How to Make Timely Product Deliveries Each Time?

Aditya Bhavsar
Jul 17,2018

    Ecommerce is growing by leaps and bounds. Several businesses are emerging online to outrank and crush their competitors. What yesterday was a luxury, is a necessity for a business today to survive in rapidly disrupting marketplace.

    Here’s what facts & figures have to say:

    • 71% of shoppers believe they will get a better deal online than in stores.
    • 80% of the online population has purchased something using the internet, 50% of the online population have purchased more than once.

    Ever wondered what made ecommerce grow at such exponential rates? Well, there are many reasons responsible after its “not so common” growth over a short span of time. One of the major reasons behind the success of ecommerce is, luxury and flexibility that come with it. The luxury of getting the product delivered at your home and the flexibility of getting it when you are most likely to be available, is something that makes ecommerce the first choice for any buyer.

    Importance of Timely Delivery:

    Tim was planning for Jonathan’s 12th birthday, on the upcoming Sunday. It was a few days away. He knew Jonathan was badly craving for the latest Walking Dead 2 video game. Looking at his hectic schedule, Tim knew that this time too, he won’t have time to personally go and buy stuff for Jonathan. So, he ordered Walking Dead 2 online. He was happy. He saved his time, a little money and most importantly his child’s 12th birthday.

    Here’s the climax: It was already 1.00pm and there was no delivery boy with brand new video game for Jonathan. Tim was desperately calling the company to get an update about his purchase.
    “Hello! I’m Jack from ABC store, how may I help you today?”

    “I’m sorry to know that your item isn’t delivered yet. Maybe, you will get it by tomorrow as we do not operate on Sundays.”

    “WHAT THE…? TODAY IS MY CHILD’S BIRTHDAY. AND YOU SPOILED IT BADLY. I WOULD NEVER BUY FROM YOU EVER AGAIN.” Tim hung the phone, frustrated, annoyed, and perplexed what he would do next.

    Tim would neither buy nor recommend online shopping anymore. You see? Small things make a big difference. Something as simple as vague delivery details can spoil the buying experience.

    Fulfilling Customers’ Needs:

    Today, customers have wider range of options when it comes to online shopping. If you fail to offer more flexibility in the terms of delivery than your competitors do, your survival will be on the mercy of them. Research shows that, 50% of respondents had abandoned a purchase online due to unsatisfactory delivery options. On time delivery also increases the customer satisfaction levels with positive feedback.

    Here are some reasons why you need to “rethink” the delivery options that you provide:

    Lack of delivery options = abandoned purchases:

    Your customers are always seeking for better and flexible delivery options. They want their item delivered exactly when they think they are most likely available. If you want to stop losing customers, you should think of offering a wide range of delivery options to your customers.

    When was the last time you abandoned the purchase because of the lack of delivery options that you were seeking? I bet it was not because the product was substandard, or the item looked fake – it was simply that the vendor didn’t offer your preferred delivery option.

    More Delivery Options = More Customers.

    More Customers = More Business.

    Here Are Some Ways You Can Deliver Happiness!

    Delivery at Your Ease:

    What if you can offer your customers an option to choose when exactly they want their product to be delivered? Not only the date, but also an approximate time range in which they would be most likely to be available. That would be fantastic.

    Offering more options will instill trust and credibility for your brand. This will also increase the retention ratio and your customer will buy more and often from you.

    Let Customers Know About Your Operating Hours:

    What if you can let your customer know when you operate and not to expect any deliveries from your end? That would cut through lot of miscommunication and disappointments that happens automatically when the checkout page mentions nothing about delivery.

    How Wonderful It Would Be If Your Customers Have the Flexibility to Reschedule Their Parcel?

    Have you ever cancelled a pre-scheduled meeting for something urgent and important that required your attention? Well, there are many instances when something needs our attention and we have no other option than giving it. How about offering your customers the luxury of editing the delivery date and time just in case, something goes wrong? Your customer would love that if all the power rests in their hands.

    Being a store owner, you would love to offer extended functionality to your customers. You might think, there might be a solution which can help you extend the functionality of your Magento Store.

    Magento Delivery Date Extension – We Made It Real!

    We have been there. Understanding your requirements and needs, we have taken the time to realize your idea.

    We call it, Magento Delivery Date Scheduler. It is an extension which you can seamlessly integrate in your Magento store and help you extend your store’s utility.

    Delivery Date Scheduler for Magento enables your customers to provide with the date and time on which they want their orders delivered to a particular address. It empowers you to take uncertainty out of the entire order delivery process. With the help of Delivery Date extension for Magento, the store admin can display dates based on shipping provision and availability of products.

    You can also send reminder emails related to product delivery and offer your customers with an option to track their dispatched products. If you are an ecommerce owner wanting to retain your customer base and boost sales, Magento 2 Delivery Schedule Extension is a perfect solution for you!

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