Plan your Construction Schedule with Calendar 365

Plan your Construction Schedule with Calendar 365

Nikita Rohira

November 25th, 2021

Construction projects often cause delays due to their difficulty and complexity. They involve a lot of moving parts, resources, equipment, etc. To manage everything, businesses need a project management tool.

However, project management tools with features like Gannt view and resource management only facilitate the process. Construction scheduling is the backbone of any project management software. It’s essential to create a schedule for everything as it helps you define the resources and the team required to accomplish the task.

Is scheduling enough to keep up with the plan?

You need a calendar to stick to the schedule. And that’s exactly what our client, a leader in the UK housebuilding industry, did. They integrated our Calendar 365 to their Dynamics CRM. Making 700 people stick to their schedules and routines was a bit challenging at first due to the nature of the business. Hence, they had specific requirements:

  • Color code activity to avoid confusion
  • Ability to use resource booking in calendar
  • Display region wise user availability
  • Create and share calendar views
  • Set default views for facilities/equipments

Our Solution

Our Calendar 365 was the solution, and their requirement was such that they did not require any customization for it. The features of the plugin were enough to cater to their requirements.

Here’s how:

Resource Management

This feature lets them manage their facilities/equipments, resources directly from the calendar. They can view resources, their tasks, and even assign new activities to them. Resources, i.e., employees can apply for leaves and get it approved while on the go.

Shared Calendar

Remembering every individual’s task and their schedule is impossible. Hence, our Calendar 365 lets users share their calendar and schedule with their team and managers. This keeps everyone in the hierarchy on the same page.

Configuration Options

Calendar 365 offers various options like drag and drop to assign and reassign activities, color code to prioritize the activities, personalized dashboard for better insights. Users can also create different layouts of the calendar and save it as a template for future use.

They can also share the saved templates with other team members.

Multiple Calendar Views

Weekly, monthly, and yearly views are common in the calendar. Apart from that, we offer different views that offer information in an ideal way such as Gantt view, List View, Agenda View, etc.

Multiple Calendars

Different views of the calendar can help find required information easily. For example, a resource calendar can help check the availability of allotted resources. Customer calendar can help manage customers. Entity calendars can provide information related to specific entities or attributes.

Data Sync

Our Calendar 365 allows users to plan their activities and even manage entire business operations from the calendar. They can assign activities, allot leads, and track staff performance from one place without a need to update it in the CRM. Every action you take on the calendar, automatically sync in the CRM. That means no to and fro switching between modules or data misplacing.

Calendar 365 is the key to efficiency and productivity. Give it a try to experience the results.

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