Shop by Brand For Odoo

Shop by Brand For Odoo
Odoo Shop by Brand app assists you to place a slider of all your brand logos any number of time, anywhere in the website. Admin can create brands and assign products to it from back end.

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Shop by Brand For Odoo

Version : Odoo 8.x, 9.x, 10.x, Odoo 11.x, Odoo 12.x
Odoo Shop by Brand app assists you to place a slider of all your brand logos any number of time, anywhere in the website. Admin can create brands and assign products to it from back end.
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    Odoo Shop by Brand App

    The “Shop by Brand” app will assist you to show case the brands you sell on any location of your website. It can be a home page or any CMS page. Also, you can use it multiple times on the website. For an instance, if you would like to display the brand slider on home page and at the same time on other category or product page, then it is completely feasible with this app.

    The app permits you to define brands in back end and assign specific products to it. The snippet in the front end will fetch the brands defined by you and showcase in the slider according to the count entered, under the label assigned by you.

    Product Features

    • Anyplace, multiple times

      The brand slider can be used numerous times on your website. Besides, it is not constrained to add at any specific location of website. You can add it on any page, any part of the website.

    • Define the brands yourself

      Create the brands by inserting logo image, brand name, associated products, description of brand and cover image for the brand. It would reflect at the brand page in front end.

    • Manage Brands

      You can see all your brands in list form at the back end. It shows number of associated products, brand’s logo and excerpts of the description.

    • Assign products to brand

      There are two modes to assign products to a specific brand. First is, you can add products while defining brands. Second is, from the product edit view; opt for the right brand from dropdown.

    • Customize slider

      Just drag and drop the “Our Brands” snippet at the desired location. You can specify the number of brands to be included in the slider and the label to the brand slider.

    • Add product brands to categorize products in shop page

      Admin can enable Product Brands option from Customization menu and let customers classify products on the basis of product brands.

    • Specific brand page

      The brand logo in the slider is clickable and links to the specific brand page. It comprises of brand’s cover image, its description and the related products.

    • Can be used for other Purpose

      The app comes handy when you want your customers to “Shop By Brand”. You can also showcase the Suppliers instead of Brands.

    Merchant’s Benefits

    • Can highlight the brands of his website.
    • Can attract more customers.
    • Specific brand page creates a greater impact on customer’s mind.
    • Products get segregated according to brands.
    • All the brands can accommodate in the slider due to its auto-rotate functionality.

    End User’s Benefits

    • Product search becomes easier.
    • Customer can easily look for products of a specific brand.
    • Group products on the basis of product brands.

    Change Log

    Version: 1.3 : January 1, 2019
    • Odoo Version 12 Released.
    Version: 1.2 : January 16,2018
    • Added support for Odoo Version 11.
    Version: 1.1 : August 16,2017
    • Fixed an issue which is not allowing to load brand slider and some code improvement.
    Version: 1.0 : March 1,2016
    • Shop by Brand is Released.
    Customer Reviews
    • A big thanks

      Shop by Brand has solved my problem of segregating multiple products with brands. My Odoo store looks more attractive and user-friendly now. Thanks, AppJetty!

      Nigel Bell (Posted on February 20, 2018)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Manages brands smartly

      Simple and yet smart! Shop by Brand is defined by these terms as it manages multiple brands easily and smartly. I like this app.

      Tristan Ward (Posted on December 15, 2017)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Customer Benefits

      I have a big Odoo store with multiple brands. My customers can easily find the brand of their choice as I manage brands with Shop by Brand application. Thanks AppJetty for this excellent app!

      Sean Sullivan (Posted on October 11, 2017)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Awesome App

      I have made a specific brand page for my brand-loving customers. Shop by Brand is an awesome app with useful features.

      Parker Spencer (Posted on August 9, 2017)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Like all features

      I like all features of Shop by Brand, but, brand slider is my choice. I can display the top brands anywhere in my site with this feature.

      Nolan Shaw (Posted on June 6, 2017)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Wonderful Plugin

      I like this plugin as it enables me to manage products by brands. My customers can readily find the products of their favorite brands with ease. I will recommend this plugin to my friends.

      Matthew Reynolds (Posted on April 3, 2017)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • My Brand Manager

      I can manage all the brands with ease using Shop by Brand plugin. It is a unique brand manager for my Odoo store.

      Liam Porter (Posted on February 28, 2017)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Brand Management Made Easy

      My customers are quite brand concious. So, my friend who has a similar store recommended the plugin to me and I bought it. I am glad I took this decision. Brand management was never easier!

      Elliott Richmond (Posted on December 24, 2016)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Like it

      Along with the plugin, I also took the add on which comes with Shop by Brand. And it is totally worth the buy. I really like it.

      Karl L (Posted on October 18, 2016)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Customization Freedom

      Not just brands, I can also display the suppliers of my products. I recommend this product if you have been facing problems managing the brands on your store.

      Sergey Kolesov (Posted on August 12, 2016)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Very Useful

      With several brands on my store, customers used to get quite overwhelmed and lost. But ever since I started using the plugin, my Odoo store displays all the brands systematically. My customers love it!

      Paco Abella Toran (Posted on June 6, 2016)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Perfect Brand Organizer

      As I sell products of multiple brands, it was very difficult for me to organize them for my customers. But thanks to this plugin, I can arrange every brand in a very systemized way. A good product.

      Gregory Akerman (Posted on April 2, 2016)
      Yes, I Recommend This


    General FAQs

    • Which Odoo version is this module compatible with?

      This module is compatible with Odoo 8.x, 9.x, 10.x, 11.x and 12.x.

    • What if it is not compatible with my Odoo version?

      You can definitely shoot an email at and we will be happy to make it compatible with your Odoo version with extra efforts.

    • On how many Odoo instances can this module copy be used?

      It can be used on only one Odoo instance. To use on multiple instances, that many number of module copies need to be ordered.

    • What are the support and upgrade policies?

      This module includes 3 months of support period and unlimited upgrade period.

    • I need to see a demo of this module before purchase. How can I see that?

      You can request a demo at and we’ll get back with the details.