Language Translator: The Need of the Hour

Hiral Thaker
Oct 06,2019

Are you an estore owner having global clients? Then your online store must support the translation of your store content into different languages seamlessly. If you don't have this feature, then this blog is just for you. Having an online store comes with many benefits that grow your business on a global scale. It helps you in providing better customer satisfaction and experience as well. And having a store that supports multiple languages adds to customer delight.


Many times, customers need websites they visit to translate content in their regional languages.

For better understanding.

That’s where a Language Translator comes in the picture.

What is Language Translator? 

Language Translator translates your webpage content into the languages your customer needs. This helps your customers to navigate through the website seamlessly and also understand your products easily. Most of the website owners rely on Google translator for this but they forget to take some factors into consideration. Like people using Bing, DuckDuckGo, Firefox or any other search engine, translation mishaps, etc. So, if you are one of them, it is time to consider an alternative or a translator that overcomes its drawbacks.

Why is Translating Important?

People think English to be a widely spoken language. But only 360 million people out of 7.5 billion are native English speakers. So, if you are having a global customer base, it definitely raises a need for a translator. In many countries, English is not so dominant and your customers might be more comfortable in their regional languages.

Moreover, many times it can happen that customers come to your online store and try to make a purchase but cannot, due to the language barrier. As the customer cannot understand your product detail page, he will struggle with the decision and most probably leave empty-handed. Hence, it only makes sense to have a language translator in place.

Magento Language Translation Extension by AppJetty

You might be asking why you should use Language Translator by AppJetty and not the many options available in the market for translating the contents of your webstore? Well, Language Translator also known as Language Switcher is built on Magento 2 platform and works as its extension. It is easy to understand and integrate with your Magento 2 admin and doesn’t require any skill from the admin’s end.

Our Magento Language Switcher provides many features that other translators might not have. Let’s have a look:

Full control over Translations:

Our translator helps you to translate the content of your website using Google Translator API but you will have full control and can also edit the translated part before making it live. You can edit the translator content through a WYSIWYG editor which is very handy.

No IP-based results:

This is one of the important features of our translator. It does not translate the content of your website based on the IP address of your customer. IP based results, many times, do not provide proper translations. Moreover, what if someone might be traveling to another country? They should have the freedom to choose the language they wish to see your website.

Translate Content, Product, Category Pages:

It helps you in translating the content of your website beyond the webpages. You can easily translate pages like Product, Category, Review Pages, etc. from the backend.

Keep Limit on Daily Translation:

Our language translator works on Google API which charges you based on the number of characters translated. So, to save your resources, our Magento 2 language translator extension lets you keep a limit on the daily translations of the content. When the translations requested go beyond your limit, then the remaining translations happen the next day.

Final Words:

Language has been connecting people all over the world since the beginning of existence. And it can help you connect better to your audience today too! It all depends on the efforts you make to provide this convenience to your customers.

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