How to Integrate Fedex Shipping with Your Magento Store?

Maulik Shah
Mar 28,2017

    The estore owners of today love Magento as it offers a lot of flexibility and plentiful features. It also handles the requirements of the retailers by minimum backend customization. Some ecommerce business owners think that ecommerce development gets complicated when it comes to handling financial transactions. However, integrating shipping aspect with the Magento Store is the most difficult part. Although Magento offers integration with several shipping solutions, you need an extension that makes the entire shipping process easy.

    One of our latest products, FedEx Smart Shipping Magento Extension is one of the best ways of integrating FedEx freight shipping with your Magento store. All you have to do is install the plugin and and configure the setting and you’re done! Integrating FedEx shipping with your store can’t be easier.

    Given below are some of the benefits of this extension and how to make the best use of it for achieving a seamlessly integrated process.

    Get live shipping rates

    There’s nothing like shipping rate being calculated in real time. Magento based FedEx Smart Shipping extension provides live shipping rates for your customers and they can know about the changes in rates as and when they happen. Isn’t that fantastic? You can also make configurations of the shipment according to its weight and dimensions.

    Admin Panel for making configurations

    The extension gives the option of holding the goods at FedEx location to the Admin. They can also enable it to pick up and keep a track of shipment based on the reference. The best part about this feature is that the Admin can also choose if they want to allow the shipping of risky items like Dry ice, alcohol etc. This facility can protect the Admin from getting into any legal issues at a later stage.

    Make the most of Address Validation

    Both users and admin can optimize the address validation facility while placing the order. In case the postal code and city combination do not match with each other, the user will get the locations that are stored within the FedEx store. Thereafter, users can either checkout by using the added address or choose one of the locations suggested by FedEx. One can also make changes with the shipment address and edit the wrong address.

    Drop at location

    This is one of the best options offered by this extension. Your users will be able to decide whether they want home delivery of their ordered items or they would want to pick it up from the FedEx location. They would also be given all the information about the closest locations and the shipment will be dropped off at the location convenient to them. Admin would also be able to keep a track of the location chosen by the user.

    Track your shipment

    Fedex smart shipping enables the users to track their shipment through FedEx post. When the admin creates an account for the package, they can add the reference for shipment tracking through which they can know where the shipping has reached.

    Handle the ETD documents

    FEDEx Smart Shipping enables you to manage the ETD documents in your store. Admin can enlist ETD types that are allowed by the store and can also decide which one goes the best while making the package. The Admin can also add ETD generation source and type.

    Pick up management

    Admin can set pickups for the store automatically and manually. In order to manage pickup automatically, admin can choose the option of ‘Create Pickup’ from the order details. With the manual pick up option, Admin can feed the address and other details along with package information to generate the shipment.

    This extension works great for all Magento Store owners as they can handle an array of aspects related to FedEx freight shipping from their dashboard. There are very few all-inclusive ecommerce shipping extensions that help you to change configurations, manage shipment tracking, validate address and get live shipping rates. Make sure you conduct enough research before you integrate one of these extensions to your Magento store. Check out more features of FedEx Smart Shipping here and get the best out of one of world’s leading shipping solutions.

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