Checkout Terms and Conditions For Odoo

Checkout Terms and Conditions For Odoo
You can add Terms and Conditions on the “Checkout Page” for your customers to know it all before checking out and making the payment using Odoo Checkout Terms and Conditions app.

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Checkout Terms and Conditions For Odoo

Version : Odoo 8.x, 9.x, 10.x, Odoo 11.x, Odoo 12.x
You can add Terms and Conditions on the “Checkout Page” for your customers to know it all before checking out and making the payment using Odoo Checkout Terms and Conditions app.
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    Odoo Checkout Terms and Conditions App

    We created our own mobile responsive mini website having a complete package of our every product and services with an aim to go mobile in business.

    Product Features

    • Disable Terms and Condition Feature

      On checking this box of “Disable Terms and Condition Feature” it will be disabled or else it will remain enabled.

    • Default Checkbox enabled for Terms and Condition

      On checking this box it will be displayed on the checkout box by default – even if the customers want it or not.

    • Hyper Link Content

      Using this option you can set name of the link to open Pop Up of Terms and Condition.

    • Terms and Condition Level

      This field will display the label of Terms and Condition like “I Accept the” to the customers.

    • Terms and Condition Content

      Using this field you can add the entire content for terms and condition, which you want to display before the customers on checkout page.

    • Support with translations feature

      Admin can Manage Multiple Language Translation. You can define languages for multiple stores from back end.

    Users' Benefits

    • Understand Terms and Conditions of Purchase

      This will help online customers to know the actual terms and conditions of purchase of the products from the store before actually buying the product.

    Merchant's Benefits

    • Display and Set Terms and Condition of Selling Products

      This plugin will help online merchants to display and make the online shoppers understand the terms and conditions of selling the online products to avoid any further dispute.

    Change Log

    Version: 2.4 : January 1, 2019
    • Odoo Version 12 Released.
    Version: 2.3 : January 16, 2018


    • Added Support for Odoo Version 11.
    Version: 2.2 : November 22, 2017


    • Added translatable field for alert message
    Version: 2.1 : November 19, 2016


    • Support Odoo V10
    Version: 2.0 : November 7, 2015


    • Support Odoo V9x
    Version: 1.1 : September 23, 2015


    • Support with translations feature.
    Version: 1.0 : August 4, 2015
    • Checkout Terms and Conditions is Released.
    Customer Reviews
    • Like It

      I like this plugin to the core. It’s really handy to make my customers understand all the checkout terms and conditions.

      Jose Hoffman (Posted on December 26, 2017)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Innovative Plugin

      I find it very useful for my Odoo shop customers. It helps me show transparency and bring clarity about all T&Cs.

      Joseph Bancroft (Posted on October 24, 2017)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • It’s cool

      The Checkout T&C tool is useful to edit or update terms and conditions for my customers. I must say, it’s cool and worth its price.

      James Anderson (Posted on August 22, 2017)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • It includes everything

      The Checkout Terms and Conditions tool enables me to include everything necessary. I like this tool and my customers find it useful as well.

      Vitor Castro (Posted on June 20, 2017)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • It’s great

      It covers all the terms and conditions for checkout process. My Odoo store gets its benefits and my customers find it helpful.

      John Diamond (Posted on April 18, 2017)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Clears Everything

      I can show the Checkout Conditions right away with this plugin. It brings clarity of T&Cs before my customers checkout.

      Mark Armstrong (Posted on February 16, 2017)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Shows transparency

      This plugin shows transparency of my Odoo store. I have bought this plugin a few months back, but I must say, it’s worth the price.

      Goran Grant (Posted on December 14, 2016)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Brings clarity

      Before installing the plugin, I was always under the skepticism if my customers go through the terms and conditions page. As this plugin enables me to put them on the checkout page, they never go unnoticed. Thank you Appjetty!

      Andre R (Posted on October 12, 2016)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • My Favourite

      Never thought something so useful would be available at such an affordable rate. I really value the transparency this plugin offers.

      Gary A (Posted on August 10, 2016)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Very Helpful

      This plugin could be seamlessly integrated to my Odoo store and has never created any major issues ever since I've been using it. The developers also helped with configuration. Kudos to the makers!

      Roman Z (Posted on June 8, 2016)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Keeps transperancy

      I am someone who likes to be clear and honest with the customers so that there are no confusions at a later stage. This plugin enables me to set my conditions clearly so that customers can weigh the pros and cons easily. Well made!

      Erica S (Posted on April 6, 2016)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Works well

      I believe that the clarity of terms and conditions is must before the customers checkout. One of my friends recommended this plug-in for my Odoo store and I must say I am happy that I bought it.

      Luis N (Posted on February 4, 2016)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Great Tool

      If the customers are unaware of the terms and conditions, it creates a lot of hassles and haggling at a later stage. This plugin has helped me get over such issues. Thank you AppJetty!

      Nadiya Hawkins (Posted on December 2, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Liked Its User friendliness

      Installation is pretty easy. Simple to use. I would recommend this to others.

      Isaiah Ramos (Posted on October 10, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Quite satisfied

      This is a perfect Odoo app solution allowing my customers to view the terms and conditions before they buy the products.

      Richard Lehr (Posted on August 31, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Good solution

      This odoo app allows my customers to check the important terms and conditions prior to ordering the products. I can enable and disable the display of terms and condition by just checking or unchecking the checkbox. Great solution, liked it!

      Jacqueline Esteves (Posted on August 25, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Impressed

      Install this app, if you do not want your customers to navigate pages to find terms and conditions. They can find it on the checkout page itself. The policy can even be modified prior to it is made visible at the checkout page. I really appreciate the efforts of Biztech store to make the tasks simple and efficient.

      Michael Allen (Posted on August 17, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend This
    • Reliable

      Now my customers can read the terms and conditions on the checkout page itself, they don’t have to navigate to the policy page specially. This Odoo app can be enabled or disabled, and you can also edit the terms and conditions before it displays on the front end. I really liked this app, Biztech store, keep understanding our requirements and offer solutions for the same.

      Sherry Guilfoyle (Posted on August 8, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend This

    General FAQs

    • Which Odoo version is this module compatible with?

      This module is compatible with Odoo 8.x, 9.x, 10.x, 11.x and 12.x.

    • What if it is not compatible with my Odoo version?

      You can definitely shoot an email at and we will be happy to make it compatible with your Odoo version with extra efforts.

    • On how many Odoo instances can this module copy be used?

      It can be used on only one Odoo instance. To use on multiple instances, that many number of module copies need to be ordered.

    • What are the support and upgrade policies?

      This module includes 3 months of support period and unlimited upgrade period.

    • Can I have the “Terms and Conditions” in language other than English?

      Yes, we can surely help you have the “Terms and Conditions” in another language. You can send your request to and we’ll get back with the efforts.

    • I installed the module and enabled, but the customer can place order without accepting the “Terms and Conditions”. Any fix?

      There might be some third-party module conflict with code. You can generate a ticket from My Account → My Tickets and we would be happy to assist you. (The resolution requires extra efforts!)