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Build Cost-Effective Magento 2 Native App

With our MageMob App Builder for Magento 2, you can build a native Magento 2 mobile app of your e-commerce store to reach a larger audience. It is a mobile app extension that helps you build a custom app around your business logic. Enter mobile commerce with our MageMob app builder extension which is feature-rich. Get started to give your customers the perfect shopping experience.

Why Use Magento 2 Mobile App Builder?

Dynamic Layouts

Our Magento 2 app builder comes with well-thought predefined sections for the homepage. Simply add the products and the images you want to show and our smart app extension will arrange the sections to create a custom look.

Live Synchronization

Our hassle-free app builder comes with a prominent feature of live synchronization. Any changes made in the Magento 2 store will directly reflect on your mobile app. Now reach a wider audience without much effort.

Multi-Language Support

Give your users enhanced customer experience by providing the necessary information in their regional languages. MageMob app builder comes with Multi-language functionality and also supports RTL.

Voice & Barcode Search

Another functionality that can help your mobile app stand out is the voice and barcode search feature. By providing ease to your customers to find their desired products will directly increase your sales.

Theme Selection

Build an app that resembles your e-store by selecting the right theme color using color picker. This way you can establish an identity for your brand.


Decrease the investment required to build a fully-functioning native mobile app. With us, you pay an upfront one-time cost and reap the benefits of having a native mobile app. No additional cost or charges.

Native Apps

Give user experience a priority by choosing our MageMob app builder extension to build a Magento 2 native app of your store. Seamlessly build a native mobile app with customer-centric features like simple checkout process, easy password retrieval, product detailing, etc.

Larger Outreach

With the whole e-commerce industry adapting to the mobile-first concept, it’s time you jump in the game and cash in on the mobile users. Increase your brand outreach by being accessible to your customers on their fingertips.

Increased Sales

Increase your sales by reaching to a larger audience without investing huge chunks in marketing. Your e-store becomes easily accessible to your customers and their loyalty with your brand increases.

Remarkable Features

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User Profile Management

Provide the best customer experience to your customers with a native mobile app. Let them manage their wish lists, track orders and shop at their own leisure time. They can update their profile picture, personal details, and passwords easily.

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Effective Product Showcase

Providing the right product information in the right way is the best way to ensure higher sales. With our MageMob app builder, you get to showcase your products with all the necessary details. This includes high-resolution multiple images, product description, product variables like colors, and size, etc.

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User-Friendly Product Listings

All the relevant information like price, product name, wishlist button, add to cart button, product ratings and many more right on the listing page. Your customers will be able to sort products based on the name & price. And they can add filters to the product listing page like type, color, gender, etc. All this, when put together, provides a seamless experience and educates your customers without breaking the buying funnel.

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Seamless Navigation

Your customers can easily navigate their way to all the product listings, their wishlist, orders, and settings right from the dashboard. Seamless navigation that enhances your customers’ shopping experience with you.

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Alerts & Push Notifications

Manage all the push notifications from the backend and increase your sales with witty content and relevant offers. Be it a clearance sale, Christmas offers, etc. stay ahead of your competition and reach a wider audience with your native mobile app.

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One-Page Checkout

Make it easier for your customers to shop with you by building a native mobile app using our Magento 2 MageMob app builder. Our app comes with a feature of one-page checkout which decreases cart abandon rate drastically. Your customers can add their address, change the product quantity, apply the coupon and change the shipping method from a single screen.

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Order Management

Order management feature provided in our MageMob app builder lets your customers see their order history, track their ongoing orders under fulfillment, etc. They can easily cancel or exchange their orders right from the mobile app.

  • User Profile Management

  • Effective Product Showcase

  • User-Friendly Product Listings

  • Seamless Navigation

  • Alerts & Push Notifications

  • One-Page Checkout

  • Order Management

Multiple Payment Gateways

Payment gateway and checkout process can make or break your business and this is especially true for mobile commerce. Hence, it is good to have multiple payment gateways in your Mobile App for Magento 2 Store. Which is exactly what we offer in our app along with customized payment options. Opt for multiple secure payment gateways and offer your customers an enhanced and hassle-free shopping experience.

  • Pay Pal
    Pay Pal
  • Bank Transfer
    Bank Transfer
  • COD
  • Cheque or Money Orde
    Cheque or Money Order

Build Your Own App - White Label Solution

Brand Identity

Brand Identity

Build an app with the look and feel of your own brand using the most cost-effective solution available in the market. No huge investment required. Start big with little investment with a native mobile app with custom brand colors, logo, layout and whatnot.

Your Credibility

Your Credibility

Upload the app on your own Google Play Store and App Store accounts and cash in on your brand value by paying a small one time cost. Give your customers a chance to shop with you anywhere and everywhere. We make the app look like yours and build trust in your customers as they shop hassle-free with you.

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Capterra Review (2)

  • "This the Magento App Solution"

    Camillo D.

    Country Manager
    Used the software for: 6-12 months
    Source: Capterra

    5 / 5
    Ease of Use

    5 / 5
    Features & Functionality

    5 / 5
    Customer Support

    5 / 5
    Value for Money
    Likelihood to Recommend:

    If you need to manage your estore on the go, this is the right solution. It brings all the information in your hand. Sales, average, catalog management, etc...

  • “Excellent Magento Mobile App”

    SriGanesh S.

    Retail, 11-50 employees
    Used the software for: 6-12 months
    Source: Capterra

    5 / 5
    Ease of Use

    5 / 5
    Features & Functionality

    5 / 5
    Customer Support

    4 / 5
    Value for Money
    Likelihood to Recommend:

    It was an excellent work done by the Appjetty team, I had a lot of customizations and they were done to the perfection for the features we suggested

Points to Note

  • MageMob App Builder mobile app is available for both Android and iOS.
  • Our app builder only supports PayPal standard. To add PayPal express as the payment gateway in your app, contact us at
  • Once your app is built, we upload it from our own account on Google Play Store and App Store. If you want to add your app from your own Google Play Store and App Store, you can opt for our white label solution.
  • Community Editions

    2.2.* to 2.3.*

    Enterprice Editions

    2.2.* to 2.3.*

Secure & Stable



Lifetime Updates


Free Support


Money Back

Starts at $399
Version: 1.0.2 : December 10, 2019
  • Minor bug fixes.
Version: 1.0.1 : November 14, 2019
  • Compatible with Magento's Version 2.3.3
Version: 1.0.0 : August 17, 2019
  • Magemob App Builder For Magento 2 is Release
  • Compatibility: Magento 2 Community & Enterprice Edition: 2.2* & 2.3.2
Customer Reviews
  • We have our business app made with it

    We have an e-store and now an app as well that serves our customers in a better way. Love how easy it is to build an app!

    Larry (Posted on October 17, 2019)
    Yes, I Recommend This


General FAQs

  • What is the basic purpose of this extension?

    The “MageMob App Builder” extension allows you to have a dedicated app of your store for both Android and iOS, just like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc. You can control it from back end as per your need.

  • Will you assist me to release the app on Play store and App store?

    Yes, we do provide Play store and App store release support.

  • How long does it take to set up everything?

    It will take minimum two business days after we have all the requested information. The app store release takes a week, as Apple takes time to review the app.

  • Which are the different home screen layout of the app?

    Home screen layout gets arranged based on number of category blocks. You can have 2 to 5 category blocks in your layout based on your product catalog. These are the different Layouts.

Technical FAQs

  • What details do you require from me?

    We require the following details from you: i. App Name, would be like what you want as to publish your app like Flipkart, Amazon, etc.
    ii. Package id could be your package identifier which would be unique than others. For example, com.(your_company_name). (app_name)
    iii. Facebook app id: To use with Facebook login, need to register app to your Facebook id which you might be used for publication.
    iv. Play store, App store and Facebook developer account credentials.
    v. Admin (URL, username & password) and FTP (host, user & password) details of your store.
    vi. Facebook/Google app id: To use with Facebook/Google login, need to register app to your Facebook/Google id which you might be used for publication.

  • Which Format I should provide for App Icon?

    You need to provide PSD file of your icon. Based on that we will make it in different sizes.

  • Will you provide the apk of app to me?

    Yes, we will provide the apk of app to you for testing purpose prior to release.

  • Will the app support to show banners or offers?

    Yes, you can set the banner slider and offer slider images from back end to be displayed on the app.

  • Will the app have same theme as my store?

    We are providing multi theme concept so based on that you can set Primary and Secondary color from the Backend.

  • The app will reflect products, customer account section and CMS pages as the web store? Even with the updates?

    Yes, the app will reflect products, CMS pages (About us, Privacy Policy and FAQs) and the customer account section as your web store.

  • I have three different store views based on languages. Will the app show the store views?

    Yes, there is a provision in Customer Account Settings to select the language of their choice. The drop down will list languages as per the store view in your web store.

  • What is meant by “Facebook Integration”?

    If you have a developer account at Facebook, then we’ll add Facebook login in your app so that your customers can login through their Facebook account and place order.

  • What is meant by “Google Integration”?

    If you have a developer account at google, then we’ll add google login in your app so that your customers can login through their google account and place order, and also Track app using tracking id.

  • Which payment method will be supported in the app?

    The “PayPal Standard” payment method is supported by default. Additional integration of third-party payment gateways can be done with additional cost.