Must-Have Powerful Ecommerce Mobile App Features in 2020

Must-Have Powerful Ecommerce Mobile App Features in 2020

Sulabh Chauhan

January 2nd, 2020

Smartphone users are forecast to reach 3.5 bn in 2020! And this is  2020!

A jaw-dropping figure, right?

You definitely can’t afford to miss this opportunity. Of late, Magento has gained huge popularity as an e-commerce platform among businessmen due to its simplicity and versatility.

It’s time for Magento store owners to think of something beyond responsive websites and make their presence strongly felt with a snazzy e-store app.

A Magento 2 mobile app for your store is a must due to many reasons, one being its lowest cart abandonment rate of only 20%. While it is 97% on mobile sites and 67% on desktop sites. So, imagining an e-store without an app today is hardly possible.

But what if your mobile app turns out to be incompetent or irresponsive? With a plethora of mobile app development service providers in the market, you may find it confusing to pick the right one for yourself.

However, if you know what features you can’t let go of in your mobile app, you can be clear with your app requirements. And can select the right Magento 2 native app.

So, what follows is an exhaustive list of features that your app must have.

Functionalities You Can’t Forgo in Your Magento Store App

Dynamic Layouts

The homepage of your app creates a huge difference. The more attractive it is, the more it will engage users. The more it engages users, the higher the chances of sales are. So, make sure that your Magento 2 mobile app gives you the freedom to customize the layout fully.

Users should have a seamless shopping experience with no complexities.

Easy Management of User Profile

If users find it easy to update personal details, manage wish lists, recover passwords, they will like that app more. Enhancing their experience with your app paves the way for increased sales.

So, make sure that the mobile app for your Magento store lets your customers manage their profiles easily.

Live Synchronization

Real-time synchronization between your online store and app works wonders for you.

If you upload new products or make other changes on your site, every such change should reflect automatically in your app. It will save your time and efforts that go into manual product management on two different platforms.

So, it is crucial to have this feature of live synchronization in your app.

Seamless Navigation Throughout

A user should find it easy to navigate to product listings, wish lists, orders, and settings from your app dashboard. Further, they should be able to ‘filter’ and ‘sort’ to view exactly what they want in product listings.

Push Notifications

Alerts and push notifications in an app are an asset. Sending notifications about offers, sale, coupon codes or other important updates helps you gain loyal customers. A customer feels more valued and they engage more with your business.

Single-Page Checkout

A longer checkout process taking 3-4 pages to complete may prove to be a put-off. Users may find such checkouts longer, tiring and confusing. This may result in their abandoning the checkout process in the middle.

On the contrary, one-page checkout process is faster and easier for users. This contributes a lot to the reduction in the cart abandonment rate.

Order Management

It should be easy for customers to view their purchase history. Moreover, they should be able to manage, track or cancel their orders from within their app. This gives your customers a good reason to use your app. So, see to it that your Magento 2 native app has this feature.

Voice and Barcode Search

Adding convenience to customers’ shopping experience by offering voice search and barcode search is valuable. Instead of having users type their search query, your app should provide ‘Voice Search’ or ‘Barcode Search’.


The geo-tracking feature facilitates auto address-filling for customers. It may become tiresome for users to fill shipping addresses manually every time they shop. On the contrary, if your app has the Geo-Tracking feature, it may auto-detect and auto-fill a user’s current address. Thus, checkout becomes easier and faster.

Support for Multiple Languages

Be a Roman when in Rome. True, right? The same goes with apps. If you don’t provide support for multiple languages in your app, you can’t maximize your outreach.

So, the mobile app for your Magento store should provide multi-language support ideally. It also should support the RTL (Right-to-Left) format for some Arabic countries.

Support for Multiple Payment Gateways

If you offer flexibility in choosing payment methods to customers, they are more likely to buy products. So, ensure that your mobile app provides support for PayPal, bank transfer, COD, and Cheque/Money Order, etc.

Hassle-Free Registration

Apps with too many steps for the sign-up process make registration complex and time-consuming for users. So, make sure that your mobile app provides a simple registration process for users.

Your Magento 2 native app should ask for minimum details including username, mobile number and email address for the registration process.

A simple registration process will encourage more customers to register themselves with your site. Which ultimately will increase your customer base.

Integration of Social Media

Your app should also provide users with the social media authorization feature. So, that the users can log in to your app via FB or any other social media accounts.

Having this feature in your app simplifies the login process further. Also, it comes in handy for situations where a user has forgotten his login password. They can reset or retrieve their password by using the social media account they used for registration.

High Loading Speed

In this fast-paced world, you can’t afford to have a slow-loading app. An app that takes more than 3 seconds to load can put off 43% of customers. So, it is crucial to optimize your app in a way that it loads fast. For that, the mobile app for your Magento store should match the standards of the underlying user’s device environment.

Final Words:

So, it is important for you to understand that merely having an e-store won’t be enough. To get an edge over your competition, you need to invest and understand m-commerce and mobile marketing.

And before investing, make sure to create a checklist with the above mentioned features.

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