How to Get Shortest Routes using Dynamics CRM Map Integration

Amit Shah
Jul 06,2020

What will you say to the idea of saving and earning money at the same time?

Seems impossible, right?
But it is not!

The number one pain point of any company having an on-field sales team is the amount of money and time that is lost because of sales reps not knowing the short routes or the traffic status.
This all can be resolved with a single feature: Shortest path first.

In this blog, we are going to showcase how you can enable this feature in your Dynamics CRM map integration and how your sales reps can use them as well.

For the demonstration purpose, we’ve taken Quick Maps but you can browse around on MS App Source and find a suitable Dynamics 365 map integration.

Step 1: Navigate to Map

If you are using old UI (Classic view):

Find the “AppJetty” tab from the header menu, navigate to Quick Maps and then click on Map.

image 1

If you are using Unified view:

You can find the ‘Quick Maps’ App by clicking on the Dynamics 365 option.

image 2

Step 2: Enable SPF (Shortest path first) from the configuration

Navigate to Settings → Solution → Quick Maps → Setup and enable “Optimize Route”

image 3

This will enable the shortest path first feature in Quick Maps and now you can find the shortest path available for your route.

Step 3: Redirect to Map and plot route on the map

In this step, you need to plot route by entering the place name and click on search. After plotting route click on the Go button to plot the shortest route on the map.

Before SPF:

image 4

After SPF: 

image 5

Step 4: Save and assign the route to the user

Click on save icon available in the panel with other options.

image 6

This will open a popup with options to save the route. You will need to enter the name for the route, assign it to the User/team, and add Date for the route and priority. This means you are not only sending route details, but you are also communicating the date this meeting/task needs to be done and the priority directly to the user.


Assigned users can see this route in their Saved Routes section available in Direction Tab or in “My Today's Route” Dashboard along with the priority of that particular route.

image 8

image 9

This way you can save time, money, and decrease redundant communication as well.

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