How the Insurance and Finance Industry can Grow with Dynamics Maps

Chandni Pandya
May 14,2020

What does it take for a Finance or an Insurance company to be successful?
First and foremost, an army of on-field agents with a friendly attitude, and market knowledge.

But most importantly, a decent route mapping software because your reps have to get to their visits on time. And the time spent in the office, juggling client records, trying to map the right route, grouping prospects, calculating traffic would take most of the time of their day.

While your Agents work independently, arming them with Dynamics 365 Mapping tool would help organize their entire schedules seamlessly.
With the Dynamics Map Integration, it will be easy to access the current client database and map their records. And that’ll their playground. Here’s what more they can do with it:


From a single map, where you can find all your customers, it gets easier to route a map and optimize it to save time and resources. Your reps can make their drives productive with the help of driving instructions, live traffic updates, avoiding troublesome hotspots, which ensures their visit on time. By viewing the clients’ demographic data, sales reps can target the right clients with the right policies. They can perform a relative analysis and visualize which territories are buying which type of policies. It can shed an insight into which areas need to be targeted with offers and marketing campaigns to raise the sales of policies.


Today most of the financial advisors visit the clients at their locations. With Dynamics Map Integration, the bank can visualize which areas have the maximum scope of growth with a Heat map. They can analyze the relative performance of areas and offer clients an opportunity to take loans at the interests that suits their requirements. The advisors can meet the clients by following the optimized routes with redirection to Google Maps or Waze Maps with an appointment planner and therefore, and improve their performance.

Mutual Funds

By using Radius Search, advisors can view clients in the targeted radius. By using optimized routes along with radius or proximity search, they can improve their on-field performance. Their managers can analyze territories and evaluate which regions need to be targeted for improved sales strategies.

By extracting the location component of any given data, businesses can visualize their stakeholders on the map accurately. This enables them to find out where the clients and leads are on the map, analyze data, to deliver better services, and render quality to clients. It helps in forming a better strategy to drive their sales reps in the growing direction and build a successful financial empire.

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