7 Best Shopify Apps for 2021-2022

7 Best Shopify Apps for 2021-2022

Nikita Rohira

December 14th, 2021

The current marketing sphere provides multiple opportunities for merchants to extend the functionality of their online stores. Whether you want to manage deliveries, improve customer engagement, or increase your sales, there’s definitely an app for it.

But with so many options, it’s unclear which apps will make the biggest difference next year. So we listed down a few of the best Shopify apps 2022 that will help you sell, market, and grow.

Whether you’re just starting off or planning to expand your business, this list is for you.

1. CommerceXpand

2. Shopify Delivery Date Manager

3. Shopify Zipcode Validator

4. Shopify Language Translator

5. Shopify AusPost Shipping

6. Shopify Geolocation Redirect

7. Shopify Dropshipping

1. CommerceXpand

It’s a one-stop solution to manage your store, improve customer service, and help with marketing and sales. Thus, it tops the best Shopify Apps 2022 list.


CommerceXpand is a collection of 28+ apps that primarily focuses on customer experience. From abandoned cart manager to product bundles, currency converter, and product reviews, it has an app for everything. For example, you can use add to cart, back in store alerts, quick buy, countdown manager, etc., to increase conversions. To boost revenue, you can take advantage of bulk product editor, pre-order, and volume discounts. Image optimizer, SEO alt tags, hide from search, order export, scroll to top, festival effects, etc., improve the store experience. You can also notify customers about upcoming sales and offers using the announcement bar.

It also gives your store an extra layer of protection with geo redirection, block redirection, content protection, cookie bar, and best seller protection. Content protection helps you prevent plagiarism. It disables all the shortcut keys so that your competitor can’t copy your content or image. Similarly, best seller protection doesn’t let your competitor sort your best-selling products.

What Makes it a Good Fit?

CommerceXpand is the best all-in-one replacement for all your Shopify standalone apps. Instead of installing 28 single apps and facing a slowdown, you can install CommerceXpand and streamline your business, increase sales, and capture more leads, that too, at a pocket-friendly price.

How to Make the Most of CommerceXpand

  • Implement upselling and cross-selling: Offer discounts for a limited time and create FOMO using a countdown timer. Sell products in bulk by creating product bundles of popular and least popular products.
  • Expand your reach: Use CommerceXpand geo-redirection and currency converter to automatically redirect customers to their regional store and let them purchase in their local currency.
  • Speed up your store operations: Edit all the product details, including price, meta tags, description, etc., in bulk. Optimize all your product images and avoid store slowdown.
  • Improve customer experience: Decorate your store and give off festive vibes with Festival effects. Strengthen customers’ buying decisions with announcement bars, product reviews, and so on. Be available for your customers all the time. Help them and allow them to reach you easily with a live messenger chat.


It’s free of cost.

2. Shopify Delivery Manager

The most unsatisfying experience after placing an order is late delivery. Figuratively only 15 percent of US consumers are satisfied with their delivery experience. 36 percent are concerned about the shipping time and expectations. On top of that, 53 percent of retailers say that managing shipping and logistics is complex. These are a few of the reasons why you should invest in a delivery date manager.

Shopify Delivery Manager

AppJetty’s Delivery Date Manager is a go-to option for order management. It gives your customers the freedom to choose their preferred delivery date and time on product page or cart page. They can leave comments for you or the delivery person before checkout and choose no-contact delivery, following the current safety norms. Also, you can specify the delivery dates available and cut off time to restrict the number of deliveries pouring in for the entire business day or preferred slots on a specific day.

Another feature of this app is that you can display working and non-working days and slots. You can customize the color and font of the delivery date picker and fine-tune your store. The calendar feature lets you view delivery orders in the calendar and manage it from there itself. You can update the order status without having to switch CRM. As an admin, you can also update the delivery dates chosen by customers in case delivery is not available on that preferred date and time.

Why AppJetty Delivery Date Manager?

The automation of manual operations enhances the customer delivery experience. It gives your customers the power to control their deliveries. While, you, on the other hand, can maintain transparency by configuring working and non-working days, restricting the number of deliveries, etc.

Most of all, you get lifetime updates for free. The AppJetty team provides best-in-class price with unparalleled support.


You can install it for free. Advanced features such as date and time picker, multiple slots, order tagging, cut-off, order limits, etc., are available at $3.99 per month with 10 days free trial.

Tips to Improve your Delivery Services

  • Provide Estimated Delivery Date: Let your customers know when they can expect the delivery and later provide them with options to change that delivery date and time as per their availability.
  • Double Up Your Notifications: Keep your customers informed about their delivery at every stage. Send them notifications when the order is packed, shipped, and out for delivery. Also, send them a notification a day before their delivery to ensure they can pick up their order. If a customer changes their delivery date and time, instantly notify the delivery person about the same.
  • Offer Multiple Shipping Options: Add options like same-day delivery, next-day delivery, express, standard delivery, etc.

3. Shopify Zipcode Validator

The first thing that customers look at while purchasing a product is whether it’s deliverable at their location or not. If yes, when can they expect delivery? This gives them a clear idea if they would receive the order by the expected date or not. Also, it saves their time as they can know about their deliverability at the initial stage. They don’t have to go through the entire checkout process to find that the order can’t be delivered to a specific location.

That small zipcode validation button on the product and cart page impacts customer purchasing decisions. Having it can bring in more sales as it gives clarity about the order.

Shopify Zipcode Validator

AppJetty Zipcode Validator for Shopify is a good option. It lets your customers check if delivery is available at their location. They can know the estimated delivery date by entering the pincode. If it’s unavailable, they can opt for a waiting list. This notifies them when the delivery area expands. You, on the contrary, can define shipping rules and even set restrictions for specific products/categories. If you don’t want to provide deliveries in specific areas, you can blacklist them. Based on the delivery and whitelist and blacklist rules, you can prioritize the zipcodes as high, medium, or less.

Why Should You Opt for a Zipcode Validator?

Because it improves customers’ shopping experience and helps maintain transparency. Customers know if the product is deliverable at their location or not. Most importantly, you can restrict the product’s addition to the cart if it’s not deliverable. Plus, you can customize the deliverable/undeliverable messages, choose where you want to deliver, and define the rules accordingly.


It offers a free and paid version. The paid version starts at $1.99 per month.

Tips to Make the Best Use of AppJetty ZipCode Validator

  • Visualize the Data: Leverage the custom maps to get visuals about the deliveries. Help your delivery person get a clear idea of their delivery areas.
  • Territory Assignment: Use zip codes for the lead assignment process.

4. Shopify Language Translator

Do you know that 65 percent of people with high proficiency in English prefer content in their native language even if it’s poor quality? 75 percent say they are likely to purchase if after-sale service is in the local language. If you don’t provide localization, you might lose about 40 percent of the market.

Having a language translator plugin for your Shopify store helps you engage with customers through the content that resonates with their brand and improves the overall experience.

Shopify Language Translator

Shopify Language Translator eases the language translation process. It helps you manage translations with a simplified backend interface. You don’t have to change product options like size and color separately. Apart from this, it offers a WYSIWYG editor to edit the translated content. You can automate the bulk translations and translate anything from meta descriptions to product descriptions, tags, etc.

AppJetty Shopify Language Translator also lets you create language-specific domains with language-specific support for Google to improve SEO.

What Makes AppJetty Shopify Language Translator A Good Option?

  • It provides a one-tap translation feature that translates everything from color, price, tags, description to meta and keyword-specific content.
  • You can control the entire translation. Along with automation translation, it provides a WYSIWYG editor to manually translate the content. It gives you full freedom over what your customers can see.
  • You can auto-translate the triggered emails and notifications in the local language.


The app offers free and paid plans. Paid plans start from $4.99 to $9.99 per month.

5. Shopify AusPost Shipping

AppJetty Australia Post Shipping is the app you must have if you’re a Shopify retailer in Australia. It helps you manage all the shipping aspects – shipping options, delivery, handling, tracking, rates, etc. You can automate the live shipping rates at checkout and reflect them on the frontend instantly with a re-sync feature. The contract shipping rates feature lets you fetch the concession rates. It also provides multiple options – manual, bulk, and standard to assign product dimensions.

Key Features of AppJetty AusPost Shipping

AppJetty AusPost Shipping

  • Live Shipping Rates: Your customers don’t have to switch between your store and the official Australia Post website to check the rates.
  • Multiple Service Options: You can purchase multiple shipping services and enable/disable a service as per your business requirement.
  • Custom Dimensions: You can assign default dimensions to products or manually add custom dimensions for a specific product. You can also assign those for bulk products.


The paid plan starts at $1.99 per month.

6. Shopify Geolocation Redirect

Personalizing customer experience is crucial for businesses, and the Geolocation redirect app helps you with it by auto-redirecting customers to their local stores/sites. You can also allow customers to choose whether they want to redirect or not.

Shopify Geolocation Redirect

The extension protects your store from fraud and optimizes conversion with features like traffic redirection, currency switcher, and more. Moreover, it gives you the flexibility to add and remove countries. You can block traffic from specific countries to prevent malicious attacks. The best thing is you can provide a complete localized experience by integrating language translator along with currency converter and auto redirection feature.

Key Highlights of AppJetty Geolocation Redirect

  • Automatic/customized location redirection.
  • Display and customize redirect pop-ups and messages.
  • Restrict access from certain countries or IPs.
  • Allow manual-store and currency switching.
  • Set redirection rules for individual countries.
  • View and analyze redirection and block traffic reports for better insights.


The paid plan starts at $2.99 per month with 7 days trial.

7. Shopify Dropshipping

AppJetty Dropshipping Manager is one of the best Shopify apps 2022 as it allows you to import dropshipping products easily in a few clicks. You don’t have to buy bulk inventory or invest money in manufacturing products.

Shopify Dropshipping

Dropshipping extension allows you to process orders in the app. Besides, it provides support for different order filters and formats. You can filter orders data-wise or based on fulfillment status. You can upload your fulfillment import sheet in different formats and send them to the vendors. The email template allows you to send the complete order list in an email. If you have a few orders, you can manage orders manually.

This is a must-have app to streamline order fulfillment and ensure your customers receive the order on time.

Key Highlights of AppJetty Dropshipping Manager

  • Filter orders by vendors and date.
  • Import/export order fulfillment in multiple formats.
  • Upload mass fulfillment orders.
  • Automate and manual order fulfillment.


It’s free of cost.

Next Step

Take your time and look into these apps. Check out their features and learn how they can help you streamline your business requirements. Most importantly, try them out. Unless you try, you won’t know whether it’s really helping your business or not.

All product and company names are trademarks™, registered® or copyright© trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

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