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CommerceXpand - Your Ultimate All In One Shopify App

Expand your Shopify store’s efficiency and capabilities by leaps and bounds with CommerceXpand - an all in one Shopify app. Bid farewell to the hassle of integrating and maintaining stand-alone apps to manage every small business aspect. CommerceXpand comprises some of the best bundle apps Shopify business can integrate.

Your Key to Store Efficiency

More Revenue

Engage and re-engage customers at every stage of the buyer’s journey with some of the best bundle apps Shopify store has and boost conversions and revenue.


Put an end to running after small standalone apps for all your store-related tasks with CommerceXpand. Replace them all with the collection of some of the best bundle apps of Shopify.

Cost & Speed Benefits

Optimize your store’s speed and look-and-feel to make it load faster and engage customers better. Pay an annual or monthly subscription fee to reduce the costs of individual apps.

Quick Setup

Download all the apps with just a single click without any risk of sync issues or download failures. Avail of some of the best bundle apps Shopify offers with easy setup.

Single Point of Support

Manage all apps in one Shopify app, centrally to reduce maintenance and management of individual apps. Streamline your store management and make it hassle-free with the best bundle apps by Shopify.

Increase Customers & Sales

Enhance customers’ experience with real-time notifications, engaging interface, easy checkout, and more with all in one Shopify app. Win customers’ trust and broaden your customer base and drive sales.

Multiple Features For Every Ecommerce Need

Boost Conversions

Ease the checkout ratio with an appealing Add to Cart sticky and a Quick Buy button on products, to boost conversions. Send real-time reminders, back-in-store alerts, and inactive tab messages to inform customers about their orders, availability, and activities. Use a favicon tab count with an attractive countdown timer to drive instant purchases in sale seasons with some best bundle apps Shopify.

Boost Conversions

Build Customer Loyalty

Keep customers up-to-date by informing them about the latest updates, promotions and shipping related information with Announcement Bar. Build the social proof and customer loyalty with user generated content with all-in-one Shopify app.

Build Customer Loyalty

Protect Store

Fine-tune your store with features like scroll to top and geo redirection. Export all your order data to CSV or Excel safely, quickly, and conveniently with Shopify Export Orders. Prevent your competitors and malicious people from snooping around your store’s content by configuring cookies, blocking redirection, and disabling the best selling sort option.

Protect Store

Increase Revenue

Take upselling to the next level with engaging and customizable product bundles on your store-front. Take pre-orders, bulk-edit product details, inventory, compare-at-price, product type, tag, title, vendor, etc. to ease store management and attract more revenue with some best bundle apps Shopify offers.

Increase Revenue

Improve Experience

Auto-convert prices, optimize your store images and boost SEO with one of the best bundle apps Shopify provides. Optimize alt tags, filenames, image attributes, and compress images manually or on the fly. Track on-going optimization statuses and manage them to improve the customer browsing experience.

Improve Experience

All Apps

  • Sticky Add to Cart
  • Quick Buy
  • Back in Stock Alerts
  • Abandoned Cart Management
  • Countdown Manager
  • Inactive Tab Message
  • Favicon Cart Count
  • Bulk Product Editor
  • Product Bundles
  • Pre-Order
  • Image Optimizer
  • SEO Alt Tags
  • Currency Converter
  • Product Reviews
  • Announcement Bars
  • Scroll To Top
  • Order Export
  • Georedirection
  • Block redirection
  • Content Protection
  • Cookie Bar
  • Best Seller Protection
  • Auto External Links

Upcoming Apps Section

More on the way

We always strive to take our clients’ experience up a notch by providing the best-in-class and feature-rich apps to them. For our next step towards providing excellence, we are working on some more apps in the pipeline.


    Facebook Messenger Chat - Provide live and personalized customer support with the native Facebook messenger live chat on the store page.


    Import Product Reviews - Import reviews across all the marketplaces you sell products on into your Shopify store to win your customers’ trust.


    Recently Viewed - Display recently viewed products on product/cart pages for store visitors.


    Volume Discounts - Grow your sales by providing visitors a reason to buy more based on exciting product discounts.


General FAQs

Is it mandatory to use all the apps?

Based on business needs, all apps as part of CommerceXpand can be enabled/disabled as required.

What if all the credit images of the plan are used?

You can get more images as much as needed at an additional cost described in our plan.

What if all the credit edits of the plan are used?

You can get more edits as much as needed at an additional cost described in our plan.

What if all the credit emails of the plan are used?

You can get more emails as much as needed at an additional cost described in our plan.

Which themes are supported?

App would work smoothly with all shopify themes, in case of have any customized theme, you can contact us . We would be able to customize our app with your theme.

Are all products and actions done from shopify backend reflected in apps directly?

Yes, products created or updates made get directly synced to our applications in real time, still if it doesn't reflects you can try by refreshing the page.

Technical FAQs

Can multiple product bundles be created?

Yes, multiple product bundles can be created.

What is priority in case of product bundle creation?

In case same product is there is multiple bundles, then which bundle to show is decided based on priority. Bundle with higher priority will be shown on that product page.

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