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CommerceXpand - Your Ultimate All In One Shopify App

Expand your Shopify store’s efficiency and customers’ experience by leaps and bounds with CommerceXpand - an all in one Shopify app. Bid farewell to the hassle of integrating and maintaining stand-alone apps to manage every small business aspect. CommerceXpand comprises some of the best bundle apps Shopify business can integrate.

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5 stars rating

Your Key to Store Efficiency


Improve Customer Engagement

Engage and re-engage with customers with best Shopify product bundles and back-in-store alerts. Notify them about the stock availability and share company wide updates using the announcement bar.

Increase instant purchases, reduce cart abandonment rates, and capture more leads with apps like sticky add to cart, quick buy, inactive tab message, and more.



Create Good Impression

The first impression of a store depends on the interface and the loading speed. CommerceXpand helps you make that first impression better with smooth navigation, easy checkout, and engaging interface.

You can use features like geo-redirection, currency converter, image and SEO optimizer, content protection to fine-tune your store.

Let your customers know that your store offers everything that they need.



Sell, Market, and Grow

You may have various apps to manage your Shopify store. They may help with multiple business aspects like marketing, sales, store optimization, capturing leads, etc.

CommerceXpand helps improve customer experience - with a perfect integration of 25+ vital apps.

You can use these apps to manage products, style your store, drive sales, bring in customers, and run your business without any breakdown.


Hear it From Our Customers

September 16, 2021

May Flower India

Amazing and thought out selection of apps that help you in small ways which otherwise wont be possible with this platform. Highly recommended team of experts who adhere to your custom needs as well. Must have!

August 17, 2021

Isaac Lakhi

Excellent functionality. Seamless integration. Works efficiently and reliably. Would recommend to any e-commerce merchant.

January 20, 2022

Ashour Shoes

Very good app with so many features that will for sure help you to increase your sales and improve the overall experience on the website - and a great support team

Why is it Better to Have CommerceXpand Rather Than 28+ Standalone Apps?

Store Without CommerceXpand

Having too many apps is always a burden.

  • Affect the loading speed.
  • Frequent app crashes due to overloading.
  • Conflicts between apps.
  • Costly and time-consuming
  • Unsatisfactory customer experience.
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Store With CommerceXpand

You get an all-arounder that offers prompt services, saves time, and helps boost sales.

  • Fast loading speed.
  • Store loaded with light apps.
  • Same codebase with no conflicts. You can add multiple plugins.
  • Cost-saving and less time consuming.
  • Happy customers.

How CommerceXpand Helps?

  • 3X Speed

    Bulk Product EditorEdit millions of products and their different attributes within minutes using our Bulk Product Editor. Our Shopify Bulk Editor lets you filter products on collections, preview the edits before publishing, bulk-delete, and schedule edits. You can revert and undo edits and keep track of all the edit tasks.

  • Convenience

    Currency ConverterImprove customer experience by auto-switching currency as per their region. Allow them to shop locally by selecting their preferred currency manually or automatically with our Currency Converter app.

  • Retention

    Abandoned Cart ManagementCommerceXpand Abandoned Cart Management helps you recover abandoned carts and bring back customers. You can send reminder emails and even personalize them for better results.

  • Sales

    Volume DiscountsImplement upselling and cross selling strategies by offering bulk discounts on products, collection, variants, and product tiers, i.e., buy 2 and get X percent X amount of discount. Take advantage of our Volume Discount app and urge customers to make a huge purchase.

Upcoming Apps Section

More on the way

We always strive to take our clients’ experience up a notch by providing the best-in-class and feature-rich apps to them. For our next step towards providing excellence, we are working on some more apps in the pipeline.

  • Import Product Reviews Import reviews across all the marketplaces you sell products on into your Shopify store to win your customers’ trust.

  • Birthday Collector

    Birthday Collector Collect customer birthdays at the thank you page to reward them with birthday incentives and discounts.

  • Facebook Pixels

    Facebook Pixels Track users activity on store by adding the Facebook pixel code to build targeted audience.

  • Buy One Get One

    Buy One Get One Offer exciting discounts on individual products and bundles by initiating BOGO on your Shopify store.

  • Post Purchase Survey Add Post Purchase Survey to your Shopify store checkout and get customer insights to make sound decisions.


General FAQs

Is it mandatory to use all the apps?

Based on business needs, all apps as part of CommerceXpand can be enabled/disabled as required.

What if all the credit images of the plan are used?

You can get more images as much as needed at an additional cost described in our plan.

What if all the credit edits of the plan are used?

You can get more edits as much as needed at an additional cost described in our plan.

What if all the credit emails of the plan are used?

You can get more emails as much as needed at an additional cost described in our plan.

Which themes are supported?

App would work smoothly with all shopify themes, in case of have any customized theme, you can contact us . We would be able to customize our app with your theme.

Are all products and actions done from shopify backend reflected in apps directly?

Yes, products created or updates made get directly synced to our applications in real time, still if it doesn't reflects you can try by refreshing the page.

Technical FAQs

Can multiple product bundles be created?

Yes, multiple product bundles can be created.

What is priority in case of product bundle creation?

In case same product is there is multiple bundles, then which bundle to show is decided based on priority. Bundle with higher priority will be shown on that product page.

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