, the timings of appointments would change. MRs found it challenging to manage this new change.

To meet their minimum targets, they would go even 20 – 30 miles to meet their minimum targets to meet one doctor. Much of their time went behind traveling, an added cost to a company.

It wasn’t just the cost. But they were unable to get the desired results. So, Company Z was facing problems at multiple levels.


Z integrated MappyField with their Dynamics 365 CRM. The feature that benefited the most was the proximity search feature.

MRs could easily find doctors around them. They can book appointments if they are available at that particular time.

Rather than traveling far away to meet a doctor, every MR could find doctors near them. Thus, they do not have to travel 20 miles to meet one doctor. In that, they can meet two doctors near their current location.

Managers can also send leads to their on-field teams. They can see the live location of all the MRs and contact the one who would be near them.

Thus, company Z could resolve two challenges by using MappyField:

1: They are now able to manage appointments more wisely. Their field team can easily find nearby cafes with the POI feature and clients using the proximity search feature.

[POI: Point of location feature of MappyField helps users find the restaurants, hospitals, gas stations, etc., near them. They can add these stops in their route, so they do not have to travel far.]

2: Their fuel consumption has reduced upto a great extent. The team can now find doctors near them, so they do not have to travel far. Company Z has undoubtedly increased its profit margins by reducing fuel costs.

How Can You Save Cost With MappyField

Whether you own a food business, a pharma company, or any other business that includes transportation, uncertainty in fuel prices is always a challenge for a company.

Reducing the number of miles is the only solution to overcome this cost. MappyField is a perfect delivery solution for your business.

The feature of MappyField that can help you reduce fuel costs are:

  • Route Optimization
  • Proximity Search
  • Point of Interest (POI)

Besides these features, MappyField has features like Check-in/Check-out and geofencing, which would help you with the time. You can track meeting time and traveling time with these features.

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