Agile Market Research + Concept Testing: The Benefits

Agile Market Research + Concept Testing: The Benefits

Hiral Thaker

December 18th, 2020

Doing deep market research is a must. It gives you insight into latest or future trends, things your customers expect, where your products stand in the market, what new features you can introduce in your products, and more.

There are multiple ways companies carry out research using different automated survey software. Amongst which, two of them are more preferred i.e. agile research and concept testing. These two methodologies have served many companies in the right way and helped them understand what their customers require. The better clarity during the research stage helps them to make the product better.

What is agile research?

Agile market research is the way agile software is developed. Following are the four things followed in it:

– Think

– Develop sprints

– Experiment

– Interaction

This can help companies test different ideas, products, or campaigns, before they launch it and know their customers’ requirements. They can make changes on the basis of their customers’ needs.

This helps businesses save some money as they won’t have to invest large sums of money in year based heavy research. Companies that use agile research methods are more likely to deliver fast, focused projects, and new updates will be on time.

Apart from this, agile research is more data centric which makes companies more customers centric. They are more data driven, information rich, and provide in-depth insights.

What is concept testing?

It is a process in which you define the concept of the products and how your users will interact with it. With this data, you can tweak your products and get an upper hand at going ahead with it.

You can use concept testing for any products, ads, logo, packaging, etc. It gives you a deeper insight and helps you to make decisions and track the success over time.

Let’s see major benefits of using agile research and concept testing:


Usually creating surveys takes at least two to three hours as questions need to be well researched and framed in a way that you get detailed answers from customers. Most of the time it becomes complicated to carry out concept testing. This is when you can use automated survey software.

Survey designing:

You can create a custom theme on the basis of your brand’s reputation, customize Welcome and Thank You pages, create dynamic survey backgrounds, templates, etc. There are also some pre-built questionnaires which are ready to use.

Analytics & Reporting:

The Survey Rocket dashboard provides you with five different types of reports to measure the success. You get details like response rate, survey status, send status, etc. Various reports like trend reports, detailed statistical data, etc. are available. Each of them will provide you with in depth details about your data.

Survey Sharing:

Using Survey Rocket you can easily share surveys via WhatsApp, SMS, create email links, and share with a wide audience. Automated email reminders are sent to your customers if they forget to fill the survey, add open shareable emails to surveys, and more.

Built-in market research:

On the basis of this data you can do some tweaks in your products and serve better. Go one step further and use a net promoter survey to know exactly how your customers are feeling about your products/services. This will be very helpful to know who are likely to be your promoters and who are not. Additionally, you can even ask for suggestions from users and know their needs or demands from your product.

Custom surveys:

Customizing surveys can work as a boon in many scenarios. You can add images, pie charts, and use colors according to your brands’ reputation. Add, delete, or edit questions you want, decide which questions your customers can see and hide others if needed. All such things will provide control over the way you create surveys, share them around, and use the feedback in a constructive way.

Skip Logic:

With the help of survey skip logic make your survey short, crisp, and engaging. They are also known as branching logic or conditional survey logic. Depending on the answers they provide you can take them further. You can easily define the rule of survey and create custom skip logic. Major benefit of using skip logic is better customer experience, increased response rate, and accurate analysis.


Surveys play a major role in shaping the company and understanding your customers desires and requirements. This is when surveys are conducted using different methods. With the help of a survey rocket take your surveys to a new level. Make the best out of surveys, increase your customers’ interaction and provide better customer feedback.

About Us:

At AppJetty we have tried to solve major problems of businesses using our products. Survey Rocket aims to help you do something necessary in a truly efficient way. It makes conducting surveys less of a task and more of a tool to get the feedback you need.

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