The Best Sales Advice to Survive COVID-19: To Sell or Not to Sell?

Chandni Pandya
May 19,2020


Once upon a time, the salespeople out on the field who used to drive around, meeting clients, closing deals are now at home, in a dilemma of to sell or not to sell?

When things are different now, businesses can not operate as usual. On the flip side, the best sales advice you might have right now is,  of course, yes, this is the perfect time to sell.

But with a different approach.

Kindness will make you a winner

Because people will remember you for it.

The majority of businesses, large and small, at present are stepping up and giving back to society. For example, gyms giving online exercise lessons, celebrities coming online, trying to support people mentally. So, the best way to move forward would be to use this time to support your prospects & clients. Hear them out, and offer help.

Here is how:

What you can do strategically

- Emphasize that businesses are stressed, some slowing down, some picking up the pace because of the current demand trends. However, investing in business continuity will be key.

- Retain your existing clients. It is crucial to keep them engaged. Go extra miles, and invest in helping them achieve their success.

- Right now, your business needs new customers on board irrespective of the opportunity cost. Do whatever it takes to turn your prospects into your customers. Offer deferred payments, sell in modules, etc.

- If you can, diversify your clientele. Telecom, insurance, pharma, media, OTT are having a windfall right now.

Look for BUYERS

With a great salesperson, anything can be sold. But right now, it’s not that time of the year.

There is a major difference between someone who is a buyer and someone who is being sold to. A buyer is someone who is in real need of your product RIGHT NOW to improve their business, quality of life, etc. Focus on that and look for industries heavily impacted in a negative way right now. Then think about how and why you should approach them. After that, look at the data and you will get your answers. If so, they are your buyers.

Grab the Opportunities

Dig your contact list and connect with clients & leads you haven’t touch-based in a while. Just check-in and ask how are they holding up. It is time to listen to them. Right now, they need to know who they can trust. So, offer your help according to their current needs and challenges.

How about a virtual coffee meeting? If they are down in dumps, find a way, brainstorm to provide support.

Pitch when feels right

You may think it as a bit salesy approach. But if not now, then when? When everything is getting back to a NEW NORMAL and they are working with the same people they have before.

Now is the best time, to help them understand the on-going or upcoming demand of your offerings. If you cannot go by field approach, reach out to them by phone and e-mails. By making sure to not be pushy but sensitive to their fears will get you through. Make them feel that you are there to help them.

Don’t forget to ask again(Followup)

By that, we don’t mean that you ask them if they are considering you for the buying.
Just casually check-in. Ask how things are going. This way you will be recognized by them -- in a thoughtful way. So, if things start working well for them, they will head in your way. This will also drive a number of referrals your way.

Especially in challenging situations like these, following up with your clients will make them believe that you are thinking of them. That’s how you will connect with them on a more personal level. And it will PAY OFF!

It is difficult but it’s not the END

Times are different today. But see it as an epic opportunity. It’s time to seize and conquer. After some adjustments, you can make things work. For example, you can streamline all your pending meetings in your Dynamics CRM Map Integration once you get back.

With Quick Maps, Sales Reps can plan their meetings remotely and continue the discussion over calls. To make the teams more productive, managers can monitor the activities of their employees, set goals for the QUARANTINE quarter.
The team at AppJetty is pulling off this period by supporting its clients, working remotely at full scale. We wish the best for your business and your families during these dark times and beyond.
Please know that we are here to support you in any way we can. You can reach out to us at

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