Improving Conversion Rates with Pre-sale Surveys

Chandni Pandya
Mar 09,2020


It is safe to call it a combination of optimistic and pessimistic approaches.

After all, you put time and effort into a new lead to discover if they could ever become your customers. No matter if it is a referral or a cold-calling lead, investing time into it and then realizing that it may not work out for your business can be daunting sometimes.

While most of us know this bitter truth, we always look for a smart way to reduce the time that we spend on any particular lead and still get the results.

How about collecting qualifying data and context before starting the discussion?

Creating a pre-sale survey can do that.

When you send this survey to potential prospects before you actually talk to them, you can improve your performance.

To know why read ahead!

The basic understanding

A pre-sale survey includes questions on firmographics(a combination of demographics and geographics) that could reduce your time spent on leads that are not important. It shortens your sales cycle, and increase the conversion rate.


Reduce time spent on unimportant leads

Let’s admit that leads are like an illusion. The majority of them won’t make it past stage one of your sales cycle. If it’s your first contact with a customer, use a series of qualifying questions, it will refine the worth working leads for you. Including questions like, “How likely are you to purchase our product?” will provide you clear information you need to prioritize which leads to pursue.

Shorten your sales cycle

The hardest part of any sales process is being able to inform your audience about what you can offer that can resonate with them. When you know their needs from the very beginning, it becomes easier for you to close the lead as soon as possible.

Boost your conversion rate

Your clients are busy, so the longer you take to get to the point, the lesser your chance of retaining their attention and interest. Being able to begin with the right message means you maximize the number of opportunities while your customer moves to the next stage of your sales cycle.

Increase your deal size

When you have a deeper understanding of their needs, it can bring opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling.

Effective Practices to Craft Pre-Sale Survey

After knowing the significance of how this type of survey can work for your business, it is important to know what exactly you should ask in a pre-sale survey?

You must include questions about:

- The company size and focus

- Contact’s department, position, responsibilities, etc.

- Questions around their current tools and setup

- Confirmation of any pre-requirements

- Discovery into your prospect’s specific priorities

Ways to use Pre-sale survey

Asking leads for more information about their company, current challenges, and solutions that they’ve used already can help you in identifying important points to stress during the meeting and concentrate on:

- Delivering value

- Kick-starting the sales process with the most relevant information

- Idea generation process

Gather Their Challenges Before Demo

Before the product demo, it is important to dig deeper into the buyer’s problems and tweak your product demo according to their perspective.

As your demo should be tailor to a lead’s specific solution, sending a pre-demo survey asking them about the challenges will help you understand the way you should demonstrate your product.

Feedback your Demo Sessions as Well

A poor presentation would never convert any lead. Hence, whenever you feel that a prospect is interested in your product even partially, a pre-sale/feedback survey right after the demo will help you evaluate the quality of the presentation you delivered.

Include questions on your website

The other way of conducting pre-sale surveys is just by putting questions on your website. Here you will not have any worry about open rates, click rates, reply rates, etc. The interested prospects will fill out the form giving you a lead right away.

As a result, you can initiate the discussion directly with the important points and highlighting their pain points that your product or solution will be solving.

Create your Pre-Sale survey here

To start surveying, you can start your survey with Survey Rocket. An exclusive survey tool for Sugar CRM and Suite CRM. With pre-defined survey templates, advanced features like skip logic, data piping, reports, you can easily refine important prospects and focus on the ones that actually matter.

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