How Construction Industry can Leverage Dynamics 365 Map Visualization

Amit Shah
Jul 08,2020

The construction industry is riddled with a lot of competition and you still managed to maintain your position in the market well. You have the products and you know your customers very well. However, with all the prospects in your hand, do you know how to crack deals?

While doing the fieldwork, how would you know the best route to get to them in time? It is important to have optimized routes, energy, to make the most of your time between closing a sale and opting for an optimized route.

With Dynamics Maps Visualization Software, you can easily find and reach your potential clients in the fastest way possible. By easily seeing where your customers are, having the fastest and shortest route, you can save time, gas, and visit more customers in order to close the deals.

Locate customers

After booking the appointment, construction rep can create targeted routes with Dynamics 365 map integration by eliminating heavy traffic, road closures. And reach to the customers in a shorter time. When the sales reps are on the filed, they can easily locate nearby customers using POI search. It saves time and helps pull over more leads.

How Construction Industry can Leverage Dynamics 365 Map Visualization

Analyze the Activities with Heatmaps

With Heatmaps, you can track if your team’s activities are working as per the defined target? With Dynamics 365 Heat Visualization tool, it becomes easy to find out if your sales are up to the mark, or not. By identifying which are the areas that need the most attention, you can easily improve the activities for more businesses.

Heat Map - Quick Maps

Proximity Search

In cases of canceled appointments or change of time or, if the customer is not available for a meeting, the sales representative can find out other customers in the proximity and check if they are available for a meeting or not.

Keep Track of Meetings

With the check-in check-out feature, the salespeople can record their meetings. This way, you can easily track if your sales team is able to meet the assigned customers, the duration of the meeting, the latest update of the meeting, etc.

Multiple Actions

While on the field, salespeople can access actions like create a phone call, email activity which also gets synced in the CRM. So, they can create activities while connecting with customers on the go. Other actions like export, bulk emails, can be useful for the records plotted on the map.

If put all these together, you can easily achieve the sales targets and field performance, optimized operations, efficiency for higher ROI.

If you have a similar need for any of your verticals, you can connect with us at and we will be more than happy to help you with your needs through a comprehensive demo of our Dynamics Map visualization software.

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