TapCRM: Making Field Force Management Hassle-Free

Kanchi Vasavada
Jun 20,2020

With modernized approaches to purchase and support, certain businesses never actually see their customers. If your business is hardware, technical products like home appliances, there is still one way to meet your customers. Your installation and on field support teams interact with your customers in person.

Maintaining that relationship appropriately is crucial.

What if your dryer broke down during the monsoon and the company sends their staff late and without the right equipment? That would definitely cause you extra struggle and you’d have to wait a couple of days more for your dryer to get fixed.

Now imagine you are this business that has this unsatisfied customer. What is one of the ways that could make it easier for you to serve your customers?

Just like a CRM helps you keep track of your customers, support requests, and other data, a mobile CRM with mobile centric features provides you with unique ways of serving your customers.

TapCRM, which is a mobile app for SuiteCRM, has an exclusive feature that is especially for your field force. You can track your team members on the map, and they can access and edit CRM data right from the field.

Let’s take a look at how TapCRM helps with field force management:

field force management

- Once a purchase order or repair request comes in the CRM, the team lead can assign the clients to the field force. This can be based on location, tasks, skills, etc.

- Each team member will get their assigned tasks in their TapCRM app. They can see these assignments on the map as well.

- The CRM also enables them to see the details of a service or installation request, which in turn helps them plan the tools they require for it. This way they don’t have to carry every tool, but they will also not miss the required tools.

- Once they are on the field, they can check in and check out of each service or installation request right from within the app. This makes it easy for them to have minimal interaction with their devices. It ensures that their manager knows their task is done.

- Since TapCRM has all the CRM data, the field force can use it to check if a customer has previously made any requests for repairs to their appliance. This can give them a better understanding of what component may be faulty.

Once the service is done, they can generate an invoice, add it to the customer’s record, and provide customers with a copy of the same right then.

- At the office, the team manager does not need to be in constant touch with the team via phone calls and messages to know their whereabouts.

- In case a customer contacts them asking for when their promised service will be taking place, the manager will be able to answer confidently and deliver on that promise because they can see the team’s progress in real time using field force tracking.

- The manager will be able to generate reports of each team member’s accomplished tasks, as well as their miles traveled. This enables them to compensate the team for fuel or other such expenses of the job.

- Once the tasks are completed, the field force doesn’t necessarily need to come into the office to do any paperwork because all the necessary paperwork is digitally available in the CRM and happens in run time during the day.

TapCRM’s field force management feature creates a transparency between the manager and their team members, which in turn helps them serve their customers better as well.

With the logistics of whether they have the equipment, or whether they can find the meeting spot, out of the way, the task becomes easier to focus on. It enables productivity because no one has to spend time doing paperwork.

AppJetty recognizes the logistics that go behind businesses and how it wastes resources. So we make software products to lessen the burden of logistics, enabling you to focus on serving your customers and business partners better.

If you are a business that is looking to make it better for your field force, we can customize TapCRM for you. You can contact us here.

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