How Live Tracking has Changed the Service Industry

Kanchi Vasavada
Jan 27,2020

Remember when you used to have to look up how to change a pipe, give yourself a haircut at home, or install a wall mount for your TV? It took a lot of time, effort and tools. But sometimes it still didn’t work out.

The service industry helps solve all these problems for you. But even the service industry has evolved. Ever since phone apps have taken off, there’s an app for everything from booking a haircut appointment to getting things around your house fixed. But how many apps do people really want to have on their phones? And how many apps do people actually download for each service they require?

This is where a single app to rule them all comes into play. You can make one app that can cover a number of services like salon services, electrician services, as well as other lifestyle services. Let’s explore the features you can have in this app so that users actually want to use it, and so do your staff members:

What the staff has is essentially a SuiteCRM mobile app in this situation.


Anything that you want people to use and continue using more than once has to appeal to them in terms of how they interact with it. When it comes to an app, it should be visually appealing. The user interface that you provide has to make things easy to understand.

Things you can take care of while designing your app:

- The steps towards checkout should be as limited as possible.

- The interface should also be clutter-free and simple.

- There should be no misleading pricing structure.

- You can also add images and GIFs where necessary.

- The font should be readable rather than fancy.

The CRM’s design should also match your company’s brand aesthetic and it should be easy for your staff to see their appointments, the equipment they might have to carry, the discount options that the customer may have applied, etc.

Staff bio:

Customers will want to know the person coming into their house. By providing their names, age, photo and perhaps an interesting fact about them, you can help make sure that the customer feels safe with them in their house. This helps establish a human touch and sensitivity in the business.

Live tracking:

This feature is both for the admin as well for the customers. The admin can see the appointments that the service staff takes, including the miles they travel for it. The customers can also track them so that they know the time it will take them to arrive. The customer obviously benefits from knowing this detail but the admin benefits more. They can know exactly what route their staff takes, as well the time when they reach and leave an appointment. This makes it much easier for them to track each person and get a detailed overview of their work.

At the end of the month, the mobile app for your service based business can generate a report for travelled miles and expenses incurred because of this geolocation feature.

Here, the staff member will be able to check in and check out of appointments right from the map interface. This way they will not have to switch apps to notify the admin or manager of their whereabouts or give an update about their appointment status.

Checkout process:

You should have multiple payment methods, including cash on delivery. But the checkout process should not be extensive. There should only be one click to take the customer to the cart and then a Checkout button right there.

The payment reflects in the CRM and therefore the service person can check it before leaving the appointment.

An app like this can change the service industry, both for you and for your company.

About us:

Our mobile CRM app, TapCRM, available for SuiteCRM Android app and SuiteCRM iOS app has all the above-mentioned features. It’s a fully customizable app which you can customize according to your requirements, if you want to build a service app of your own. This CRM mobile app can help you manage your operations in a streamlined manner.

Contact us here for any questions regarding the app and customizations like this.

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