How to Manage Your Dynamics Remotely amid Corona Lockdown

Sulabh Chauhan
Apr 22,2020

With Greenland the only country in the world with zero active Corona cases, the gravity of the novel Corona issue needs no explanation. With complete or partial lockdowns across the globe, there is hardly any company that is physically open barring some government or private essential service and goods provider companies.

When such is the scenario, remote CRM management becomes a major challenge. There are various issues that arise when managing Dynamics CRM operations while being physically away from the office. When you don’t get to interact with your clients, customers or employees face-to-face, it becomes difficult to keep track of your business/CRM operations.

Here comes a Dynamics Calendar plugin as your savior.

There are a number of calendar plugins available that help you manage your Dynamics CRM efficiently. An ideal calendar plugin lets you manage everything right from within the CRM calendar without having to maintain a separate calendar. It gives you a single dashboard screen from where you can effectively control and manage your CRM activities. With every CRM module available right on the dashboard, you need not go back and forth between different modules.

Let’s understand how a calendar plugin can help you effectively manage your day-to-day activities and how it can resolve various issues that arise when working remotely.

Effective Activity Management 

Time management can be a big issue while working remotely at times. Keeping track of daily activities becomes difficult. Going into individual modules and creating tasks there is time-consuming and error-prone.

A calendar plugin not only helps you keep track of CRM activities but also lets you create new activities, edit and copy them from a single dashboard. Moreover, you can apply filters to segregate activities based on their priority or status to efficiently manage them.

It helps you stay on top of time management with real-time reminders of activities on your screen or in your email as per your preference.

Easy Follow-ups and Conflict Management

When in office, you can take follow-ups from your team members about their daily activities at the end of the day face-to-face and ask them what activities they would take the next day. However, this is not easy when working remotely. A calendar plugin lets you share your calendar with your team members and their calendar with you. You can easily take follow-ups of their due tasks with a single-screen view of activity statuses through shared calendars.

As everyone knows each other’s schedule, they can adjust tasks or activities accordingly to avoid any possible conflicts/time-clashes.

Productive Output

While you may interact with your team members in person and instruct them to make changes in their priorities or schedules as per the run-time urgent requirements, it gets a little tricky when working remotely.

Here comes into play a calendar plugin.

It helps you stay productive with detailed and actionable calendar views like Agenda, Gantt, List, etc. along with a dynamic tooltip and a detailed pop-up as per your industry requirements.

If you are a team lead, you can also create an individual customer calendar according to tasks related to them or activities in progress and share such calendars with the assigned team members to make it easier for them to edit their schedules accordingly and change priorities if required.

This proper exchange of information and priorities between you and your resources results in increased productivity.

Mobile Responsiveness

When at home, there may be times when your PC or laptop may break down or may pose connectivity issues due to a defective Wi-Fi adapter, LAN, etc.

In general, all calendar plugins are mobile responsive and let you access your Dynamics CRM on the go. With an interactive user interface, you can manage appointments, calls, meetings or other activities easily and efficiently through a mobile-compatible app plugin.

Thus, you can upkeep your productivity even when working on a mobile device.

Are You Ready to Streamline Your Dynamics Operations Remotely?

Since the novel Coronavirus has made returning to the normal working environment difficult for at least a few months, it is time you thought of an alternative way to retain your work efficiency and productivity when away from the office.

If you use Dynamics CRM, a Dynamics CRM calendar plugin is an ideal solution to manage your CRM operations when at home.

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