Major Driving Forces of The Next Generation Product Delivery Experience

Devvratt Singh Charan
Sep 13,2018

The market reputations and revenue streams depend more on satisfying customer needs. A stand-out delivery proposition is proving pivotal for both winning and keeping customers. Today, trends revolve around demanding faster and more efficient shipping options with effortless interactions. It is because harder-to-satisfy consumers want to fine-tune how their deliveries happen. They also want to know who gets to deliver their goods. To take the customer experience to a new level, they want to reserve the right to amend their delivery details in just a few clicks, even when deliveries are already in flight.

Whenever it comes about the delivery of the products that customers buy from your Magento 2 eCommerce site, you do take it as a serious concern. But how seriously you take it? Well, actually it is as important as the product quality of your eCommerce website. Any deliver mishap will cause a bad image of your Magento 2 Store. However, making your delivery process efficient with a Magento 2 Delivery Date Extension works well. Along with is, there is also a need to better the way you disciple your product delivery.
Let us go through 7 figures that throw more light on the changing poles of product delivery to see them with better understanding:

Let’s take a look at some excerpts of the statistical studies gathered by nChannel given below:

  • 77% of consumers would like have an after-hours shipping or guaranteed weekend shipping.
  • 61% want 1 – 3-hour shipping, while only 20% of all retailers offer it.
  • 80% of consumers want same day shipping. 47% of retailers don’t offer this service.
  • 82% wants to collect shipments from stores, but 50% of retailers do not offer it.
  • 60% of consumers bought goods from one online merchant over another. It is because the delivery options were more convenient for their needs.
  • 54% of consumers say delivery defines who they always shop with and commit more purchase with them only.
  • 29% had changed the delivery date or location of their order post-dispatch; a further 50% said if this option had been available to them, they’d have made use of it.

Evolving Delivery Experience with the Evolving Customer Needs

These statistics presented by a Consumer Research Report, makes it crucial to reimagine the selling process. Now, customers expect to utilize the delivery option that best satisfies their immediate purchase requirements. So, enterprises will also have a need to evolve their delivery methods and processes to tune up with these evolving customers. Hence, to add new delivery methods is not the only task, there should also be speed, efficiency, and flexibility.


Today, what users want is, a flexible delivery method! As we all know that millennials generation is all about convenience. So, it should be there in their delivery experience as well. Here, flexibility doesn’t limit itself to whenever they want and wherever they want. They want to receive the product that they buy from your web store in a completely customizable way. Whether it be with a gift wrapping or a special request to add some extra notes, you will have to fulfill all such demands.


Customers being cool with waiting for weeks to for their delivery...that is now a “Once upon a time” story. If you talk about today, customers want their product “Right Here, Right Now”. They don’t like to wait! The increasing demand for technologies like AR and VR on eCommerce store translate their level of curiosity. Today, customers want to be the driving force for their product delivery. This is bringing in new trends like Overnight Delivery, Office Hours Delivery, Late Hours Delivery, etc.


Come on! Who would like to get a Polka Dot Dress when they are expecting a cowboy hat with big manly boots? But it does happen when you commit mistakes in delivering products to multiple customers in the same area. Any mistake you commit directly impacts the efficiency as it disappoints your customers and also exhaust your resources more in return and redelivery. And when customers have to suffer cost for Polka Dot Dress instead of cowboy stuff, your online store makes a negative impression. So, efficiency is the most critical feature of your delivery process. Customers need features like shipment tracking, try the product and umpteen others.

Personalization with Flexibility, Speed and Efficiency

The delivery interactions in mature eCommerce markets are continuously evolving and diversifying itself. It is giving rise to more new trends that need more powerful Magento Order Delivery Date Extensions. These new trends are emerging as a core demand of the customers as they see them as a “must have” feature on every webstore. Surprisingly, these trends are making the delivery process more streamlined instead of making it complicated. So, it benefits both the ends equally, for consumers as well as for enterprises.

The convenience of personalization is topping the list of priorities for what customers really want in their delivery agenda.

Personalization is Rising up The Agenda

Days are gone when customer use to see delivery personalization as an out of the list option. Not it is one of the top considerations for them. Fast forward from last 4-5 years, now customers expect online providers to know who they are, and to schedule delivery in line with their usual or preferred arrangements. What’s more, almost half of the users say that, it is quite important that they have the freedom to choose which carrier should deliver their online purchases. Here, in the report more than one third of the customers say that getting their product delivered wherever they are – and not a fixed postcode – is now a top priority.


In this era of ultra-advancements, you will have to enrich your delivery process up to better than the best. Delivering fast is also not enough these days! Customers like to have complete control over the delivery of their products and at the same time, they also expect it to be as flexible as it can.

So, the dynamic delivery is fast becoming a top priority when customers are spending more online and less in stores. And for this reason, they also want to have the basics of delivery right now as a non-negotiable deal. Are you ready for it?

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