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Exclusive GeoIP Redirect Features

Manage Multiple Domains

Easily add or remove multiple countries and their domains to a base language domain to redirect those countries’ visitors to it. Stay relevant to all your customers no matter what language they prefer.

Instantly Redirect Customers

Use the forced redirect feature to auto-redirect customers based on their geolocation. Or you can also let them choose to be redirected to a specific store view with our fully customizable redirect popups. Disable auto Geo-IP redirect from the backend to allow them to switch between languages in real-time on your store.

Custom Redirect Pop-ups

Choose from multiple popup designs and customize its color and display text for better customer engagement. You can customize redirection pop-up based on your brand’s color scheme as well so that it fits seamlessly with your website.

Store Security

Block the unwanted traffic you might be receiving from malicious IPs with high fake orders, spam reviews, and unjustified return or replacement requests. Also, block visitors from particular countries by easily blocking selective countries from the backend of our GeoIP redirect.

  • Manage Multiple Domains

  • Instantly Redirect Customers

  • Custom Redirect Pop-ups

  • Store Security

Points to Note

  • GeoIP Redirect is compatible with Shopify Multi-Language Support.
  • Easily customize pop up based on your store theme.

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Change Log

Version 1.0.0 : May 15, 2020
  • Shopify GEO Locator is Released.

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