How to Integrate Your Magento Store with SugarCRM

Maulik Shah
Dec 12,2016

    Magento is an open source ecommerce platform with matchless flexibility. Magento is preferred largely because of the features it has on offer including powerful marketing and SEO tools. Clearly, Magento is one of the best ecommerce platforms chosen by store owners around the globe. Sugar-CRM on the other hand is one of the most ideal CRM solutions that offer robust CRM features for a reasonable price.

    Undeniably, your e-commerce platform and your CRM software are two of the most important elements of your store. And integrating the best of both can help you manage your business much better.
    Why Integrate Magento With SugarCRM.

    Why Integrate Magento and SugarCRM?

    Let’s first understand why integrating Magento with SugarCRM is a good idea.

    • Integrating Magento and SugarCRM allows your accounting and sales team to sync all the data of your business, customer, and orders from your Magento system into your SugarCRM system.
    • You don’t have to keep duplicate entries for orders and customers.
    • It helps in improving your functional efficiencies through SugarCRM/Magento.
    • You can process customer orders and their status within SugarCRM as it is integrated with Magento.

    How To Integrate Magento and SugarCRM

    You can easily integrate Magento with SugarCRM using Biztech’s proprietary Magento SugarCRM integration solution. Our solution is a two way process. You can integrate data from SugarCRM to Magento and vice versa.

    To make this integration possible we have developed:

    • A custom Magento extension to use in the integration process. You can use all default modules of Magento here.
    • A custom SugarCRM plugin which is to be installed in your SugarCRM copy. Select custom modules like for the Category, order, product, and default module for customers.
    • We have also developed a developed PHP based integration Gateway to run on our server. It does the job of receiving data from SugarCRM/Magento and passes it on to the other system. When the integration starts, transfer data from SugarCRM to Magento and Magento to SugarCRM. It uses a central DB and stores data temporarily, in case the system gets down.

    Using our integration solution you can You can link the following modules.

    Integration Solution

    You can also integrate extra modules if required using our customization services.

    Biztech’s Integration Gateway

    Our Gateway has a modern and user friendly interface which gives up to date information on what data has synced between both the systems. Some of important elements of our Gateway are:



    After logging in to the integration gateway, the admin can access the dashboard. The dashboard shows interactive charts and tabs for ease of access to admin. You can access synced logs and synced issues from the menu bar for better support.

    Customer Module

    Custom Module

    Integrate the complete portfolio of your customer with their specific account details in SugarCRM. The user can view the customer profile with synced details here. All activity in Magento gets directly reflected in SugarCRM, like first name, last name, email, billing address, shipping address, etc. in syncing process.

    Category Module

    Category Module

    Category module offers a complete overview of product categories. You can use customized modules in SugarCRM for categories.

    Product Module

    Product Module

    The product module offers a complete overview of the accounting/sales and inventory details of any product of any specific customer. You can use customized module of SugarCRM with basic details like SKU, name, type, description, price, etc, in the syncing process. You can use various types of products in the syncing process.

    Sales Module

    Sales Module

    It provides a complete picture of sales and order status details. It reflects customer name, product details, addresses, payment method, order amount etc. You can use customized module in SugarCRM for Order and Order lines. If product of Order Line exists in CRM, then Order Line will be synced. For Order Module, you can use basic details like Order No. Customer, Customer Address, Shipping Description, Payment Method, Items, rate, Qty, Amount, Grand Total etc. in syncing process.

    To Conclude

    Magento-SugarCRM integration not only helps in ease of management but also generate leads and conversion in SugarCRM by keeping a check on buyer actions on Magento based ecommerce store. It helps in understanding customer behavior by analyzing vital data related to popular searches by the customers, most viewed products, best selling products, and other customer insights. It also assists you in targeting potential customers for email marketing and other promotional activities.

    With Biztech’s Integration Solution all this becomes as easy as handling a few settings. To know more about this solution visit the product page.

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