Enjoy 5 Benefits of Integrating Language Switcher to Your Magento Store

Maulik Shah
Jun 27,2018

    Do you think it is enough to have a Magento e-store if you want to flourish in the ecommerce market? Well, it totally depends on what kind of features and functionalities your estore has. The ultimate goal is to make your business presence felt globally.

    So, where does the problem arise? For most of the websites on the web, language and cultural differences become a major barrier. You might defend saying that your website’s content is in world’s most spoken language - English. But, UN’s international telecommunications shows that out of 3 million users on the internet all over the world, only 28% are English speakers. Now, if you own an ecommerce store that communicates with non-English speakers, how will you describe your products/services to them?

    I’ll tell you how. Thanks to the technology and power of Magento, if you own a Magento store, you can easily translate your content with the help of an extension. Search for “Magento Language Switcher” and you will come across many that might solve your problems. If you want to be a successful business owner, you must have a multilingual store. Let us dive into some more benefits you can get if you have a language translation tool:

    1. Gain Customer Confidence

    Being an e-seller, your focus should always be your audience and their choice and preferences. Say for instance - you are an e-seller from US and want to sell your products to your client in Germany. Although your client knows English, he prefers to get the product content information in German, you must do that.

    Having integrated a Magento language translation extension would serve the purpose very well. It enables you to provide a detailed note about your products, in the language that your customers prefer. This raises their confidence in your products as they feel more familiar when reading in their native language. And above all, it enables similarity in understanding by building a connection between you and your client. Moreover, you can send the same information in multiple languages making any modifications with the meaning.

    2. Enhance your Search Engine Optimization

    Search Engine optimization is a term every online business owner is aware about. It is a particular keyword strategy that helps in bringing visitors to your website. If you have a Magento 2 e-store, Magento 2 language switcher services can help you to translate the content in a local language and create an SEO friendly website. How?

    Language switching extension helps you to publish the translated content about your products using SEO friendly search terms and keywords. And that’s what multiplies the chances of getting better search results when visitors undertake search, using certain keywords in their native language. This is how your e-store can get exposure and your website get a top ranking.

    3. Profits for E-Business

    Harvard business review published Common Sense Advisory survey. They conducted a survey of 2340 consumers in 8 different countries to know if language affects their shopping behavior. And they found it does. 72.4% of consumers say that they are likely to purchase products from websites that provide product information in their native language. And 56% of them agreed to it that obtaining product information in their native language is far important than price.

    Above figures are enough for modern-day business owners to understand the importance of fulfilling language related demand of their customers; if they want to boost their sales and thereby revenue. And ultimately end up making profits.

    4. Mark your global Presence

    Although English is the most commonly used language of the internet, it accounts for a very small percentage of all the languages used online. Moreover, a survey by Common Sense Advisory shows that 60% of online shoppers rarely or never buy from websites that use only English language. And 72% of customers spend most of their time on websites that are in their native language.

    From the above figure a question that arises is, “Should you facilitate multiple languages on your website? Yes, of course; if you wish to communicate with customers in the language of their choice. A superior quality language translation tool enables your customers to convert the website information in the language they wish to.

    5. Gain a Competitive Edge

    In order to gain a competitive advantage, where your customer span is wide and comprises of mix of different languages. For starters, you must find a way to manage the store with multiple languages. Let’s say we are talking about a business in Spain and you almost screamed “Google Translator does this anyway” while reading this paragraph.

    Yes, Google translator does it. Especially translating into English part, very well. But, there are punchlines, there are product taglines, and a lot more that your writers worked hard to create in the native language. Google Translate uses general translation and can sometimes make translation look absolutely silly. As, it not just enables your customers to translate the message in their native language but also helps them to convey the feel of it with original meaning.

    Every language has its own way to convey the message. You cannot let your Copy be driven by Google Translations, can you?


    To sell your products to the global audience, it is important to let your customers understand your products. And language plays a vital role for all native language readers. So, take help of a language translation tool and take control.

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