How To Simplify Magento Quotation Management

Maulik Shah
Dec 06,2016

    Though it is true that ecommerce as in industry has become much more mature and most of the businesses processes have been perfected, there are still some aspects that need to be perfected or worked upon. When we are talking about online retail business where people are buying just one or two products, you can find hundreds of hacks, ways, applications, and extensions to enhance your sales but while moving to bulk transactions online, the formulas which are tried and tested for retail businesses are bound to fail. Every kind of business has its own way of earning revenues and we surely can’t go for the ‘one shoe fits all’ for different online businesses.

    If a potential business or individual wishes to buy bulk products from your ecommerce store, and finds the prices to be slightly different than what he is willing to pay for, you might just lose that customer as there is no personal interaction between the buyer and seller to quote a price which is feasible and profitable to both. You can also lose your customers to other competitors who are offering slight difference in rates or giving the option of negotiation.

    Is there no solution to this problem? Thankfully, there is!

    The whole process of managing online quotations for bulk orders can be simplified and automated with Magento Quotation Manager. With the help of Quotation Manager, you can now sell products online in bulk without publicizing exact prices.

    In this blog, we will discuss some of the features of the Magento Quotation Manager and how it helps you earn more revenues through online bulk selling. The extension eradicates the problem of placing bulk order quotations and asking for discounts through an online store where there is no face to face personal interaction. Let’s see how:

    It facilitates Hassle-Free Communication

    Quotation Manager removes the hurdle of interaction with your customer as it provides an effective interface to submit quotes for products available on your store. It enables your customers to comment on each product and their quote for the entire order. They can even request for the proposed total. You can then provide the proposed quote, after which the customer can place the order with the agreed quote. All this communication takes place trouble free within your Magento store.

    There is Complete Admin Control

    You can entirely control how the quotation and negotiation process goes on. As an admin, you can set minimum order quantity that qualifies for further transaction and also the price at offer. You can set indicator bars, below which no quotes can be submitted. It not only filters orders but also saves time and efforts on both ends. Also, you can easily manage all your received quotes, communications with customers, acceptance and rejection of quotes received, all from your store’s admin panel.

    Both parties get Emails synced with all the communications

    You don’t have to worry about missing out on any of the aspects as you get notified by an e-mail for every action in the process of rate negotiation and quotation approval. Both the admin and the customer receive these e-mails ensuring uninterrupted interaction.

    It facilitates Coupon Code Generation

    On approval of the quote after all the negotiation, coupon code is generated automatically which is to be further applied at the time of checkout. This coupon code is based on the discount which is mutually agreed upon and is sent by e-mail to the customer.

    It assists uncomplicated checkouts

    Though it may seem like a complicated process given there is involvement of negotiation and quotes on the prices already mentioned, but the checkout process is made to be extremely effortless by Magento Quotation Manager. The customer just needs to add the quoted items to the cart and apply the coupon code sent to get the invoice or bill as decided.

    Magento Quotation Manager offers you complete quote management from the admin panel and helps you earn more profits through bulk orders. Moreover, it is a simple and easy to install extension for your Magento store which makes quote management for online businesses extremely easy and effortless.

    Interested? Go check out what Magento Quotation Manager can do for you.

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