Alternative to Maplytics

MappyField 365, is a Dynamics 365 map integration app like Maplytics. With exclusive features like LIve tracking, notes, attachment upon checkout, sales reps can manage schedules on the go, save time, and increase sales!

The #1 Planner for Sales Team

  • Sales Reps

    Less time on the road means more business! Manage your client meetings, daily tasks on the go, and increase your productivity and target meets by 50%.

  • Sales Manager

    Stay connected to your team in the field, track their performance with features like live tracking, automated performance reports, check in-checkout, and more.

  • Streamlined Operations

    Attract more business with lined up appointments, onboard news hires faster, show them available opportunities from the beginning.

Features Comparison

FeaturesMappyField 365Maplytics
Add notes and attachment upon check out
Live Tracking
Report of non-geocoded records
Reporting Dashboard for Easy Summary
Check-in/Check-out from activities
Free Trial30 Days15 Days
Pricing$5.9 / month$10 / month
Map CRM Data
Filter Records
Route Optimization
Proximity Search
Perform Quick Actions
Marketing Management
Summary Card
Heat Map Visualization
Customizable Tooltip card
Dashboard Support
Download Map
Cluster Map
Territory Management
Customizable Pushpin
Auto Scheduling
Security Template
Shape Files
Layer Menu
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Note: The above one-on-one feature comparison between MappyField 365 and Maplytics is based on the latest version of Maplytics available on the website.