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Odoo Peafowl Theme

For all the ecommerce store owners that have been looking for an HTML5 bootstrap theme for Odoo CMS, Peafowl theme might be just the right choice! Having a striking resemblance to the Asian bird Peafowl, it is one of the most vibrant and fully responsive Odoo themes that entail customized snippets and stylish designs. By integrating this Odoo custom theme for website, you will be able to enhance the look, feel and content of your store. All you need to do is get in touch with AppJetty and we will bring your vision into life through the Odoo ecommerce theme that is most compatible with your business!

Version: 8.x, 9.x, 10.x, 11.x

Why Use Peafowl Theme?

Professional Theme

Peafowl Odoo CMS Theme is created using the most robust front-end framework. It comes with customized and appealing features perfectly suitable for ecommerce businesses websites making them look professional and eye catching.

Easily Customizable

Peafowl being a customizable CMS theme for Odoo, provides various options to change the “Look and Feel” of your store. You can customize your theme by using customization tool for every snippet. Also, edit the snippets through customization tool menu.

Colours and Patterns

You can set different colours and background patterns for the theme based on your business requirements. It is possible to use different permutations and combinations according to your choice. You can change these combinations as and when you feel like it.

Insert Blocks

This customize Odoo Theme enables you to add new blocks for structure, features, content and effects. AppJetty has also added some new block with the Peafowl theme icon. You can make the most out of these blocks and create your dream website.

Highlight Products

Whenever your business introduces a new product or service, the ‘Highlight Products’ snippet enables you to attach the new ‘Arrival’ or ‘Featured’ categories which you can emphasize in the scroller. This informs the visitors about your special renderings.

Speed Optimized

Odoo responsive theme for business has been speed optimized so that there are no hindrances of any kind when it comes to loading the pages of your website. Each page loads at a good speed and displays all the content it should.

Peafowl Theme – Feature Highlights

Custom-make Theme

  • You can choose from “Wide” or “Box” layout to customize the appearance of your website.
  • Opt for your favourite color to reflect on your store. You have 6 choices!
  • Select the background pattern to surround the “Box” layout.
  • Our theme offers six alternatives of “Primary Fonts” to choose from.

Thus, it allows you to change the look and feel of your store in a dynamic way.

Snippet Customization Tool

Each added snippet will have a customization tool menu of its own. The common attributes to change:

  • Style
  • Background Image
  • Background Color

Special Blocks

There is a block present for each and every need. Just drag and drop the block at desired position! We have added 12 new blocks to boost the visibility of your website. They are classified in:

  • Structure
    Big picture with message, Showcase grid, Product Scroller, Latest news, Portfolio, Brand Logo, Our Team Section and Process.
  • Features
    Navigation Panel, Three column image and text and Message with image.
  • Effects
    Header Banner

Product Scroller

It is a snippet of the structure category. It comes with the element to draw attention towards your newly arrived or featured products on your store. You can:

  • Give the no of products to include in the scroller.
  • A title to the scroller
  • Even add a subtitle
  • Choose the category of products from: “Arrival” or “Feature”.

Recent Happenings

The snippet called as “Latest news” comes handy when you need to represent any latest news of your store. It is possible to:

  • Add image and date
  • Include the Head line
  • Information regarding name of the blogger and its relevant tags.

Showcase your Work

You can present your work/product in the form of large images with the help of “Portfolio” snippet. It displays the grid of products with the following functionalities:

  • Drag and move the container in the portfolio snippet.
  • Duplicate the container
  • Change the style of the container from rounded corners, box, circle, shadow and spin.
  • Transform the size of the container.

Your Affiliations

Want to display your associations/tie ups with major brands using their logo? The use of “Brand Logo” snippet of structure category becomes effective here.

  • Edit the header text of the snippet.
  • Add many number of logos to the snippet.
  • You can set background images and color for the snippet.

How it Works

You can describe the process for a particular service or work flow of any entity in graphical format. We provide a variety of options to describe the process.

  • You can select the graphics for each stage of process from image, pictogram and video.
  • We have uploaded few pictograms and you can upload image, video from your system.
  • Edit the text for each stage.

Present yourself

The “Our Team Section” snippet of the structure category allows you to gain some spotlight. You can include as many members you want:

  • Each member has its own face! ( The profile picture).
  • Name with few catchy lines about the person’s bio.
  • Social media links

Incorporate Message and Image

The “Message with Image” snippet of the features category facilitates to:

  • Display an image in the background with its relevant content on top.
  • We have some preset of background images and you can also upload your own.
  • Modify the text as and when required.
  • Text can be formatted with multiple options.

Reflect Core Offerings

You can append a grand slider to display the purpose of your store with the help of “Header Banner” snippet of the effects category.

  • You can resize the slider.
  • Add any number of slides.
  • Change the background image and text for every slide.
  • You can upload your own image as background.

Points to Note

  • We help you deploy this theme on your store.
  • We give custom made solutions as per business requirements.
  • We update new versions with advancements regularly.
  • Within a few clicks, this theme is availed!
  • This Theme will not work for Odoo Online Versions.
  • Version

    Odoo 8.x, 9.x, 10.x, Odoo 11.x

Secure & Stable



Lifetime Updates


Free Support

Only at $93

Change Log

Version: 1.0.6 : July 07, 2018


  • Removed Static Favicon From the Theme.
  • Removed "#0" and replaced it with "#" on the Arrow Button to the Top.
Version: 1.0.5 : April 30, 2018


  • Fixed an issue which does not allow to change the background image on snippets in v11
Version: 1.0.4 : January 20, 2018


  • Fixed footer related issue
Version: 1.0.3 : December 29, 2017


  • Version 11 released
Version: 1.0.2 : January 31, 2017


  • Released Version 10.
Version: 1.0.1 : October 12, 2016


  • Modify website. Less file for resolve reset password & register page design.
Version: 1.0.0 : February 2, 2016
  • Peafowl theme is Released
Customer Reviews
  • Seamless Installation

    There weren’t any major glitches or problems while installing the product and the staff was helpful so didn’t come across any major setback. Nice services, AppJetty!

    Joseph Gardner (Posted on February 12, 2018)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Inexpensive

    While looking at the features of the product, I expected a big hole in my pocket but as I reached the end and checked the price it wasn’t that much a shock. Now that I have it installed I can say that it’s worth it for sure.

    Charles Stephens (Posted on December 7, 2017)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Nice product

    The theme is nice and if you need to customize anything according to your needs, the company helps willingly. I give 9/10 to the product and 10/10 to services.

    Richard Daniels (Posted on October 26, 2017)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Unique features

    The theme is nothing similar to all mainstream themes available in the market. It’s a perfect theme for unique business models that need to showcase more than just products.

    David Weaver (Posted on August 24, 2017)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Nice display

    My restaurant website looks fab with the features Peafowl Odoo Theme has to offer. I will definitely recommend it to anyone with similar business models as there are very few efficient themes available that syncs with the idea.

    William Fernandez (Posted on June 14, 2017)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Unique features

    The theme has some unique features like it provides snippets for latest news and happenings and options to show case particular things/achievements, etc. I love the theme for its uniqueness!

    Michael Ryan (Posted on April 12, 2017)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Works for me

    I have an online bakery which delivers instant orders. Not all themes work with this kind of business model so I conducted a detailed research and chose Peafowl after much consideration. The research didn’t go in vain as it was everything my store required!

    Robert Medina (Posted on February 10, 2017)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Satisfied!

    I was looking for a theme that is flexible and yet professional to the core. Finally, after much research decided on Peaflow Odoo Theme and I am not disappointed at all! Recommended for sure.

    Abigail Gonzalez (Posted on December 27, 2016)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Flexible

    The theme is very flexible you can select your own colors and layout for the theme. Also, the snippets cannot be ignored for the way it makes your store look. I am loving my store and so are my customers! Awesome!

    Emily Baker (Posted on October 20, 2016)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Works fine

    The theme works fine for me. No glitches while installing and the team was helpful. Liked most of the features as well. I will recommend it to owners looking for an efficient Odoo theme.

    Mia Adams (Posted on August 23, 2016)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Great Theme

    The snippets are amazing! Not only can you customize it to whatever way you want, there are various snippets which lets you showcase things on your store like nothing else. The other features are also up to the mark.

    Ava Green (Posted on June 17, 2016)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Awesome services!

    We didn’t want just a theme; we were looking for customer support for the lack of technicians in our team. And we landed up at the right place. Peaflow Odoo Theme works amazing for my food delivery site and the customer support from Biztech was just great!

    Isabella Scott (Posted on April 20, 2016)
    Yes, I Recommend This


General FAQs

  • Which Odoo version is this theme compatible with?

    This theme is compatible with Odoo 8.x, 9.x, 10.x and 11.x.

  • What if it is not compatible with my Odoo version?

    You can definitely shoot an email at and we will be happy to make it compatible with your Odoo version with extra efforts.

  • On how many Odoo instances can this theme copy be used?

    It can be used on only one Odoo instance. To use on multiple instances, that many number of theme copies need to be ordered.

  • What are the support and upgrade policies?

    This theme includes 3 months of support period and unlimited upgrade period.

  • I need to see a demo of this theme before purchase. How can I see that?

    Sure, you can refer demo for this theme @

  • Do you have guidelines for installing this theme?

    Yes, we have a user guide which includes installation and configuration steps. Please follow this link.

  • Do you install theme for us?

    Yes, sure you can purchase the theme with installation service and we would be happy to install it for you.

  • Can the theme support languages other than English?

    Yes, we can surely customize the theme with extra efforts to support the language of your choice.

  • Is this theme responsive?

    Yes, it is responsive.

  • Can you personalize theme for me?

    Yes, of course you can share your requirements @ and we’ll get back with the proceedings.

  • Will I be able to add my own CSS to the theme?

    Yes, you can create new themes and extend our theme CSS to add all changes in that theme. Please do not alter the theme CSS directly as it may break the theme design.