Let Your Buyers Track Their Own Shipments

Let Your Buyers Track Their Own Shipments

Maulik Shah

November 10th, 2017

Halloween has just passed by and now it’s time to welcome Thanksgiving. According to a survey, people of United States will be spending $2.05 Billion through online sales. Yes! You heard it correctly. Hence, people will be ordering items well in advance.

Being an e-commerce web store owner you don’t want to lose any of the sales opportunity. Most of the e-commerce platforms provide buyers with an optimum experience while purchasing the products and assumes that after that the whole responsibility is of the Courier Company. But, only a few of them have an enhanced order tracking functionality on their websites. However, this approach is wrong.

Let’s brief at some of the most common complaints and how your business can get on top of them before they turn your buyers away.

No Order Tracking Available

“Where’s my order?”

If you’ve countered this question before, then you precisely understand the significance of being able to deliver your products perfectly and on time. Such question arises when there is order tracking facility is not provided to the customer nor on your website or on shipping portal.

Your buyers put a lot of trust in you to get them their orders and if they feel doubtful about when their package is going to show up, the complaints will start rolling in.

Third Party Shipment Portal Complaints

“My Order No. is Invalid”!

“Unable to Access Shipment URL”!

This query is countered in scenarios where you are not providing online order tracking and your consumer has to depend completely on third-party website for eyeing their parcel. Errors on third party websites may leave your buyers annoyed and disappointed. As said first impression is the last impression, customers are not likely to return to an online store which caused them an inconvenience of not knowing their order status. Low quality service of such portal may have a direct effect on your portal sales.

Solution is Simple

Keeping your customers happy is all about managing expectations. Small or big, domestic or international, direct selling or multi-vendor, every Magento online store must have a Magento 2 Track Order Extension that gives transparent information about the status and delivery progress of an order. Below listed are some of the features that can boost your website sale by using order tracking software.

Option to Create New Track Order Page

With Magento 2 track order extension, you can obtain separate page of order tracking without affecting present website design. The new track page can have option to enter customer order number and email address.

Real-Time Tracking

Customers can have real-time access to all order status and shipment tracking details of the products ordered through Magento 2 tracking order extension.

Allows Accessing Order Status without Logging

Almost all e-commerce websites offer to view order status by logging in into the website. But through track order extension you can provide shoppers facility to check the order status without login.

Email Users Track Order Link

Being a merchant, you can send the track order page link to the buyer through email. As a result, your e-shoppers can easily track their orders via email.

The below listed are some goals which can be accomplished by installing Track Order Extension on your Magento ecommerce store.

  • Consumers are Given Sense of Assurance
  • Earns Trust and Loyalty of Customers
  • Saves Admin Costs
  • Simplifies Supply Chain Management

Ideas That Can Become Trend for Tomorrow

In today’s time, live order tracking is essential for an ecommerce website to remain in the competition. Above this all, ecommerce giant Amazon have started providing premium live order tracking feature which includes SMS alerts along with one day shipping facility.

Moreover, many big companies are eyeing to offer drone deliveries to their consumers. Due to this, there will be big swift in order tracking process as well. It may be possible that shoppers in upcoming times will be able to track down drones through the navigation maps integrated inside e-commerce store mobile applications.

Furthermore, advance BLE devices like Beacons can be integrated into shipment tracking extension to provide live monitoring and tracking of the expensive parcels. Beacon devices can communicate with the mobile apps through Bluetooth. Hence, Beacons can be easily attached with the costly shipments. Through such gadget, user can track products through maps integrated with mobile application or Magento extensions.


To conclude, it is essential to step hand by hand with the changing trends in e-commerce market. User order tracking software has proved to be a key factor in increasing customer trust, reliability and purchases. Using such extension can prove beneficial in reducing your business administrative costs and hassles created by order delays. The coming time will show what advancements will be coming in order tracking system. But one thing is sure that consumers will surely be benefited from such technological advancements.

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