Clever Multiple Invoice Templates For Odoo

Clever Multiple Invoice Templates For Odoo
AppJetty has come up with an exciting invoice report management template app to customize invoices. With Odoo Clever Multiple Invoice Templates, you can effortlessly manage all the fields of your invoices, starting from your company name to the customer address!

Clever Multiple Invoice Templates For Odoo

Version : Odoo 8.x, 9.x, 10.x, Odoo 11.x, Odoo 12.x, Odoo 13.x
AppJetty has come up with an exciting invoice report management template app to customize invoices. With Odoo Clever Multiple Invoice Templates, you can effortlessly manage all the fields of your invoices, starting from your company name to the customer address!
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    Odoo Clever Multiple Invoice Templates App

    This Odoo invoice template will help you to manage your invoices in a superior way. Admin can set layout of the invoice in multiple ways. There are inbuilt 6 types of invoices for the references. Admin can control it the way it is required. Admin can set Text Colors, Company Details Colors and also can add product description in the Invoice. Admin can choose different colors with Color Picker. Admin can view Payment History in the invoice itself to keep a check of order details.

    Product Features

    • Multiple Template Options for Invoice Generation

      Admin can choose from 6 eye-catching Invoice templates and can manipulate it as per the requirements.

      For the Templates, First priority for invoice template set on invoice, if not then set on decided for customer and after then set on decided for company. If everything is not set Contemporary Template will be used.

      The 6 templates are:

      • Contemporary Invoice Template
      • Elegant Invoice Template
      • Creative Invoice Template
      • Professional Invoice Template
      • Advanced Invoice Template
      • Exclusive Invoice Template
    • Full authority for admin to manipulate invoice fields

      With Odoo customize invoice templates admin can manipulate following fields of the invoice template.

      • Template Base Color
      • Template Text Color
      • General Text Color
      • Company Name and Address Color
      • Customer Name and Address Color
      • Table Odd and Even Parity Color
      • Report Logo
      • Report Watermark Logo
      • Display Company Name in Bold
      • Display Customer Name in Bold
    • Color Picker for managing text colors

      Admin can choose any color for the editable text fields with the color picker provided by Odoo quotation template app.

    • Add Custom Footer to Invoice

      Admin can set text for the footer in the Invoice with help of Odoo custom invoice template.

    • Manage Content of the Invoice

      Admin can choose whether product description is needed on the invoice or not. Admin can also choose company name & customer name will be displayed in bold or not on the invoice. Admin can also add company logo and water mark in the invoice.

    • Keep a Track of Payment History

      With Odoo multiple invoice template app, admin has the facility to keep track of all the payments provided by customer for the products.

    • Get PDF for Printing

      With Odoo pdf report template, admin can generate PDF for the Invoices and print them to attach with the parcel.

    • Generate Duplicate Invoices

      When duplicate invoices are generated, DUPLICATE will be displayed on the top header with help of Odoo 10 custom invoice report management template.

    Merchant’s Benefits

    • Can choose from multiple templates for invoices.
    • Can add watermark & Logo of the company to the invoices.
    • Can set colors for text of the Invoices.
    • Can set company name & customer name in bold letters.
    • Can keep a track of payment history.
    Note: Starting Odoo version 13.0, every version of the module has to be purchased version-wise as per Odoo's policy: from the Odoo Store:

    Change Log

    Version: 2.2 : January 1, 2019
    • Odoo Version 12 Released.
    Version: 2.1 : May 19, 2018
    • Resolved the Color Picker Manual Entry Issue.
    Version: 2.0 : April 16,2018


    • Updated Color Picker Library.
    Version: 1.9 : February 1,2018


    • Added Support for Odoo Version 11.
    Version: 1.8 : October 5,2016


    • All report Template support France(Français)/German(Deutsch)/Arabic langauage translation
    Version: 1.7 : September 20,2016


    • Set Bigger Company logo size for all template.
    Version: 1.6 : September 12,2016


    • Now color picker ready for enterprise version also.
    Version: 1.5 : August 29,2016


    • Set Payment Deatils into invoice currency in case of multi currency payment.
    Version: 1.4 : August 4,2016


    • Set the Refund/Draft/PRO-FORM etc. string For invoice template.
    Version: 1.3 : July 27,2016


    • Set the Reference/Description field to inovice template.
    Version: 1.2 : July 16,2016


    • Fixed an issue in Partner Template for Invoice.
    Version: 1.1 : May 19,2016


    • Added accented characters support.
    Version: 1.0 : April 26,2016
    • Odoo Clever Multiple Invoice Template is Released.
    Customer Reviews
    • The best formats

      I'm very happy with these formats. They are very colorful and complete, and AppJetty modified them quickly to suit my needs.
      Thank you from Spain

      Jorge Aparici (Posted on December 20, 2019)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Excellent support

      The extensions they provide are of very good quality and their support is top notch! Amazing team and very responsive. Thanks!

      Anna (Posted on July 30, 2019)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Great tool!

      I started using this last year when I heard about it from an employee. And I am so glad I did! It is incredible and has added a whole new level of customization to my invoices!

      Dona (Posted on March 13, 2019)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Fit's perfect - pretty layouts with individual touch

      Odoo is a big product and with this extension your inovices become a first class look. We got some questions to further customizing and the AppJetty Support Team make a great job for us - very fast and with high quality! We are happy about this amazing support! Thank you from Germany, Jörg

      Prodata Teltow-Fläming (Posted on May 30, 2018)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • good and easy

      easy to use, all correct

      najem (Posted on February 12, 2018)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Guru of Invoice Creation

      Never thought invoice creation would be so effortless and easy. I love all the 6 inbuilt invoice layouts that the company has given. Kudos to the creators!

      Marco Wagner (Posted on February 5, 2018)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Love the designs and color options

      The best thing about products from AppJetty is the customization it offers. The product has everything in built but if you wish to customize it to your requirements, it’s open to that as well. A satisfied customer for over 6 months now.

      Jack (Posted on December 13, 2017)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Ease of Usage

      The template is pretty easy to design and use. I am satisfied with the product though you can do without it as well but if you prefer special attention to every detail, I would recommend it.

      Ryan (Posted on October 28, 2017)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Aesthetic feel

      I prefer everything customized as per the reputation of my store and this one product helped me climb up one more stair to reach that goal. It gives a aesthetic feel to the invoice templates.

      Nathan (Posted on August 15, 2017)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Get extended support

      I got a support period of 6 months with the product. I love the product and its features but wish I had gone for the 1 year package as the service is pretty good and helps you frequently with issues.

      Caleb (Posted on June 10, 2017)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Lives up to its name

      The name is apt. The template app offers much more than just adding colors to your invoice. Some of the backend work like printing of invoices and keeping track of payments gets easier with the help of this product.

      Owen (Posted on April 5, 2017)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Nice one

      I don’t like to sell boring stuff for my store and that’s why the list of loyal customers is on the rise. I got the template and included my store log and name along with other details in a defined fashion that syncs with my store’s reputation. Recommend it to other stores as well!

      Sebastian (Posted on February 25, 2017)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Offers much more

      As the name suggests, it lets you design your invoice template. But there’s more to it. With the help of the extension, you can keep a track of the payments made by customers and can directly get PDFs to print with the shipment!

      Wyatt (Posted on December 20, 2016)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Good thought

      When it comes to managing your businesses, little details matter. Creating an invoice template is important to include every necessary detail along with a nice design. The app lets you do just that with utter ease!

      Joshua (Posted on October 14, 2016)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Extensive options

      There are so many options available to customize your invoice template. I have added color, logo, names, etc. according to my requirements and theme of the store. It’s an attractive app and quite abundant with features. No complaints yet.

      Christopher (Posted on August 9, 2016)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Nice product

      I have an Odoo store with a lot of products. Invoice generation had become quite daunting for me and I was told about this product by a friend. Going through all the features, it seemed just perfect for my needs. I can now create and customize invoices according to my requirements.

      Isaac (Posted on June 2, 2016)
      Yes, I Recommend This


    General FAQs

    • Which Odoo version is this module compatible with?

      This module is compatible with Odoo: 8.x, 9.x, 10.x, 11.x., 12.x.

    • What if it is not compatible with my Odoo version?

      You can definitely shoot an email at [email protected] and we will be happy to make it compatible with your Odoo version with extra efforts.

    • On how many Odoo instances can this module copy be used?

      It can be used on only one Odoo instance. To use on multiple instances, that many number of module copies need to be ordered.

    • What are the support and upgrade policies?

      This module includes 3 months of support period and unlimited upgrade period.

    • I need to see a demo of this module before purchase. How can I see that?

      You can request a demo at [email protected] and we’ll get back with the details.

    • I want to add custom text to the invoice. Is it possible?

      Yes, your custom text can be added with some customization in the module. Kindly send the request to [email protected].

    • Would the invoices display payment history?

      Yes, our module displays payment history in the invoices.

    • How I can change the language of text of the invoice's report fields?

      The language of text can be changed by managing proper translation in the .po file.

    • Can this be used for Sales Order/Quotations?

      We have another module called Clever Multiple Quotation Sales Order templates to fulfill this purpose.

    • Can this module be used for Delivery notes, picking list and the like?

      To use templates for Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, RFQ, Invoices, Delivery notes and Picking lists, we have another app called Clever All In One Report Templates to fulfill your purpose.