8 Major Reasons to Use a Dynamics Mapping Tool

Hiral Thaker
Nov 24,2020

    Have your sales representatives ever come back to the office and complained about the chaotic way of carrying out their work? How are they confused while going to customers and talking about company products, often knocking the wrong customers’ door? Or complained about never reaching on time? All these things frustrate them at the end of the day. Oftentimes these things become so frustrating that you lose your best sales employee. This can become the most expensive loss for you and to overcome this you might need to leverage technology.

    What you need is an application that helps your sales team streamline their operations and work more efficiently. This is when Dynamics Mapping Tool will come to your help.

    Wondering why and how?

    Let’s see 8 major reasons behind using  Dynamics CRM Mapping Tool and how it will help your sales team:


    • ✅Manage appointments:

    In the timeframe of eight to nine working hours your sales representatives have to meet multiple clients in different locations at different times. Oftentimes it becomes very difficult to manage multiple meetings efficiently and effectively enough.

    This is when Dynamics 365 field mapping will help you with appointment management. With its help, your employees can get an overview of their daily activities along with the priorities of each task marked. Further they can even navigate themselves to the clients’ place easily and on time. Additionally it reduces unwanted back and forth of paperwork to manage appointments or know client details like name, address, purpose of meeting, etc.


    • ✅Show your Records on Map:

    Map your CRM records on the map and you can filter them on the basis of the region, drawing territory, proximity, etc. This will help you get a visual understanding of territories, regions etc. This helps in making a more informed and local approach. 


    • ✅Location based target:

    With sales planning comes the best feature i.e. location based target. Do proper research on the basis of location and give this data to your sales and marketing team. Further, your team will understand these potential clients and be able to define a more local approach for them.


    • ✅Heat map visualization:

    No one likes to see a boring plethora of data in their Excel sheet and scrolling to get to the right information. Looking at this pain of the sales team, now you can see the data in multiple options like pie charts, column charts, heat maps, and also further filter them according to your need. Heat maps are particularly effective to get a bird’s eye view of your records and activities. 

    This will not only enhance the work effectively but also provide the needful data for your sales team and management for decision making.

    Business research location for marketing people . Premium Vector


    • ✅Route optimization:

    Reaching at any place in time is always the goal. And when it comes to your sales reps this becomes even more important. With the help of the Dynamics mapping tool it is possible. Your in-office staff or even on field employees can find optimized routes to reach clients fast and on time. With this, they will not miss any client meeting due to a wrong route! 


    • ✅Live on field tracking:

    It becomes difficult for the on field sales team to report their whereabouts to their managers. It is frustrating as well as time consuming to call and send updates. With live field tracking, managers can easily live track their on-field team members and know their location, upcoming meeting details, and can even share with them the shortest path to reach it if need arises. No need for extra calls and back and forth anymore.


    • ✅Secure sharing:

    Data security is the main aim of any company. Using a security template you can share confidential information across your team members without the fear of data leaks and wrongly addressed emails. No more need to use different applications to share the data. 


    • ✅Manage territories:

    Each sales rep. is allocated territories but visual representation of this is almost impossible. We understand this pain point and decided to provide Dynamics 365 map integration with this feature. Using this you can visually draw and define territories using region and assign it to your team members from the app itself.

    Having a Dynamics Mapping tool is essential for any company and their sales team. 

    Why MappyField 365?

    Our MappyField 365 integration is a one stop solution for your sales team. It provides you with all the above discussed points and is mobile compatible. Now, you can provide your sales and marketing team access any data from anywhere and bring the best business for your company.

    What are you waiting for? Get in touch with our experts today and bring the best sales solution for your team.

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