Best Cart Recovery Apps for Shopify to Consider in 2021

Best Cart Recovery Apps for Shopify to Consider in 2021

Sulabh Chauhan

June 11th, 2021

Shopify is a popular ecommerce platform due to affordability, responsive layouts, built-in marketing tools, high security, and more. It allows you to integrate third-party apps as per your business needs.

One of the most common challenges online retailers face is that they sometimes fail to find a way to retain customers, increase conversions, and reduce abandonment rates. Shopify retailers may also face the need to integrate different third-party apps to drive conversions and reduce abandonment rates.

Are you also failing to retain adequate conversions or reduce abandonment rates? Our CommerceXpand – a bundled app comprising of the best cart recovery apps for Shopify can save your day. With CommerceXpand, you can engage your customers better, reduce abandonment rates, and handle other business aspects more efficiently with constituent apps.

Let’s walk you through the best cart recovery apps for Shopify that CommerceXpand has to streamline your business management.

1. Abandoned Checkout Manager

Abandoned Checkout Manager is an abandoned cart Shopify app that helps you lower your store’s abandonment rate. Whenever a customer decides to add any product to a cart but doesn’t check out, the Abandoned Checkout Manager helps you bring them back. It helps you send emails to your customers to remind them of completing the checkout process at a frequency you set.

This abandoned cart Shopify app has the following features that can help you track and increase recoveries of abandoned carts.

  • Recovery Dashboard – This dashboard helps you view the details like total abandoned carts, recovery emails sent, carts recovered, recovery rate and the cart value (total amount after the checkout) recovered centrally. You can apply a date filter to get the data over a certain period.
  • Abandoned Carts – A screen shows a data table with the details of all the abandoned checkouts in a paginated manner. You can search and sort the abandoned cart details in the order of dates, cart value, etc.
  • Recovery Scheduling – This feature allows you to schedule sending recovery emails. You can pick between auto-sending or manual sending of cart recovery emails. You can select the number of recovery emails you want to send after cart abandonment and the time interval between two emails.
  • Customize Email – The store admin can customize the email design and also preview the live template before you send it. You can also send a test email to a chosen email address before sending it to your target audience.

These features of our abandoned cart Shopify app help you bring back the customers with the right remarketing.

2. Sticky Add to Cart

Once a customer puts a product in the shopping cart, there are still chances that they may not end up buying them. Sometimes, they like the product, move it into the cart, and keep searching for other products. When they don’t find anything fitting their choice and spend a lot of time, they may leave your store without checking out. Instead of having the customers go to checkout, you can use a custom “Add to Cart sticker” on top of a product, a collection of products, or your entire store.

This is where the Sticky Add to Cart app comes in handy. It helps you engage your customers while they have added something to the cart. You can customize a sticker, its appearance, color, position, etc., of the button.

You can also configure a Quick Buy button for the listing page, customize its appearance, color, etc., to shorten the checkout process and engage your customers more. One more highlighting feature is that this app is fully mobile-responsive, which you can use across all screen sizes.

When customers find it easy to perform check-out in fewer steps and right from the listing page, it helps them avoid the hassle of long checkout steps. This helps increase the conversion rate by reducing the abandonment rate.

3. Back-In-Store Alert

The back-in-store alert is another excellent and feature-rich abandoned cart Shopify app that helps you re-engage customers and reduce the abandonment rate. At times, when a customer likes a product but finds it out-of-stock, they leave the store immediately.

They may find a similar product in any other store and order it after they leave your store. This results in your customer drifting away from your store to any other store just because you don’t have the product they want. It results in fewer sales and affects your store’s bottom line.

Back-In-Store Alert can help you avoid this situation as it offers:

  • The option of subscription for out-of-stock products – You can show a subscription button with custom text, appearance, and other settings to your customers. Customers can subscribe to the products through this subscription button. This provision of subscription helps you reduce the number of customers who immediately start looking for alternative stores.
  • Back-In-Store Email Alerts – As and when the product is available, you can send a custom back-in-store email to notify your customers about the availability of the product they needed. You can configure the subject line, email template background color, header and footer text, link color, etc., in the email to make it look appealing.
  • Dashboard – With this dashboard, you can overview the total number of subscribers, subscriptions, and the products they have subscribed to.
  • Product Lists – The products list shows the number of subscribers for a particular product and the number of times you’ve sent the back-in-store emails.

4. Count-Down Timer

Customers are spoilt for choice these days. They generally prefer to shop online from a store which gives them offers and discounts. If you also offer cashback offers, discounts, etc., you can also gain more traction. However, to take more advantage of these cashback offers, discounts, sales, you can make them time-bound. Limited-time offers and discounts create the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) in customers. It is a common strategy that retailers use to get more sales in less time. There are various best abandoned cart apps for Shopify that help you display a count-down timer.

Our count-down timer can also help you attract more customers and achieve higher sales. It has the following features.

  • Custom Timer – You can create a timer and choose to enable it to show to your customers or disable it.
  • Customization Settings – Once you create the timer, you can customize its text, style settings like color, font, alignment, etc. This app also lets you configure the date and time up to which the offer is available to show on your storefront.
  • Timer Listings – As a merchant, you can view/edit/delete any timer out of a list of the timers you have set for your various store products.

5. Quick Tab Favicon

If there are multiple tabs on the computer screen, customers will likely forget that they had your store open in one tab. This may result in an increased abandonment rate if they had added something to the cart but forgot to check out.

For this, you can use Quick Tab Favicon to configure the favicon and message for the inactive tab. This can help you catch your customer’s lost attention and drive them back to the store. This eventually helps in the completion of the order, reduces abandonment, and adds to sales.

6. Pre-Order

There are times when you may have a product out of stock. On seeing this, customers typically leave your store. But if you give your customers the option to book the product by paying for it in advance, it can help retain them.

Pre-Order is the app that can help you with that. Through this app, you can allow your customers to pre-order an unavailable product by making an advanced payment. This saves them from the hassle of looking for other stores or visiting your store to check when the product is available. When the product is back in the store, they won’t need to pay anything and get the product at their doorstep.

Our Pre-Order app is one of the best abandoned cart apps for Shopify that you can use. You can configure the pre-order button for zero-stock products. Besides, you can apply this pre-order to specific products or on a global level. You can also set a specific time to show the pre-order button or choose to show it all the time.

7. Product Bundles

Upselling has always been a good way to boost sales instantly. You can bundle your similar products and sell them at a discounted price. Customers not only like product bundles but also find them affordable. For instance, you can club a mobile with a cover and sell the bundle at a discounted price. This is possible through our product bundles.

You can configure different product bundles based on similarities in prices or features. You can also customize the label, button, and the number of products in the bundle as per requirements. By showing individual prices and the overall pricing of the bundle, you can gain customers’ attention and drive sales.

CommerceXpand – Your Ultimate Bundle App to Replace Stand-Alone Apps

Various challenges hamper the sales and revenue of Shopify retailers. To decrease abandonment rates, boost sales, drive loyalty, and more, some best abandoned cart apps for Shopify are available. Our CommerceXpand is also among those bundled apps with best abandoned cart apps for Shopify that can help Shopify retailers.

With several different apps in this bundle app, as discussed above, it is sure to help you increase conversions and maintain long-lasting customer relationships.

So, don’t wait any longer and integrate CommerceXpand right away.

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