Exceed Your Sales Goals With Dynamics 365 Mapping Tool

Exceed Your Sales Goals With Dynamics 365 Mapping Tool

Riddhi Faldu

September 28th, 2022

Not being able to meet estimated goals is frustrating for all sales managers. When you give your best in strategizing and planning the whole thing, but in the end, you do not receive the required results.

However, with our mapping tool, you identify trends, visualize data, plan strategies, and identify gaps that can be filled to increase sales.

One such tool that can help your sales team is MappyField.

MappyField is a plugin that integrates with Dynamics 365 to plot all the CRM data on a map. It includes features that can work as a solution to all the problems that your sales team is facing.

Let us find out why you should use Dynamics 365 maps. We will also discuss the ideal practices for using it to improve sales.

Why Should You Use Dynamics 365 Mapping Tool?

The key to improving sales performance is territory management. Understanding and utilizing the existing territories to sales reps maximize the revenue and performance of your sales team.

Analyze the sales potential of each territory

To create an effective plan, sales managers must first understand customer data. They are adding market research knowledge while planning helps bring the best to the table.

With MappField, sales managers can easily visualize the data and use its insights while determining the potential of territories.

Later, managers can optimize the sales team’s productivity by considering customer concentration in territories, market potential, and traveling time.

Improve the sales team’s overall productivity

After knowing the sales potential of each territory, you will be able to allocate territories to your sales teams more effectively. You can create sales territories that can create more revenue and assign it to your team.

All these decisions are taken based on actual data. You or the team is free from all the guesswork on who their next client should be. They can quickly move on from one client to another, bringing them results.

When you have a proper list of territories, you assign clients to sales reps which can be an opportunity for them to bond with clients and maintain an excellent relationship to bring in repeat sales.

Increase client satisfaction

This is an extra benefit you can have. When you assign specific sales reps for a client, they can build a Sales rep’s work as a bridge between clients and companies’ strong connection with clients. If the bridge is strong, sales will keep coming in.

Such equal distribution means a fair distribution of clients. It will give your teams a sense of equality, and everyone will have the opportunity to win great clients.

Reduce fuel charges

Sales reps will have a designated region assigned when you have planned territories. They have multiple meetings a day. If you consider the traveling cost, it would drastically reduce.

They must travel within a specific territory rather than meeting clients all over the city. Also, our Mappy field helps with optimized routes. It suggests routes with the shortest distance and traveling time.

What are the Best Practices for Elevating Sales Performance With MappyField?

If you want sustainable long-term results, having MappyField is an incredible solution. You can use reports and analyze past and present reports, discover trends, and build a result-driven overall management process.

Here is the process that you can follow to improve sales:

Define sales process

Sales managers can benefit from having a specific process to claim more clients. Their team (sales reps) must follow the same process. When everyone is on the same page, tracking and measuring results becomes more accessible.

MappyField is a perfect way to digitize all processes. Managers can view and assign tasks to their teammates. It becomes easy to keep track of your teammates’ daily schedules. You can then analyze outputs and strategize the next move.

Analyze client data

Our tools feature to plot data on a map which helps managers to visualize the CRM data. It helps in forming territories by identifying regions with more client concentrations. It helps in segregating clients and assigning sales reps according to territories.

Managers can use filters to have only data displayed on a map. It removes the hassle of assigning daily tasks to the team. Managers can assign their team tasks for days/weeks/months.

Keep an eye on expenses

A manager’s job is to calculate the traveling expenses and allocate the required fund for their team. Whether your team drives themselves or takes an uber, you have to sanction fuel money or the commute charges. These charges can sum up to a considerable number.

MappyField can be a perfect solution to save money. It allows users to add multiple stops, aka client locations. Based on the location of stops, it designs a route. This route would be the shortest and takes the least amount of time.

It would reduce the fuel costs or the uber charges. On top of that, your sales reps would always reach the location on time.

From a managerial point of view, you can calculate the time your team spends traveling and consider this data in future planning.

Evaluate meeting time

As a manager, how do you calculate the total working hours of your on-field teams? The time spent in meetings plus traveling time. Suppose you ask your sales reps to enter the time manually.

You might never find the actual time spent behind a meeting if you do not digitize it. That is when MappyField comes into the picture. Our tool has a feature called check-in and check-out. The sales reps would check in whenever they reached for the meetings and check out once they were done.

They can also add notes about the meeting. At the end of every meeting, managers will have the total time spent in that meeting and all the essential documents related to it.

Always have authentic data

False entries can twirl your assumptions and affect improvement. What if some of your team members check in at some random place and check out after an hour? You would never know. They might enter generic details or something previous clients said in the reports.

MappyField has a feature that allows sales reps to check in only when they reach a client location. Our tool would reject all the check-in requests from locations other than the client location.

Update regularly

Sales data changes constantly. It wouldn’t be ideal to keep using the same territories forever. Managers should constantly update the territories. Updating territories would ensure that new plans are made based on those.

After updating client data, it is time to update your employee’s data. Based on the time they travel and spend behind meetings, you can change next month’s strategies whether they have extra time or cannot complete their targets.

Use gaps wisely

Appointments may get canceled at the last minute. Or the meeting might finish before expectations. In such cases, sales reps would have some buffer time. They can utilize this time to the fullest!

MappyField allows users to search for nearby clients. Keeping their location as a center will show clients within a few miles. They can use the buffer time to meet some clients nearby.

It also helps sales reps to build a strong connection with old clients. Who knows, a small catch-up might increase your sales number!

Divide data access

Not all an organization’s employees need access to all the client data. It is unnecessary and can be a threat if anyone misuses the information. Employees should have access to data they would require and not everything.

A solution to this is dividing access based on job roles. Our tool allows you to create different security templates with different job roles. It will help you save confidential information.

How do you Choose the Best Mapping Tool?

The tool you would prefer to choose would depend on your business requirements. However, remember that the tool you choose would directly impact how you work or imply your plans.

Be a list of requirements. Verify whether the tool you prefer offers it. It is possible that the tool you like does not have something very niche per your business. You can ask for customization.

We at AppJetty, try to offer the best tool with the best support to our customers. We also customize the tool as per your business needs. Contact our team to know more.

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