How to Perform Shape Operation to Manager Territories in Dynamics 365

Amit Shah
Jul 31,2020

As a field/sales manager you have to define areas and regions to manage the territories for your sales reps or executives. Based on the geographical area distribution, your on-field sales team schedules and manages the work.

Ex. A pharma product distributor wants to collect the requirement of the medicines from the various pharma/medical stores located all over a city. So, the manager needs to bifurcate the area based on the location of the stores among the medical reps.

Doing this on paper or manually, keeping track of the work, etc. can be taxing. But there’s a better way to do things if you have Dynamics 365. The first step would be to choose a Dynamics CRM map integration that suits your requirements -- this integration not only helps with territory management but also helps smoothen the entire sales operations. Choose wisely. You can check out some map integrations on MS AppSource.

Once you have a map integration in your Dynamics 365, you can perform shape operations to create and assign territories.

For demonstration purposes, we’ve taken Quick Maps in this blog.

In Quick Maps, being an administrator or manager, you can easily manage multiple areas by creating and managing the Territory using different search options, drawing tools, and performing different shape operations.

Let’s see how you can do the same from Dynamics 365.

How to Create and Manage Territories using Shape Operations

Step 1: Navigate to Territory Management

If you are using Unified view

You can find the Quick Maps App on the Dynamics 365 screen. Click on it to navigate to Quick Maps.

Navigate to Territory Management - 1 Navigate to Territory Management - 2


If you are using Classic View (old UI):

Find the “AppJetty” tab from the header menu and click on Map under the Quick Maps heading.

Navigate to Territory Management - 3

You can define and create the territory by drawing specific shapes to cover areas geographically.

- Select the ‘By Drawing’ option in Search Options.

By Drawing Territory

- As you select the ‘By Drawing’ option, the drawing tool will be enabled using which you can draw any shapes you want like Polygon, Circle, and Square.

Drawing Options

- By selecting the Polygon shape, click on the map from where you want to start the geographical area and drag the mouse cursor over the areas you want to cover till the ending point to create a polygon shape.

Make the shape

- Similarly, you can cover the area using Circle & Rectangle. 

- Here some areas between the Fort Worth and Dallas of Texas state are covered using a polygon and a circle.

Select areas

- You can move the shape and increase/decrease the area of the territory by clicking on the ‘edit’ icon. You can also remove the drawn shape by selecting the erase icon.

- You can change the fill color and the outline color of the shape as well.

Step 3: Shape Operation and Create a New Territory

First, select both the shapes by clicking on the selection option from the top-right corner.

- After selecting both the shapes, right-click on the selection and you will get the two options: Create New Territory and Shape operations.

Select the shapes

- By moving the cursor on the Shape operation, you will get the following operations to perform: Union, Intersection, Union Aggregate, and Disjunctive Union.

Shape Operations

- You can select the operation based on the way you want to manage that territory.

- Using the Union operation, you can combine both the areas and save the result of shape operation as a new territory.

- Right-click on the combined shape and click on the ‘Create New Territory’ option.

Add to territories - 1

- By clicking on the ‘Create New Territory’ option, you will get a popup to save the territory details with its name and assign the responsible person (i.e. Sales Manager).


- You can also add to the existing territory where you will find the list of existing territories.

Add to territories - 2

- By clicking on the Save button, the territory will be created or added in the existing as per the selection.

Created Territories

You will find the created territories in the Map when you want to plot the data of any entity using the Territory. You can also find through the Territory Management by selecting the Territory in the search options.

This way you manage your territories within a few clicks and streamline your sales operations.

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