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Odoo Crafito Theme

One of the best sellers on Odoo Theme Store, Crafito is an HTML5 based multipurpose Odoo ecommerce theme built with bootstrap. It is the best Odoo multipurpose theme for any industry as it comes with a huge collection of custom snippets that give you control over any part of your Odoo website.
If you have been looking for a responsive, and feature-rich Odoo ecommerce store theme for business, your search is sure to get over with Crafito!

Version: 8.x, 9.x, 10.x, 11.x, 12.x

Why Should You Choose Crafito Theme?

Mobile Responsive

Crafito is an Odoo Responsive website theme as it has been purposely crafted with a multi-device design approach to make it compatible with all screen sizes.

Premium Multipurpose Theme

Being a multipurpose theme, Crafito can be used for any purpose; right from building a one-page website, to the most complex ecommerce sites.

Ideal for Any Industry

No matter which industry you belong to, you can use Crafito and its design options creatively to suit your industry and preferred layout.

Features Overview

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    E-Commerce Based Theme
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    Fully Alterable Snippet Data
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    Effortless Drag & Drop Snippets
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    Multiple Time Usable Snippets
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    Advanced Mega Menu
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    Multiple Options for Blog Section
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    Home Slider Banner
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    Company Description Banners
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    Specialized Service Portions
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    Option for Newsletter Subscription
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    Options for Product Sliders
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    Various Selections to Display Store Clients
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    Multiple Image & Text Block Options
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    Global Product Search
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    Product Sorting by any Product Field
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    New look for cart
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    Multiple Language & Currency Support
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    Product Bifurcation by Price & Attributes
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    Collapsible Category List for Shop Products
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    Customizable Theme
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    Multiple Product Images with Zoom
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    New Look to site with Shop Page Features
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    Quick View for Selected Cart Products
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    Manage Product Reviews
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    Attractive And Configurable Title & Banner Blocks
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    Multiple Choices for Placing Site Under Maintenance Mode
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    Dedicated Snippets for Skills & Facts of Store
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    Numerous Options for Showing Testimonials & Pricing Tables
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    Multiple Options to Pick From for Displaying Your Crew
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    Add to cart & Product Ratings in Product Sliders
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    Customizable Header & Footer for Unique Look
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    New look breadcrumb for shop and product pages
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    Multiple Store Support with their Languages & Currencies

Crafito Theme – Feature Highlights

Theme Customization

  • Now you can customize Odoo theme the way you wish to. You can change the theme’s layout, its main color as well as font combination.

Main Title & Upper Banner Snippet

  • With the Main Title Snippet, you can display the title of your store and any other categories whenever required. Using Upper Banner Snippet, you can add a customized background to the top bar containing breadcrumbs.

Home Slider Snippet

  • Home Slider Snippet from Crafito Odoo custom theme enables you to add an exciting Home page banner with sliding images to your website with Home Slider Snippet. Add numerous slides to your banner without any restrictions. You can also manage slider images along with color and slideshow timing for banner images.

About Us Snippet

  • Add content about your company and team members to the website with Crafito’s “About Us” Snippets.
  • Get numerous options for About Us sections which range from describing company features with images, specific team member’s skills and description along with image sections.

Special Feature Snippet

  • Demonstrate your site’s special features in a magical way with various possible options provided by Crafito’s Special Feature Snippet. Crafito Odoo bootstrap theme provides 3 different ways to show special features that you provide your customers.

Emphasized Services Snippet

  • Grab the attention of your customers to show special services that you provide with “Emphasized Services” Snippet from Odoo ecommerce template.
  • Set Image and text blocks according to your special services and emphasize it for your customers to look upon.

Newsletter Subscription Snippet

  • Let your customer follow daily updates from your store directly from their email accounts. With “Newsletter Subscription Snippet” by our theme, your customers can directly subscribe to latest happenings on your store.
  • You can customize the sections as per the need by adding images and various texts for the Subscription snippets.

Contact Us Snippet

  • Allow your customers to go through the contact information of your store and contact you with Contact Us snippet. Display your contact information like Email Address, Address & Contact Number with elegant icons for your customers to reach to you.

Fact Sheet & Skills Snippet

  • Display facts and figures of your company with Fact Sheet Snippet from Odoo theme for an ecommerce store. This will be a dynamic snippet where you can set facts about the company along with logo and number to show it.
  • Exhibit multiple skills that your company possesses to your clients with Skills snippet provided by the theme. You can add the percentage of the skills possessed along with skill name and logo.

Why Choose Us Snippet

  • Give your customers multiple reasons to stick with you and grow your business with multipurpose templates for Odoo. With ‘Why Choose Us Snippet’ give various reasons with text blocks, image blocks, and accordion blocks.

Maintenance Mode Snippet

  • Put your site into maintenance mode and let your customers know when you’ll be up and running again with Crafito’s various Maintenance Mode options.
  • Add time remaining to the site getting live along with an option to Subscribe to the newsletters of the store. Also, manage texts and background for the snippet block.

Testimonial Snippet

  • Show the world what people have to say about your E-Commerce store with Numerous Testimonial Snippets. You can choose from Single Testimonial, 3 & 4 Blocked Testimonial Snippet with various configuration options.
  • You can manage testimonial background along with text and images for testimonials.

Pricing Table Snippet

  • Show what pricing plans you offer to the customers with multiple pricing structures provides by Pricing Table Snippet.
  • You can manage background of the area along with the size of tables. You have various options for 3 & 4 columned pricing tables.

Our Services Snippet

  • Show services that you provide to your customers in a tabular format with Our Services Snippet. You can distribute your services into multiple tabs and describe them in images as well. You can opt for any option from various options provided by customizable Odoo theme.

Various Products / Categories Slider Snippets

  • Add a snippet to your E-Commerce store containing exclusive products from the product list. From this snippet, your customer can directly add the product to the cart and can also see ratings of the added product.
  • For listing Products we provide the following snippets:

Multiple Product Tab Slider Snippet

  • With this snippet, display numerous products in a single collection with possible options of various collections with a special offer for each collection. You need to set all the parameters like Slider Name, Collections to Show, Collection Name, Products of the collection and Special Offer for collection.

Category Slider Snippet

  • Display Trending Categories of your Store with this slider snippet. You can add categories to the slider from backend and name the slider as required. Customers will be able to directly navigate to the category from the categories that are on display.

Product Slider Snippet

  • You can add numerous products to the slider and show them to the customers. You need to select product types defined in the back end, the products which are assigned to that category will get displayed in the snippet.

Featured Product Slider Snippet

  • You can display products in 4 different categories along with individual product slider for every category defined in the backend. The customer can directly go to the displayed product and buy it from thereon.

Blog Slider snippet

  • Display the latest blogs posted on your site or related to your products with Blog Slider Snippet provided by Odoo ecommerce theme for business. You can opt for any Blog Slider Snippet from various options provided for Blog Snippet.
  • You can add a blog to knowledge section and choose them for display while adding the snippet to the store.

Showcase Snippet

  • Show the world your projects with our numerous Showcase Snippets. You can choose from 3 possible options containing choices for Image Blocks, Tabular 2 Columned, 3 Columned & 4 Columned blocks.
  • You can manipulate content and images for the projects with maneuverable size of images. For best look and fill use full sized images for the showcase.

Our Clients Snippet

  • Display all the high profile clients’ products that your store endorses. The customer can directly shop for products of the presented clients from the Our Clients Snippet.

Our Team Snippet

  • Showcase your talented team members to your clients with Our Team Snippet. You can choose from numerous available options for Team Snippet which will showcase talent and hard work put by your team to make your store successful.

Promo Blocks Snippet

  • Show your special products to the clients with our Promo Blocks Snippet. You can add multiple images by using promo blocks on your site and redirect your customers to special products.

Image And Text Blocks

  • With Odoo Crafito theme, you’ll have multiple options for Image and Text combinations. You can manipulate text of the block along with image and place it wherever required for your store and let your customers start shopping for specific product.

Collection Snippet

  • Collection Snippet will allow you to display your most fascinating collection of products to your customers. You can manipulate block images along with text of the block. You can also set navigation buttons on the snippet block as per the need and navigate customer to specific links.

FAQ Snippet

  • Resolve your clients’ frequent queries with Crafito’s various FAQ Snippets. We have built multiple options for FAQ Snippet varying from 2 columned FAQ, 2 Columned with multiple tabs and 2 rows with multiple tabs.

Event Snippet

  • List out special events of your store with our superior Event Snippet. You can add numerous events from Odoo backend and they will be displayed in a new elegant & stylish way with our Crafito Odoo business theme.

Advance Mega Menu

  • Make your simple menu mega menu with the help of Advance Mega Menu available in Crafito Theme for Odoo. Display all the product categories and subcategories in mega menu for easy and better navigation.

Product Multiple Image Gallery

  • The Crafito multi-industry Odo theme provides support for Product multiple image gallery with image zoom in/out, image full screen and video support for shop products.

Multiple Product Views

  • Customers can view the products in a gridview or a list view on the shop page as per their liking.

Selected Filters

  • Customers can see all the filters they have applied to the shop page in the Selected Filters Section. They can also directly remove that filter from the section.

Customizing Store Shop Page

  • Admin can configure store shop page as per requirement by adding or removing things that are needed.

Customized Product Detail Page

  • With Crafito, get an exclusive shop page with addition of Relative Products Block & Alternative Products block for any of the products.

Customized Shopping Cart

  • With Crafito, your customers will get Product Quick Remove button on the cart page. From cart page, the customer will directly be able to delete the product from the cart.

Points to Note

  • Odoo Crafito Theme v11's all new features are not available in v8, v9, and v10.
  • Use our installation and customization services to get a brand-new store effortlessly.
  • Regular updates and feature enhancements to ensure your store is up-to-date.
  • Download Crafito Theme now and start building your dream E-Commerce store!
  • This Theme will not work for Odoo Online Versions.
  • Version

    Odoo 8.x, 9.x, 10.x, Odoo 11.x, Odoo 12.x

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Change Log

Version: 1.2.1 : June 20, 2019
  • Added color picker for changing theme colors.
  • Added feature for changing breadcrumb background image.
Version: 1.2.0 : January 09, 2019
  • Odoo Version 12 Released.
Version 1.1.9 : September 01, 2018


  • Replace xrange function with range function.
  • Some Minor Bug Fixes.
Version 1.1.8 : July 07, 2018


  • Attribute of Single Products can now be viewed from Product Detail Page.
  • Fixed Search Issues with Paging.
Version 1.1.7 : May 30, 2018


  • Fixed an issue which resets the Category Menu Configuration.
Version 1.1.6 : April 05, 2018


  • Fixed an issue occurring on changing the price variant by the users i.e. price is not updated for v10.
Version 1.1.5 : March 26, 2018


  • Fixed the installation issue with latest odoo v11.
  • Provided access rights for the features like Multi Image, Sliders, Tags etc. Now Multi Image, Sliders, Tags, etc. can be created by other users also with proper access.
Version 1.1.4 : December 7, 2017


  • Added Support for Odoo Version 11.
Version 1.1.3 : November 18, 2017


  • Editing image was not possible when you create product using website
Version 1.1.2 : October 24, 2017


  • Updated multi-image slider for variant image support
Version 1.1.1 : September 5, 2017


  • Added library images.
Version 1.1.0 : August 31, 2017


  • Resolved some design issues.
Version 1.0.9 : August 31, 2017


  • Fixed an issue for multi level megamenu present in v8.
Version 1.0.8 : August 24, 2017


  • Resolved access rights issue.
Version 1.0.7 : June 13, 2017


  • Removed one menu from the customized show option which was causing the shop page to crash.
Version 1.0.6 : January 31, 2017


  • Improved product page loading speed
Version 1.0.5 : December 2, 2016


  • Now social media icons are available in top menu.
  • Hover effect for special feature snippet.
  • Currency and Language on top menu will be bold to visible clearly.
  • The All Categories menu and Icon will has little more space in between.
  • Removed phone and email link from top menu.
Version 1.0.4 : October 3, 2016


  • Fixed an issue while creating multi level category.
Version 1.0.3 : September 15, 2016


  • Less code changes
Version 1.0.2 : September 6, 2016


  • Removed unwanted less code which may cause error sometime.
Version 1.0.1 : September 6, 2016


  • Some less related changes.
Version 1.0.0 : August 1, 2016
  • Crafito Theme is Released.
Customer Reviews
  • Great! Easy to work with.

    Great template, and easy to work with. The Business Development Executive is also always willing to help if necessary. Very knowledgeable and fast service.

    Jacqueline (Posted on December 16, 2019)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Great theme and great support

    Crafito is the best theme for Odoo.
    Support from Appjetty is very good!

    Antonio (Posted on June 20, 2019)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Worth every penny

    This is the second time I purchased this theme. Of course, for a different eCommerce store. And I am happy with the final look it gives to my web store. The elements are advanced and work smoothly. It is easy to operate and they have done amazing work with the theme elements and overlay effects. Worth an investment!

    Alexa (Posted on June 3, 2019)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Great service

    Really good service, they offer lots of solutions!

    Gaby (Posted on April 17, 2019)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Looks wonderful!

    Very versatile theme. It elevated my store's appearance and user experience.

    Daniel (Posted on February 20, 2019)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • beautiful, resposive theme and brilent support

    This theme has all elements needed to make a beautiful website with odoo.This product is exactly as its advertised. Very professional and knowledgeable customer support.
    Thank you :)

    Abhisheik Sharma (Posted on December 20, 2018)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Vivacious themes

    This theme is full of awesome colours, designs and features. In no time, I could create an attractive Odoo website. The advanced responsive Crafito theme is a must have if you want it to work on different devices.

    Thomas Payne (Posted on May 18, 2018)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Perfect for every business

    If you are looking for a customizable odoo theme, Crafito is the best. It has simple drag and drop snippets which help you to make your store creative in no time. Love it!

    Christopher Kelley (Posted on May 18, 2018)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Great product! Very easy to work with and service from Appjetty is also fast and professional!

    I highly recommend this product and that you do business with Appjetty. They offer great support, quick and very professional!

    Thank you

    Ed (Posted on May 14, 2018)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Absolutely Responsive

    I am glad that I configured this theme for my Odoo Store. My website works seamlessly on all devices. Cheers!

    Ray Lee (Posted on February 11, 2018)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Go for it

    To say the least, you won’t be disappointed as it has everything that is required to properly design a store. Nice templates and modern features included in the theme.

    Easton Fox (Posted on December 8, 2017)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • One of the best

    I have used multiple themes for my stores including a couple of them from AppJetty and certainly Crafito is one of the best themes I have used with the level of customization and features it has to offer.

    Micah Warren (Posted on October 28, 2017)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Perfect for every business

    If you are looking for a customizable odoo theme, Crafito is the best. It has simple drag and drop snippets which help you to make your store creative in no time. Love it!

    Christopher Kelley (Posted on August 21, 2017)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Vivacious themes

    This theme is full of awesome colours, designs and features. In no time, I could create an attractive Odoo website. The advanced responsive Crafito theme is a must have if you want it to work on different devices.

    Thomas Payne (Posted on July 18, 2017)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Excellent template and support

    I was looking for a great template to differentiate myself in my Odoo service startup. More importantly I was looking for a great team behind the template for support as I don't have a team of developers at my disposal. I found both with the AppJetty Crafito theme and their team. It's like having a team of friendly developers at my fingertips at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend this template and AppJetty in general.

    Dave Cook (Posted on July 18, 2017)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Compatible to my business

    Crafito theme for ecommerce sites offers a lot of convenience, freedom and customization. There are very few themes that are so flexible and adaptable. I recommend it.

    Joseph Gardner (Posted on May 16, 2017)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Great collection

    I love how versatile this theme is! It totally suits my business and I am sure with such kind of multipurpose template for industry, you can do a lot. Worth purchasing!

    Charles Stephens (Posted on March 14, 2017)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Happy Customer

    A good theme is the one which lets you customize it on your own terms. Crafito is just that kind of a theme. From wonderful snippet features to customizable theme functionalities, it works perfect!

    Richard Daniels (Posted on January 10, 2017)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Feature Rich

    You can’t count the features on fingers. Though I was confident about the product from the very beginning as it comes from a trustable company like Biztech, but it’s only during the usage period that you get to explore all the features it offers.

    David Weaver (Posted on November 5, 2016)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Better Solution Than Others

    If you through its feature set then you will realize how amazing this Crafito theme is. You can embellish your Odoo store using them and have a revamp look. Satisfied to implement this theme.

    Chase Peterson (Posted on September 27, 2016)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Beautiful & Feature Rich

    A lot of options are available for the customization; and this is the strength of Crafito theme. I really liked its core features that make store responsive and loaded with a plethora of snippets.

    Ava Green (Posted on September 12, 2016)
    Yes, I Recommend This
  • Exceptional Support

    Impressed with their instant services! I really felt good the way Biztech imparts their technical support services to their clients. Certainly a must have Odoo theme for an eStore.

    Anthony Clark (Posted on August 22, 2016)
    Yes, I Recommend This


General FAQs

  • Which Odoo version is this theme compatible with?

    This theme is compatible with Odoo v8, 9, 10, 11 and 12.

  • What if it is not compatible with my Odoo version?

    You can definitely shoot an email at [email protected] and we will be happy to make it compatible with your Odoo version with extra efforts.

  • On how many Odoo instances can this theme copy be used?

    It can be used on only one Odoo instance. To use on multiple instances, that many number of theme copies need to be ordered.

  • What are the support and upgrade policies?

    This module includes 3 months of support period and unlimited upgrade period.

  • I need to see a demo of this module before purchase. How can I see that?

    Sure, you can refer demo for this theme @

  • Do you have guidelines for installing this theme?

    Yes, we have a user guide which includes installation and configuration steps. Please follow this link.

  • Do you install theme for us?

    Yes, sure you can purchase the theme with installation service and we would be happy to install it for you.

  • Can the theme support languages other than English?

    Yes, we can surely customize the theme with extra efforts to support the language of your choice.

  • Is this theme responsive?

    Yes, it is responsive.

  • Can you personalize theme for me?

    Yes, of course you can share your requirements @ [email protected] and we’ll get back with the proceedings.

  • Will I be able to add my own CSS to the theme?

    Yes, you can create new modules and extend our theme CSS to add all changes in that module. Please do not alter the theme CSS directly as it may break the theme design.