Customizations for a New Customer

Customizations for a New Customer

Nikita Rohira

February 16th, 2022

You might want to make the most of your Magento 2 store – experts agree that in a post-pandemic world, mobile shopping will take the center stage.

Mobile shopping refers to a more convenient way of shopping, which is developing a customized Magento 2 mobile app rather than reworking on the old school website. In one of our blogs, we have even explained the reasons businesses should opt for a Magento 2 native app over the website.

The main highlights of switching from website to mobile app are:

  • Personalization
  • Engagement
  • Productivity
  • Conversion
  • Instant Results

Thus, while developing a Magento 2 app for one of our clients, we realized that there are a few custom features that need to be included in the app built with our Magneto 2 App Builder. And here’s how the journey towards customization begins.

Building Customer Loyalty with Reward Points

The reason why customers love the reward system is they can avail discounts during shopping. It gives them a feeling of being valued, which encourages them to interact more with your store. This feature is advantageous in retaining existing customers. It also helps strengthen customer relationships. Our client already had this third-party extension integrated in their website.

With this extension, their customers can collect points for each successful order placement. As a store owner, they can configure reward point expiration, earning and spending rate, and refundable reward points. They can even restrict the reward point spending. So, we integrated their website specific external feature into the Magento 2 native mobile app. Now, they can enable or disable this feature from the backend for both – website and app.

Similarly, we customized our Magento 2 App Builder to integrate other custom features.

Customizing Workflow with Order Status

Another feature that clients used to keep customers informed is the order status. Edit Order extension is a third-party tool that helps clients speed up their documentation process. They can create multiple documentation levels according to specific requirements and automatically send emails to users when the order status is updated. They can sort buys by custom grades. Overall, it helps create a personalized experience for their customers with custom order status. We made sure that they can access it in their Magento 2 native app.

Handling Returns in Store Funds

Well, you certainly know the importance of refunds. When a customer receives a wrong size or doesn’t like the product, they return it and claim for refund. This impacts your profits. So, to reduce it, we helped our client configure their store credit extension with our Magento 2 Mobile App Builder.

The store credit extension helps them handle return currency in their store without paying back real money. Customers receive the virtual store currency on the refund, which they can use on their next purchase. They can also view the detailed information on how they spend their credits and what’s remaining.

Increasing Conversions with Affiliates

Another custom feature that we integrated is an affiliate extension – a kind of marketing tool that helps promote products and sales by letting affiliates connect with customers. Using this extension, our client is able to manage their affiliates. Affiliates can generate referral links and manage their commissions in one place.

Helping Customers with Recurring Payments

One of the advantages of having a Magento 2 mobile app is going cashless. Businesses get the payment without any delays. They don’t have to go to the banks to deposit it in their bank account, like in the 90’s.

A click and it’s done! This is what makes payment gateways a must-have feature in a mobile app. Our Magento 2 Mobile App Builder already comes in with a built in PayPal integration and supports multiple payment options. In addition, our client had a requirement for a feature that allows customers with recurring payments. They had a recurring and subscription payment feature for their website. We ensured that their customers can enjoy the same luxury while using the mobile app.

Attracting Sales with Promotions

For sales and promotions, our Magento 2 Mobile App Builder provides countdown sale timer and offer management. Offer management lets store owners display offers in app, whereas countdown timer creates FOMO, persuading customers to purchase a product/service.

Our client needed something extra to promote their offers and campaigns. A feature that lets them add promo actions based on products, rates, and other factors. For example, offers on expensive products. Say buy 4 shirts and get one free, or get a 10 percent discount on $100 spent. And we helped them stay ahead of their competitors, by developing a Magento 2 native app and custom-integrating the special promotion feature from their website to their app.


We helped them launch their app using our Magento 2 Mobile App Builder, which benefits them with all the features that our App Builder has to offer including the most important one – customization. We integrated their custom features and third-party extensions to the mobile app, without having to compromise on anything.

If you require any such help or are wondering if you can integrate external apps with the Magento 2 mobile app, well, here is the answer – yes, you can!

Let us know if you need any customizations.

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