How to Overcome the Language Barrier While Selling Online?

Prachi Shah
Oct 23,2018

Thank God for language! – a well-arranged and well-thought amalgamation of words that totally makes sense (somehow) and is received and understood by people around us. Without it, we would just be a clueless bunch of idiots moving around roving eyes and trying to get the gist of what others are trying to say.

Well, our agonies didn’t quite end there. And of course, the solution wasn’t a universal language. (Excluding love ;) ). Each country and each region adopted a language of their own; and being proud of one’s native language became a trend. Now, let’s say you are an ecommerce store owner trying to sell a product, idea or a service to the audience all over the world. How would you ensure that your audience gets what you are trying to sell?

It turns out that language barrier is one of the biggest challenges that the Magento ecommerce store owners face today. This is majorly because if the content on the website is not familiar to the buyers, they do not buy from them. During such times, one needs to probably get a Magento Translate Module using which you can help the customers view the content in the language familiar to them.

So, what are the ways in which you can overcome challenges pertaining to language? How can you sell online in multiple languages? Let’s try to know:

Talk in the Language They Know

It is true that English is the most commonly used language in the world of ecommerce. Also, people in the countries like Norway and Sweden do not mind shopping from the websites that have English content. But, there are several countries and millions of people who dread reading or communicating in English.

Now, if this percentage of audience forms your customer base, what would you do? A good solution to attract this audience would be to talk in their native language. It will help you connect and build a good rapport with them. You do not need to translate your e-store in every possible language. Just check where your audience hails from and which languages do they prefer. Once you figure this out, you are good to go.

Translate It Right

Well, if you thought that your generic or high-school knowledge of non-native language will work, you might be wrong. You can’t get away with mediocre language translations and the concepts loosely associated with your products and services. With the customers who know and understand what they are reading, you need a professional way to translate your content.

During such times, a good quality Magento Language Switcher might come to your rescue. Also, after you are done translating using a tool, you must check with a native speaker as to if your translated content is correct. A human touch still surpasses technology when it comes to communication.

Lead Them to the Landing Page

Some studies have proved that if you redirect your visitors automatically to a local landing page, it always has a good impact on your sales. Not just that, it also enhances your revenues by 17%. The best way to enhance the experience of your customers is to redirect them to the translated version of your website.

Let’s say, if a customer from particular region visits your e-store. Don’t make them go through the task of changing the language on the homepage of your e-store. Instead, make your settings such that it automatically displays content in the relevant language based on the location of your customers.

Communicate Through Visuals

Remember the picture books of animals and birds that we used to flip through as kids. Oh! How mesmerized were we looking at the pictures! Even if we didn’t know how to read “cow”, we could identify the beings merely through pictures. The same concept applies when connecting with a non-native audience.

Visuals are a robust tool to play with when you want to attract your customers with something apart from language. Especially with the audience that is a visual learner. In case you are into providing a product, which your customers can understand through visuals, language would never be a barrier for you. So, why not make the most out of visuals or pictures to convey what you want?

Send Invoices in Native Language

You can’t undermine the potential of receipts and invoices. They are an important element of online shopping and the best way to help your customers understand how much and what they are paying for. If you provide a shopping experience in native language, why not send invoices in the same one?

A Magento Language switcher might work if you want to change the frontend language of your website. But, if you want to generate an invoice in a native language, you might consider investing into an invoicing app that helps you to send localized invoices to your customers based on their native language.

We hope the above-given points gave you a good incline as to how you can get over your language blues when it comes to selling online. In case you are a Magento based e-store owner and you are looking for a Magento based language translator tool, we might be able to help.

Language Translator: An End to Your Linguistic Agonies!

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